Day 15 - Remembering Who We Are - Rediscovering our True Identity

Dear fellow adventurers,

It brings us great delight to welcome you wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to Week 3 of our shared Quest to leave behind the failing patterns of the Old, and help one another progress on the transformational journey towards our New Lives and New World. Let's take a brief moment to recall Where We Are and How We Got Here.

At the outset of our Quest, we awakened to the reality that our existence, our shared adventure, and even our own consciousness are structured in an essentially narrative fashion. We explored the power of Story as a force that is prior even to Perception, and from this higher plane of Wisdom awakened to the grim Reality of our existence for generations within the exploitative Darkness of The Caves of the Old World. We heard and saw The Phenomenal Calling, and as we began to speak the words being spoken to us, we found our voice coming into harmony with all those who are also awakening, and we intuited the emergence of The Whisper Campaign that could begin to Inbreak and Displace the deceitful cacophony of The Caves.

If you need to catch up or just quickly glance at the titles to remember How We Got Here, here are the lessons for reference.

Week 1: Awakening and Calling

From this New Perspective, we then began the journey out of The Caves and into the blinding Light of Reality and Ultimate Reality. As the Light enlightened our Vision, we looked back upon the Old World to understand its character, its nature, and the limitations and patterns of failure inherent in our Way of Being within it. Understanding the necessity of transformational change, we then caught of glimpse of the glimmering promises, premonitions, and bridge that stretches out and beckons us FROM the Old, TO the New. And finally, most of us passed the temptation to recoil and return to The Boundary with our share of The Exit Pool, recommitted to the Quest, to One Another, and to the Source and Sustainer of Life, and took up The Autopoeitic Pen of Co-Creation that both writes and rights our Future.

Week 2: Departure From The Old World

Now, as we enter Week 3, we turn wholeheartedly towards this weeks theme: The Vision of the New World.

Week 3: The Vision of the New World

As we embark on this third week of our journey out Beyond The Boundary, we pivot from Introspection and Retrospection, looking within and behind, towards the essence of Who We Are Becoming - Visionary Co-Creators of Our New Lives and New World.

This shifts our collective gaze from the Known landscape of our past and present to the exciting, uncharted territory of our Future. It beckons and calls us forward into a New Vision so massive, so positive, and so Good, that it fundamentally reorients our understanding and perception of our Selves and Reality.

Vision of our New and True Selves

Yet as we set out to explore the vision of the New World, we must begin by developing a New Vision and Understanding of our Selves. Why? Because unless we remember and rediscover who we truly are, Who We Are Becoming, and Why, we will never be able to see, design, or build the New World we are destined to indwell. After generations in the captivity and Darkness of The Caves, it is difficult to regrasp our true essence and Divine Beginning.

Facets of Identity

In our individual and collective consciousness, we have long been entangled in a web of illusionary identities, societal roles, categories, and labels. We have Identified, Individuated, and Separated our selves through the prism of physical attributes, professions, socio-economic status, geographical territory, cultural norms and beliefs, and an array of other categories that society deems significant. And while these limited Facets Of Identity may hold some shades of truth, they merely touch the outer surface of our existence. These Self-Constructed Boundaries limit our Potential and Perception of who we truly Are and who we can, and indeed are destined to, Become.

Liberation and True Identity

It is now time to Liberate ourselves from these Illusory Constraints, rip any remaining chains from the wall, and venture out ever further on this profound journey of rediscovery. This Quest requires us to Transcend our surface-level identities and delve into the depths of our existence to uncover our True Essence. This essence is our Divine Beginning — the quintessential spark of Divinity that permeates every cell of our being, revealing that we Each and All are inherently and inalienably individuated self-perceptive aspects of One beloved and interexistent cosmic body.

How we perceive our Selves and those we perceive as "others" significantly influences the kind of relationships, environments, and realities we co-create. When we view ourselves and others through a lens of division and separation, we create realities that mirror this perception — realities characterized by transactional relationship, mutual exploitation, inequality, conflict, and discord. Conversely, when we perceive our Selves and All Creation as individuated facets of One Divine Body, interconnected with All of existence and its eternal and universal Source, we foster relationships and environments that echo this inherent underlying unity, promoting peace, harmony, Reciprocal Right Relationship, and mutual growth and development.

Reality and Ultimate Reality

To perceive from this Highest and Deepest place, it is necessary to shed the illusory goggles of our Spacetime User Interface, and immerse our Consciousness in the depths of its Source.

It is necessary to venture beyond Reality towards Ultimate Reality, and reunite our Vision with the Vision of the One Creating and Sustaining the universe.

The New World can only be fully EnVisioned from the perspective of Ultimate Reality, which is the perspective of Wisdom and the Source of the Logos. These will always remain Beyond our grasp or Comprehension, yet we can Apprehend and approach them, and thereby begin to See More Clearly.

