Above The Chaos, What Is The Constraint?

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.12.01 (updated 2022.12.01)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Esteemed Friend,

I have been pondering - what is the constraint? What is the gating resource?

It is always tempting for us to think that it is money, but I am reminded over and over again that the world is awash in money, and that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to God. The funding flows when the Conditions are right.

The constraint is a small, passionate, dedicated, focused Team willing to take the risk and make "it" happen.

I am not actually sure that team could be "hired" with money. It is probably composed of the people who are already out there, sacrificing and doing the hard work anyway, who finally decide to come together to accomplish what is impossible for any of us in isolation.

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