Above The Chaos, 2022 Q4 Update

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.06 (updated 2022.10.06)

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Greetings Friends and Allies,

Welcome to the start of Q4, 2022, and to the start of our 4th 6-week cycle.

Some of us are frustrated by the lack of progress, and others are astounded by how far how quickly we have come.

#BootStrappingIsHard, especially when the Aim is to transform the root causes of suffering and injustice, and design and build a better world.

We are making progress.

From a Lionsberg perspective, our concrete goals for Q4 are:

  1. Onboard onto the OneLionsberg Platform and activate the minimum viable communications and decision making system that a small core team is committed to.
  2. Instantiate a funding system that a small core team is committed to.
  3. Build prioritized and measurable relationship pipelines

From a Lionsberg | Meta Project perspective, we have been invited to play at multiple different levels, and are going to run a series of 'lite' experiments to asses potential across 4 levels of complexity / analysis:

  1. Domain 1: International Engagement - Convening and Contests in partnership with Future Capital and the United Nations
  2. Domain 2: Nation-State Engagement - Estonia
  3. Domain 3: Local / Crisis Engagement - Pokot Kenya
  4. Domain 4: Sector Engagement - Regenerative Agriculture

These experiments will illuminate the resources and gaps in our capabilities, and inform the start of the process / prototype that can be localized and instantiated in any domain.

Desired outcome: A process and prototype for disclosing the potential latent in our network to act at various levels of complexity, leading to launch of experiments, that will help us continuously learn and improve our ability to create value.

If successful, these various experiments will subsequently get "hooked up" to the core Lionsberg communications, resourcing, and mission control systems that can empower any individual, organization, community, or project to develop towards the fullness of its potential...

Personally, what I need to succeed is the ability to resource a small core team and shared infrastructure to work with me full time in service of the network and the array of functional teams. Ideally I would like to resource 12 to 24 months of runway through the Lionsberg 501(c)(3) non-profit to satisfy the public support test and secure the platform and infrastructure.

The significant advance in capabilities will occur when we move from an array of a couple dozen volunteers, to a core team of 3 to 5 people serving and empowering a functional set of teams. This is an early milestone of any endeavor - designing and building our future is no different.

A significant learning emerging from the network is the gap in funding for systems / ecosystem entrepreneurs that make the subsequent coordinated community development possible.

Let's change that.

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