Lionsberg Orientation and Training System

Week 1: Awakening and Calling

Week 2: Departure From The Old World

Week 3: The Vision of the New World

Day 18 - The Leap of Faith - Trusting in the Process, the Pathway, and Providence
Day 19 - The Army of the Empire - Freedom Isn't Free
Day 20 - Walking in the Way of Freedom, Faith and Miracles
Day 21 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 4 - Pause, Retrospect and Regroup

Week 3: Life in the Wilderness - Part I

Day 22 - Rediscovering what it means to be Sovereign, Autonomous, and Free
Day 23 - Self Governance - Navigating Towards The Goal
Day 24 - Learning to See - The Art and Science of Perception
Day 25 - Questing - Orienting and Moving in Groups
Day 26 - Making and Keeping the Network of Commitments
Day 27 - Aligning Progress - Throughput of the Critical Path that Marks the Way Towards the Goal
Day 28 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 4: Life in the Wilderness - Part II

Day 29 - Celebrating and Acknowledging Progress
Day 30 - Manna From Heaven - Learning to Rely on Providential Abundance From Day to Day
Day 31 - The Lessons of the Wilderness - Faith, Resilience and Survival on the Pathway Towards Flourishing
Day 32 - Building a Thriving Community - Specialization, Cooperation and Collaboration
Day 33 - The Golden Calf - The Temptation of Reverting to Old Ways
Day 34 - Factions, Divisions, and Discontent - Surfacing and Resolving Conflict
Day 35 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 5: Remembering the Commandments

Day 36 - The Moral Compass - Reestablishing and Embodying the Wisdom, Principles, and Values of the New World
Day 37 - The Universal Covenant Between the Creator and All Creation
Day 38 - Tuesday: Creating a Sacred Space - Spiritual Connection and Right Relationship Between One and All
Day 39 - Purging the Parasitical Remnants of the Old
Day 40 - A New Way of Being - Choosing the Patterns of Life and Avoiding the Patterns of Death
Day 41 - Struggles with Faith - Navigating Through Doubts and Uncertainty
Day 42 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 6: Building the Sacred Space

Day 43 - Co-Creating Our Future - Actively Envisioning, Designing and Building Our Reality
Day 44 - The Lionsberg System and Approach - Why a Comprehensive and Named System and Approach is Required
Day 45 - Gathering Resources - Identifying and Engaging Resources, Skills and Assets
Day 46 - Wise Strategy and Planning
Day 47 - Courageous and Persistent Action
Day 48 - Retrospection and Continuous Improvement
Day 49 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 7: The Multi-Generational Journey

Day 50 - Chronos and Kairos - Understanding the Timelines of Heaven and Earth
Day 51 - Designing and Building for All Past, Present, and Future Generations
Day 52 - Lessons from our Ancestors - Drawing Strength From Past Generations
Day 53 - Lessons from our Youth - Drawing Inspiration and Creativity from Future Generations
Day 54 - Staying True to the Path - Persistence and Dedication
Day 55 - Passing the Flame - Coaching, Mentoring, and Continually Empowering the Rising Generations
Day 56 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 8: Entering the Land of Promise and Plenty

Day 57 - The First Glimpses of the New Land - Hope and Renewal
Day 58 - The First Glimpses of the Giants - Fear and Trembling
Day 59 - The Faith and Courage Required to Confront and Overcome our Fears
Day 60 - The Faith and Courage Required to Vanquish Corruption and Injustice
Day 61 - The Importance of Leadership - Wisely Inspiring and Guiding the Transition
Day 62 - Leadership Challenges - Overcoming Obstacles, Resistance, and Fears
Day 63 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 9: Co-Creating the New World

Day 64 - Building a New Society - Principles of the New World
Day 65 - The 4 Pillars of Society - Spirituality, Culture, Governance, and Economy
Day 66 - Right Relationship with the Creator and All Creation - The Spirituality of the New World
Day 67 - Sovereign and Citizen Led - The Governance of the New World
Day 68 - A Rich and Diverse Tapestry - The Culture of the New World
Day 69 - Freedom, Stewardship, and Throughput of the Goal - The Economy of the New World
Day 70 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 10: Cultivating and Stewarding the New World

Day 71 - Cultivating and Stewarding the New World
Day 72 - Establishing the New Norms, Rituals, and Routines - the Rhythms and Foundations of a Healthy Society
Day 73 - Respect and Regenerativity - Reintegrating the Human System and Living System
Day 74 - Innovating and Exploring - Science, Innovation, and Technology in service of Flourishing and Abundant Life
Day 75 - Building Relationships - Fostering Diverse Unity and Harmony
Day 76 - Continuously Improving Culture and Process - Elevating and Transforming Across Time and Space
Day 77 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 11: The Legacy of the Journey

Day 78 - Lessons from the Exodus: Historical Reflections and Insights
Day 79 - The Rising Generations: Preparing Future Leaders and Innovators
Day 80 - A New Era of Liberty, Justice, and Cooperation
Day 81 - Sharing our Testimonies - The Role of Storytelling
Day 82 - Every Story is a Prophesy - Glimpses of Even Greater Things Yet to Come
Day 83 - The Story Continues - Writing the Next Chapters Together
Day 84 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 12: Celebration, Commitment, and Covenant

Day 85 - Review and Integration: Reflecting on the Journey
Day 86 - Celebration: Honoring the Transformation and Achievement
Day 87 - Commitment Ceremony: Pledging to Uphold the Wisdom, Principles, and Values of the New World
Day 88 - Preparing for Future Cohorts: The Responsibility of Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring
Day 89 - Preparing for Self Governance: The Responsibility for Navigating Individually and Collective Towards The Goal
Day 91 - Graduation and Sending Forth: Continuing the Journey
Day 92 - Rest, Regeneration, and Retrospection

Week 13 / Week 1: The Lionsberg Elevation Initiative - The Next Steps on Your Transformational Quest Towards Destiny

Your transformational journey is not over - it is just beginning.

The Lionsberg Elevation Initiative is a transformational program designed to help every individual, group, community, and ecosystem develop towards the fullness of their unique potential and flourish in harmony.

It consists of six modules:

  1. Human Regeneration and Transformation
  2. Group Regeneration and Transformation
  3. Family Regeneration and Transformation
  4. Community Regeneration and Transformation
  5. Cultural Regeneration and Transformation
  6. Ecosystem Regeneration and Transformation

These modules each draw on a common set up universal wisdom, principles, and values, transformed into a Lionsberg Pattern Language that can be applied at any fractal level.

During the 3 year membership period and prior to being admitted into Citizenship, every prospective Citizen is required to complete all 6 modules.

The courses are available to members who have successfully completed the Lionsberg Orientation and Training Program.

Your next step is to being Module 1: Human Regeneration and Transformation. Your life and your world may never be the same!

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