Day 8 - Out of The Caves and Into the Blinding Light

Welcome, Pioneers!

Congratulations for making it to Day 8 of our transformative journey. Your unwavering commitment and participation are essential to the collective evolution and progress of our emerging community. By now, we have begun to Identify the imprisoning shadows and Caves of the Old World, discovered The Phenomenal Calling that awakens us from our illusion and deception, and begun to recognize and articulate our shared Quest towards The Goal that overarches and unites All Creation. Today, we are poised to take our first daring steps out of the deceptive "comfort" and "security" of the The Caves and towards the overpowering and disorienting, but liberating brilliance of Wisdom and Truth, into the blinding light of Ultimate Reality.

The theme of this week is Week 2: Departure From The Old World, and todays lesson is entitled "Day 8 - Out of The Caves and Into the Blinding Light."

The Dawning of a New Day

Imagine awakening for the first time to a New Day out in Reality As It Actually Is, after a lifetime chained in The Caves. As we arise, we find ourselves in an open field, washed with the radiant light of the New Dawn. This moment is shocking and disorienting, to say the least. The blinding light of the sun, emanating the energy of light and life into our vibrant world, contrasts starkly with the dim flickers, dreams and shadows of the cave that we've become accustomed to. We can hear the rushing water from the stream, smell the perfume of the flowers and trees, and hear the joyful songs from colorful birds as they flit and soar through the air. Suddenly, the illusions we held as truths shatter, the false reality we thought we were living in fades away, and the shape and hue of Reality As It Actually Is starts to reveal itself.

While beautiful, awesome, and inspiring in the deepest and most meaningful Way, it is also overwhelming, and for many of us our first instinct may be to shield our eyes and retreat back towards the familiar darkness. But brave Pioneers, don't turn away from Light of Wisdom, Truth, and Infinite Love.

The disorientation is temporary. As our eyes, organs, and mind adjust to our New Life Beyond the narrow confines of the Old, we begin to perceive our world as it truly is, teeming with Life, vibrant with Possibility, radiant with Meaning and Purpose, and Good beyond all we could ask or imagine. This new world is more profound, complex, and awe-inspiring than the simplified shadows we've been conditioned to believe were real. The New landscape of Reality requires a transformational shift in our understanding, our perceptions, our way of life, and the functioning of our eyes, our ears, our mouths, our hands, our feet, our skin, our Vision, our Voice. To survive and thrive out here beyond The Boundary, we need to arise and become entirely New and transformed sorts of creatures.

The Journey of Transformation

This is not just a shift in our location; it's a transformation of our being at the deepest levels of existence. Like a seed that sprouts into a tree, or a caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly, our emergence from the darkness of The Caves into the light of Ultimate Reality transforms us into something entirely New. We metamorphose from whatever state of bound, disoriented, manipulated, and exploited Cave-Dweller we might have unconsciously become in the past, towards the True Essence of Who Are Becoming - a Sight-Seer, a Path-Finder, a Way-Maker, a liberated and progressively enlightening Pioneer, capable of perceiving Reality as it is, of comprehending Wisdom and Truth, or Forging a Way, and of co-creating a New World in alignment with the Ultimate Good, which is the Will and Intention of the One Creating and Sustaining us All.

Just like any growth, this transformation is not instantaneous, but a deep, transformational, and sometimes difficult journey. Like a seed that must fall to the ground, or a caterpillar that must dissolve its lower self so that its True Self may rise and soar, the process of being born into Who We Are Becoming sometimes feels like death. It takes courage, strength, and sacrifice to lay down our Old lives and ways of thinking, speaking, and being, so that our New lives and nature can emerge in accordance with its unique patterning and design, which is already latent within us, longing to emerge and become. We must give ourselves time to acclimatize to the brightness of the sun, the breadth of the open field, the depth of the sky, the responsibilities and dangers of freedom, and the myriad colors, shapes, sounds, and scents that now greet our senses. We must relearn how to perceive, how to think, how to feel, and how to relate to the new landscape of Reality.

The ultimate Reality is far richer, far more beautiful, and far more complex than the manipulated shadows and echoes of The Caves. It is so much Deeper and more Real that it renders our Old visions and dreams nearly invisible. The Progressively Enlightening terrain of Wisdom, Truth, and Reality requires a transformation of our cognition, our emotion, our imagination, our intuition, our body, and our spirit to comprehend it, appreciate it, navigate through it, and contribute to it, as Co-Creators of it.

The Challenge of Light

While we relish the Freedom and the Potential of our newfound Sight, we also grapple with the deep and profound consequences of Light and Liberty. We might feel an overwhelming sense of loss as we let go of old beliefs, habits, patterns and relationships that are incompatible with Who We Are Becoming, and the New World we are Co-Creating. We might feel isolated and alienated as our journey Upward and Beyond The Caves naturally distances us from those who are still asleep locked in the shadow-play, unable or unwilling to comprehend the Ultimate Reality. We might feel the burden of responsibility as we are now the torchbearers of Light, Life, and Truth, unable to unsee and unknow the Reality we are now experiencing. We might struggle at first under the perceived weight of an evolved Vision and the Duty to help continually enlighten and liberate our Selves and others. Out here Beyond The Caves, who will feed us? What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear? Where will we live? Who will protect us, keep us safe, and fight our battles? Who will govern us and tell us what to do?

It is a privilege to be a pioneer, but it is also a responsibility, and at times, it may feel overwhelming. Especially when you realize that you have now become an awakened and Conscious Agent, there is no "them" "out there" to govern, protect, and provision you, and that it is All up to Us, in partnership with the Creator and One Another, to Co-Create the New Reality that we and our ancestors will experience for generations to come.