Divine Origin, Rights, and Responsibilities

The rediscovery and understanding of our Ultimate Divine Origin is not just a matter of spiritual growth; it also confers upon us the Inalienable Rights and Responsibilities that inherently accompany being a part of the One Highest Family, One Body, of One Creator. We are intrinsically linked, not just to each other as human beings, but to all manifestations of Life, Consciousness, and Existence. It implies that every thought we hold, every word we speak, every action we undertake, has the potential to impact the wellbeing and development of the entirety of Creation. It implies to what we do to the air, the water, the soil, and the microbes, or any plant, animal, or fellow human being, we literally do to our own Body, to our children, our grandchildren, our grandchildren's grandchildren, and on to the 7th and 52nd generation. More fearfully and importantly, it implies that what we do unto even the least important aspect of Creation, we also do unto the Creator. What we do to any aspect of Reality, we also do to unto the Transcendent Ultimate Reality from Which it flows, and of Which it is the externalized and embodied Manifestation.

Sacred Duty and Alignment

In acknowledging our the Divine Spirit within us, we also accept our Sacred Duty — to align our individual and collective will with the Highest Divine Will, to act as vessels of the Highest Divine Intention, and to reflect the Highest Divine Love in All our relations and interactions. We Progressively Realize that it is our Destiny and Calling to manifest The Goal of Heaven on Earth, to Co-Create a world that mirrors the Highest Divine Perfection, and thus the Highest Divine Qualities such as Love, Unity, Peace, Justice, Liberty, Harmony, Abundance, and Prosperity. These are the individuated aspects of perfect Shalom.

One Family, One Body, One Journey, One Goal

This is not a journey we undertake alone. As One Family and One Body of One Creator, we walk this path together, supporting and uplifting each other as we strive to Honor our Divine Beginning, and Fulfill our Divine Destiny. Each of us plays an integral role in this grand Story and Plan, contributing our unique skills, perspectives, and energy to the collective effort to advance towards The Goal.

As we progress towards The Goal, which is our Destiny, which is the Highest Divine Will and Intention, we progressively bring Heaven to Earth, aligning our Selves and All Creation to the Highest Overarching and Uniting Will, Intention, and Goal, which are One. Every step we take in alignment with our True Self, every choice we make that reflects our Divine Nature, serves to strengthen our connection with Life and its Source, harmonize our collective vibrational frequency, and bring us closer to realizing our shared Vision and Goal.

Today, let's commit to this transformational journey of self-discovery and self-actualization, at every level from the individuated Self all the Way up to the Highest Collective Whole. Let's shed the shackles of Self Limiting Beliefs, Self Constructed Boundaries, and primary identification with False Identities, and step into the radiant light of our True, Highest, and Uniting Divine Identity. Let's remember that we are more than physical beings living a temporary earthly existence. We are eternal spiritual entities, carriers of the Divine Spark, intrinsically interconnected, and imbued with the potential to co-create realities of profound beauty and harmony.

What we perceive, we manifest. Thus, as we elevate our self-perception from human beings having a spiritual experience to spiritual beings having a human experience, we not only transform our personal reality but also contribute to a universal shift in consciousness. Our uplifted vision of Self, aligned with the Divine, acts as a beacon of Light that illuminates the path for All, inspiring them to also awaken to their Higher Divine Nature and join the transformational Quest towards our shared Vision, Destiny, and Goal.

Remembering and Becoming

The strange paradox is that the journey lay down the Old and become something New begins with remembering and reclaiming what we have always been - Divinely Originated beings of Light, Love, and Limitless Potential. As we embody this Truth, lay down our lower ego and false identities, and become truly present with and as One, we begin to act as conduits of Divine Love and Intention, fellow architects and builders of the New World we are being invited and urged to Co-Create.

In our quest towards the New World, our first step is to change the lens through which we view ourselves. We must replace the old lens, colored by societal expectations, personal fears, narrow provincial perspectives, and limiting beliefs, with a new lens of Divine Wisdom and Truth. This new lens reveals our Divine Beginning and End, inexhaustible potential, and interexistent Reality, allowing us to see and express our True Nature in service of The Goal of the One Creating and Sustaining us All.

Challenges and Obstacles

As we strive to understand and embody Who We Are Becoming, we will undoubtedly face obstacles, doubts, and challenges. Each of these obstacles is actually an opportunity that marks the Way towards The Goal - opportunities for growth, invitations to delve deeper into our True Identity, and reminders to align ourselves with the Highest Divine Will, Intention, and Goal, no matter the perceived local and temporal cost. In facing these challenges, we must remember that we are not alone. We are part of a One Divine Family, united in our commitment to Progressively Realize our shared destiny, and together in concert with the forces of Heaven and Earth, we possess the power to overcome any obstacles that stand in our Way.

Practical Exercise

  1. Meditative Journey: Spend some quiet time today, meditating on your True and Highest Identity. Imagine peeling back the layers of societal roles and labels. What do you find at your Core? See if you can EnVision your Self at subtler and subtler, deeper and deeper levels, all the Way back to your interconnectedness with All existence, flowing from and returning to One Generative Source. What feelings arise from this visualization? What limitations do you encounter as you try to rediscover your Divine Beginning and End? What scientific, religious, or ideological narrative may be blocking you from directly, experientially, and personally Rightly Relating to Ultimate Reality, and Who You Are?

