Day 2 - The Story of Lionsberg - Weaving and Articulating a Meta Narrative Big Enough to Unite Us All

Welcome Back, Pioneers!

After a short break, we're moving into our second day of exploration and discovery together. It takes courage and commitment to get through the rougher elements of pioneering. Sometimes things don't go as we planned. Sometimes we will be disappointed with progress. But that is what makes life as a pioneer so meaningful.

As we proceed in our thread on Story, remember that we are not just individuals navigating our own personal narratives, but co-creators of a larger, collective narrative. The one we are presently co-creating is called The Story of Lionsberg.

In a sense it is a myth... but it might also be or become True. Whether it is True depends on what we mean by True, and our conscious choices, words, and actions as co-creators.

Today, we'll focus on the articulation and understanding of this collective narrative, and explore how it's expansive enough to unite us all in our shared pursuit of The Goal, regardless of our backgrounds and individual stories.

The Story of Lionsberg

Just as we each have our own stories, so too does Lionsberg.

The Story of Lionsberg is a story of the human species and life on planet earth at this unique and unparalleled moment in history, and our sacred quest to forge a wise right pathway into the coming millennia.

It is a story of the unsung heroes on the front lines of every battle to make our world a better place, who are facing into challenges far to great for any of us to confront and overcome in isolation.

It is the story of how, at a moment that seemed like it was almost too late, we awakened, arose, and united to liberate one another from the bondage, suffering, and isolation of the Old World, and co-create the The Future.

It is a story of our collective Exodus, FROM the Old World TO the New World.

It's a story of unity amidst diversity, of collective wisdom and strength, and of the audacious quest towards our highest overarching and uniting common Goal. Our story is one of transformation, growth, and a shared desire for a better, more loving and just world.

This isn't a story that's already been fully written. Rather, it's a story that's being co-authored by all of us, every moment of every day. It is a Story vast enough to hold our individual stories, our dreams, and our ambitions. It's a meta-narrative that transcends the confines of culture, geography, and time. It's an incarnation in this time and place of the universal and eternal story that's big enough to unite us all.

Lionsberg: A Living, Evolving Story

The Story of Lionsberg isn't static. It's a living, evolving narrative that changes and grows with every participant who joins us, with every dialogue, and with every transformative idea that takes root in our individual and collective consciousness.

We are not merely the readers of this story; we are its authors. We shape it and steer it with our actions, our intentions, our aspirations, and our goals. Our challenge - and our privilege - is to weave our individual threads into the larger tapestry of emerging Story of Lionsberg, which will become whatever we co-create it to be.

Yet we are not co-creating from scratch. The foundations, boundaries, systems, and guidelines are strong, forged from the synthesis of lifetimes of wisdom and experience. This gives us all the features and benefits of framework, system and structure that can be continuously improved, while also affording us the opportunity to continuously shape and improve it every day.


Coming Soon.

Key Concepts

The Story of Lionsberg: Lionsberg's narrative is a dynamic, living tale of diverse unity, collective wisdom, co-creation, and shared aspiration towards a common Goal. It's a story that's being continually co-authored by us all.

Meta Narrative: The Lionsberg Story is more than an isolated narrative; it is an incarnation of the meta-narrative that encompasses and transcends our individual stories. It has the capacity to unite us all in our quest towards The Goal.


  1. Unity Amidst Diversity: The Lionsberg Story is a testament to our collective strength and unity, even as we each bring unique experiences, perspectives, and talents to the table.

  2. Co-Authoring Our Story: We are not just passive participants in The Lionsberg Story. We are co-creators and co-authors, actively shaping our collective narrative.

  3. The Meta Narrative: The Lionsberg Story is expansive and inclusive, big enough to hold all of our dreams and ambitions, and powerful enough to unite us all in our quest towards The Goal.

Activity for Today

  1. Your Thread in The Lionsberg Story: Reflect on your role in the Lionsberg Story and the Meta Narrative it represents. What unique experiences, perspectives, and talents do you bring? How do you see your story weaving into the tapestry of the collective story we are co-creating at this crucial moment of history?

  2. Dreaming into The Meta Narrative: Take a moment to dream into The Lionsberg Meta Narrative. What possibilities and transformations do you envision? How does this largest narrative inspire you? What become possible when we unite our diverse individual stories into the largest possible story that can be told?

  3. Storytelling and Unity: Reflect on the power of storytelling to unite diverse individuals and communities, especially in times of crisis. How can we use our stories to foster deeper connections, understanding, and unity within Lionsberg and beyond?

Getting Into Action Together

As we dive deeper into the Lionsberg journey, remember that this isn't a passive experience. Every thought you share, every question you pose, every proposal you make is an active contribution to our shared narrative.

There is no need to wait for instruction or permission. If you are passionate about a particular area, form a group as per the Rule Of Three, and start exploring and creating. As co-authors of The Lionsberg Story, we all have the power to shape our shared narrative and journey towards The Goal.


We want to remind you that signing the Lionsberg Participation Agreement (v0.1) is required for all Participants. If you haven't already, please review and digitally sign it using the Lionsberg Participation Agreement Signature Form.


Today, after the kind of brief delay that is likely to punctuate our Quest as pioneers, we've taken another step on our shared journey, exploring the grand narrative that we're co-creating here at Lionsberg. This narrative is vast, dynamic, and inclusive, big enough to hold all of our dreams and ambitions, and powerful enough to unite us all. As we continue to weave our individual threads into the larger Lionsberg Story, let's remember the immense power we hold as co-creators and co-authors of this transformative tale.

Here's to a meaningful and fulfilling Monday, and to the chapters we'll write together in The Lionsberg Story.

Stay tuned. Lord willing, tomorrow we dive into Your Story.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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