Balancing Courage and Compassion

However, we must remember not to judge or look down upon our selves or those who are still entrapped in the illusions. It wasn't long ago when we were in their shoes, and we are still and will always be transforming Works In Progress. Even as we endeavor to courageously venture Beyond, we must approach our selves and others with deep Love, empathy and patience. This is where the balance of courage and compassion becomes essential. We must have the courage to face the light, to accept the truth, to stand apart from the shadows, and to press onward towards The Goal, but at the same time, we must hold compassion for our remaining limitations, and for those still entrapped in the shadows, who are yet to embark on this epic journey. Their time will come soon, for the Spirit of Love will ensure that none will be involuntarily left behind.

The Triumph of Truth

Despite the challenges, the triumph of Truth is its own reward. The light of Ultimate Reality empowers us to see the world in its entirety and to recognize our own unique potential and purpose. The clarity that comes with it inspires us to contribute towards the collective evolution of our community as we work together to make the world a better place, ever-more-closely-aligned with The Vision and Goal. The sense of fulfillment and purpose that we derive from this pursuit is far more meaningful and profound than any transient comfort that the shadowy illusions of The Caves offered.

Your Personal Journey

As you are hopefully experiencing, this transformational Quest is a personal journey as much as it is a collective one. Each one of us will experience this transition differently, based on our unique experiences, beliefs, and aspirations. Today's challenge encourages you to embrace the light and embark on this journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

As you progress, practice openly sharing your thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams with your fellow Pioneers. Discuss the challenges you are facing and the insights you are gaining. Together, we can navigate this new landscape of Reality and co-create a regenerated world that reflects the Ultimate Intention that lies beyond the highest ideals and aspirations we can presently conceive of.

Challenge: Embracing the Light

Today's challenge is an invitation to embrace the New Light you are stepping into.

Spend a few moments outside, face into the sun, and bask in its radiant light and energy. If it is morning or evening, carefully squint your eyes and allow your Self to catch a brief glimpse of the source of this radiance. Allow your senses to adjust to the new environment, and rest into the discomfort of the light and heat. Quiet your thoughts, allow the distractions and human elements to fade away, and pay Attention to the sounds, the smells, the sights, and sensations of Nature. If you are able, find a patch of grass or dirt, remove your shoes, bend your knees slightly, and "ground" the bio-energy of your body into the bio-energy of the Earth. As you pay attention to the sensations and energy of the sun entering your body from above, see if you can feel the move subtle sensations and energy of your body exchanging energy with the Earth below.

As you sense into the experience of communing with Reality As It Actually Is, beyond the realm of thoughts, words, or propositions, pray and ask the Source and Sustainer of All that is to enlighten and illuminate your spirit, body, and mind with ever more Wisdom and Truth. Commit to faithfully binding your Self to Wisdom, Truth, and their Source, and to following their Golden Threads wherever they leads.

Document your experience in your Journal and feel free to share it with your fellow Pioneers. What is it like to step into the Light after a long time in darkness? What fears or discomforts arise? What joys and revelations? Acknowledge and share your journey of stepping out of The Caves and into the light.

If the journey so far to look inward and outward, and to understand Your Story and your world in New ways has not provided any New light or illumination, or if you find your self still clinging to what you think you know or the narratives of the Old World you were indoctrinated in, consider slowing down and looking deeper. The Source and Sustainer of the universe, Wisdom, Truth, and Love lives within you, permeating you, breathing you. If you are not yet being transformed, slow down, search out Silence, and look deeper. Look deeper. Look deeper. If you find a place of Silence and look deeply and prayerfully enough, what you discover cannot and will not leave you unchanged.

Getting Into Action Together

This week, we are going to take stock of Where We Are and Who is with us, and begin to organize our Selves for life Beyond The Boundary.

We anticipate this will include:

  1. Working towards establishing an advisory / wisdom council
  2. Working on the formation of federated self-governing groups and enterprises to fulfill various functions and needs
  3. Working on an Invitation to the right next people to join the Quest, with an eye towards transforming towards a diverse, welcoming, and hospitable community that individuals from all tribes and nations can find a place and flourish in.

If you are feeling passionate or called to an area, or see a gap you would like to fill, find two others to honor the Rule of 3, Forge or Join a Group, and begin. No permission is available or required.

System Wide Master Plan

Out of an abundance of caution, our System Wide Master Plan anticipated that as few as 3 might join the Pioneer Cohort. We are therefore ahead of schedule, with the critical path running through continuing to advance the Pioneer Cohort, and launching the Second Wave Cohort on schedule (by the time the Pioneer Cohort reaches Day 21 of orientation and training).

Planning For The Second Wave Cohort

We have a group of 5 or 6 who will be working on the next version of The Invitation this week. If possible:

  1. Let's finish the invitation by Friday this week
  2. So that we can extend it immediately to the Right People
  3. So that the Second Wave Cohorts can Sunday June 25, 2023, as the Pioneer Cohort crosses over Day 21 of Orientation and Training.

Based on ~ 16 in the Pioneer Cohort(s) (to be finalized Monday), we need a minimum of 10 Individuals and a maximum of 16 Individuals for the Second Wave Cohort.


Stay courageous and strong, Pioneers. The journey ahead is full of revelations, transformations, and epic challenges and adventures. Together, we must navigate the labyrinth of The Wilderness that separates the Old World and the New World, and Co-Create a New Reality in alignment with the Highest Intention and Ultimate Good.

Remember, we are not just stepping into the Light. We are uniting our Selves with the Light. All Creation awaits and is longing for our individual and collective illumination and liberation. You, individually, are a unique part of the fabric of that New Reality, which will only be as strong and illuminated as you become. Each one of us must help each one us grow, advance, and become all we are destined to be.

Onward and upward, Pioneers!

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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