  2. Difficulties with the Divine: What triggers or blocks arose for you today as you read and meditated upon the language we were using to describe the Deepest and Highest Things? Who or what told you that such language was bad or good, and why? If you are from a fundamental religious background, how does the messaging that there is One Ultimate Source and Sustainer of All align with the messaging of your youth? Who did the language of your youth exclude? If you "don't believe in God", explore what you think the "God" is that you don't believe in. Describe and write down in words exactly what it is that you don't believe in. Then ponder the notions of Reality, and the Deeper Generative Source that guides its subsequent transformations across time as the manifestations rise and fall, are born and die, emerge and fade away. How to you relate to That Which Underlies, Upholds, and Stays The Same as the varying manifestations of Reality rise and fall? Try to find some placeholder language to describe what you do believe, even if it feels very tentative, inadequate, or hard to articulate.

  3. Affirmation: Create a brief affirmation that reflects your Current Best Understanding of Who You Are Becoming, and the Inalienable Rights and Responsibilities that come with it. For example, "I am a member of the One Family and One Body of the Creator, I interexist with All Creation, and I possess all the inalienable Rights and Responsibilities that accompany this Highest Ultimate Citizenship. I am becoming a Co-Creator of a world that reflects this Highest Intention and Goal." or "I am a child of the Creator, Who is inviting me to become a conscious and engaged Co-Creator of a Better World." or (fill in your emerging New words and language, even if it feels awkward).

  4. Enact and Embody: Throughout the day, make conscious choices that align with your Highest Identity, your understanding of Who You Are Becoming and Why, and your Current Best Understanding of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good. This could be as simple as expressing kindness to a stranger, picking up some litter, helping an elderly person lift their groceries, catching a spider and helping it out of the house instead of crushing it, or as profound as recognizing that who you became in the Old World and the way you have been existing is not fit for the New World, and making a significant life change that reflects your True and Higher Identity, Purpose, Destiny, and Goal.

  5. Update Your Story - Part I: How does the issue of Identity play into Your Story and Our Story? How does Who We Are, Who We Are Becoming, and Why inform our Purpose, our Mission, and our Goal? Send some time incorporating the concepts of Identity, Being, and Becoming into Your Story.

  6. Update Your Story - Part II: Part of Your Story is a Forward Looking Story about Who You Are Becoming, Where You Are Going, and Why. As we develop and clarity our Vision of the New World over the coming days, develop and clarity a Vision of your New Life within. An overarching and uniting Vision / Forward Looking Story for your life must be composed of numerous clearly articulated sub-visions. Start by creating some categories for your life, and jotting down notes about what your aspirational and desired life might be like. If you were loved and could become and have all you need to develop towards your unique potential and flourish, what might the following areas of your life look like? This will take some meaningful time. At a minimum, jot down the categories in a way you can add notes and bullet points as vision and inspiration for each area emerge over the coming days and weeks.

    1. Relationship to the Creator / God / Source / Ultimate Reality
    2. Relationship to Creation / Nature / Reality
    3. Relationship to Self
    4. Romantic Relationship
    5. Family Relationships (Immediate)
    6. Family Relationships (Extended)
    7. Meaningful Friendships
    8. Meaningful Work
    9. Civic Responsibility and Community Development
    10. Lifelong Learning and Development
    11. Productive, Generous, and Aligned Use of Free Time
    12. Economic Development, Alignment, and Wellbeing
    13. Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical Development and Wellbeing


Today, let us begin to rise together into the full glory of our True Identity. Let us remember that we are not mere spectators in the grand cosmic play; we are Divinely Originated Protagonists, Co-Creators, Authors of our Lives and World, shaping our personal and collective realities with every thought, word, and action. Let us remember that as beings intimately and inextricably connected to our Divine Beginning, we have the power to bring Heaven to Earth, to Progressively Realize the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, and to thereby manifest a world of peace, unity, love, abundance, and harmony—a New World that reflects the Highest Divine Intention and the profound underlying unity of All existence.

In the days to come, we will delve deeper into how we can embody our True Identities in our everyday lives, how we can align our thoughts, words, and actions with the Reality of our Divine Beginning and End, and how we can harness this power and potential to Co-Create the New World. But for now, let's take a moment to celebrate our remembrance of Who We Are, Who We Are Becoming, and Why, to feel into the joys of profound Belonging and Interexistence with All Creation, and to marvel at the infinite and inexhaustible creative Potential that resides within us.

Our journey Beyond The Boundary continues, and with each passing day, we come closer to Realizing our shared Destiny. Let's embrace this journey with courage, conviction, and compassion, knowing that every step we take brings us closer to our Vision and Goal, closer to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, closer to the realization of our Divine Potential, and closer to the New Vision of Self and the New World we are destined to Co-Create as we remember and become Who We Are.

This was a deep lesson. Thank you for your courage and perseverance to journey with me through these profound waters.

With Deep Love and Respect For Who You Are, a Passionate Desire To Help Realize Who You Are Becoming,

~ J