Above The Chaos, The Great Game of Lionsberg

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.11.2 (updated 2022.11.30)

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As you are aware, we have been working with a network of allies around the world on a secret plan to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities inherent in this moment of the epic Story of Life aboard Vessel: Earth.

The Great Game of Lionsberg is about to begin.

The Plan

The plan is simple, yet runs through a sophisticated critical path: connect up 1 billion small groups, within 7 years, to a continuously improving platform and community that empowers them to rise towards the fullness of their potential and flourish by meeting needs and solving problems in their local communities.

The Math

If we start with 3 to 20 groups in Q4 2022, our calculations show that if we expand engagement by 62% every 4 to 6 weeks, we can pass 1 billion groups covering 90%+ of humanity in Spring 2029, with 8 months of "float" remaining to the deadline.

Why This Is Possible

This is possible to launch today because over the last 5 years we synergized lifetimes of work and technology together, and worked with a global Force For Good to evaluate the plans and strategies in great detail and prepare the necessary legal, governance, and technological infrastructure to forge a Starting Point.

The Next Weeks

Over the coming weeks, we are preparing the final technology settings and training to begin onboarding small groups.

The System has already been vetted by 100s of organizations around the world, with 170+ in 17 countries already onboarded to the "public facing" side.

During that time, I am I am going to reach out to network allies and see who is "in" and who is "out" of The Game.

What We Can Offer

  1. A comprehensive plan of action big enough that it might actually work
  2. A system of self-governance for your group
  3. Help Organizing and Federating (internally, and with other groups)
  4. Jordan's personal involvement in your pilot group if you are one of the first 12 groups
  5. Access to Jordan's books / writing / videos / interviews / updates / stream of consciousness
  6. A community / group of groups advancing alongside your group towards the same Vision / Goals / Values
  7. A world class technology platform to facilitate communications, stories, and crowdfunding for the causes your group is most passionate about (like a private social media platform, but way more powerful)
  8. The ability for your group to define its areas of passion, select the highest impact solutions, and crowd-source philanthropic donations to fund them
  9. The ability for your group to pool and allocate its own resources in a tax-deductible way through the non-profit to your chosen areas of impact.
  10. The ability for you group to measure and report out on the impact / progress you are making towards our shared goals and values
  11. Awareness regarding the network of networks and solutions we have at hand to meet this moment in history
  12. An equal individual stewardship stake in the Value that will be created as the network effects and critical mass emerges over the coming years
  13. Access to a collective knowledge repository of wisdom, solutions, and ideas - housed on a distributed network of machines that is not dependent on internet access
  14. Access to the resources emerging through the Lionsberg | Elevation Initiative
    1. Integrated Personal Development
    2. Integrated Group Development
    3. Integrated Community Development

What We Need

1. Pilot Groups

To successfully take the next step, we need 3 to 20 groups willing to be pioneers and learn how to play The Game together.

I can personally participate in up to 12 groups, meeting for 2 hours every two weeks.

2. Resources

If it works, over the coming years this will get billions of dollars of resources into self-sustaining flow, ~10% of which will be used to sustainably fund the core team and infrastructure of the confederation.

In the meantime, I would like to secure bridge funding so I can can work closely with a core team of 5 to 12 to advance the critical infrastructure and technology.

While it is not required for the plan to succeed, if I were the world I would take ~$10 Million of the already existing flow of $500 Billion of philanthropic spending each year and contribute it to the Lionsberg 501(c)(3) so that we can get the right world class talent working on this.

3. Solutions

We are curating together a Knowledge Repository of solutions to meet the needs and solve the problems inherent in the life of every individual, group, and community as they strive to progress towards their Potential.

If you know of any bodies of work that you think should be part of the platform and made available to All, please let us know.

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