Day 6 - The Whisper Campaign - Truthful Harmony begins to Inbreak and Displace the Deceitful Cacophony

Welcome, Pioneers!

We greet you warmly on the sixth day of our transformative journey. You have already exhibited inspiring commitment, courage, and tenacity in pressing onward together towards The Goal, and your efforts are deeply appreciated. As we have already begun our departure from the oppressive, illusionary confines of The Caves of the Old World, we are now poised to delve deeper into the heart of the process that will awaken us collectively from our delusions, shattering the chains of ignorance and fear, and ushering in New Era of coherence and unity. Today, we focus on The Whisper Campaign, where Truthful Harmony begins to Inbreak and Displace the Deceitful Cacophony.

In the grand narrative of Lionsberg, The Whisper Campaign is a crucial step in our Quest towards The Goal. It represents the Conscious Action we undertake to share, spread, and resonate with The Voice of Truth, Wisdom, and Love, creating a Ripple Effect that begins to Inbreak And Displace the cacophony of The Caves, while gently nudging those struggling to wake up, hear The Voice, see The Vision and join The Quest towards The Goal.

The Whisper Campaign

Recall The Voice and The Vision we introduced yesterday - the manifestations of the Ultimate Reality that exists within us and permeates all that It creates. They are the clarion calls that awaken us from our illusions, inspire our Quest, and illuminate our Way towards our Destiny.

However, not everyone hears The Voice, sees The Vision, or awakens simultaneously. There are those who, for a variety of reasons, remain unaware, their senses still drowned in the deceitful cacophony of The Caves. They have eyes but they do not yet see, ears but they do not yet hear. Recalling that our Moral Code does not permit anyone to be left involuntarily behind, it is here that the Whisper Campaign begins. As gentle and powerful as Water, our whispers have the power to reshape worlds.

As Pioneers who have heard The Voice, seen The Vision, and embarked on The Quest, it becomes our conscious duty, our sacred task, to begin to Truthfully speak what we are hearing and to describe what we are seeing, to One Another, and to all those who are still held captive in The Caves. When one first awakens and opens their eyes in the midst of a sea of chaos and deceit, it is easy to feel alone. Those around us may wonder if we have gone mad when our mouth stops mindlessly repeating The Propaganda of The Cave we were bound in. We may even wonder it our Selves. It is difficult and courageous work to be different. Yet in the midst of insanity, the Courage of the Sane to Speak the Truthful Words That Bring Forth That Which Is Most Wise, Right, True, Beautiful And Good, no matter the cost, is what enables all those who are awakening to find One Another, and to join the Exodus out of The Caves and into the Light. Have you ever felt the deep relief of finding someone else who sensed what you sense, and spoke the deepest language of your Soul? It is like being enveloped in a warm embrace after what seems like lifetimes of solitude.

The ability of others who are resonating with the Fundamental Tone to Find One Another will be directly proportional to the Truth, Accuracy, Clarity, and Love with which we Speak That Which Is Being Spoken To Us. Those we are looking for are also desperately looking for us, and it is the courage to broadcast the True Signal that enables the resonant connections to form.

Yet the Quality and Way in which the True Signal is broadcast is of utmost importance. We do not do this in a forceful or proselytizing way, but with gentleness, patience, respect, and understanding, aware that none of us sees, hears, or comprehends perfectly, and that we must speak softly and with deep humility and reverence for the Logos we are attempting to speak.

We do this not out of a sense of superiority or "being right", but out of a deep sense of love, empathy, solidarity, and shared destiny. We do this with deep humility and compassion, remembering that not long ago, we too were captivated by the illusions of The Caves, and that we too will always still be progressively awakening and illuminating. Despite all we may think we have come to know and understand, there is still infinitely more that we do not yet know or understand. Even if we read a book every day, it is a drop in the river of 10,000 books published daily, and our fundamental state of Not Knowing remains intact.

Although we cannot externally master the 10,000 books generated daily, we can internally master our ability to attune to and speak from the One that is creating and sustaining us. Although we are incapable of grasping the fullness of Truth, we are capable of navigating towards it, resonating with it, and amplifying its signal by the illuminating power of its Source.

Our whispers are the whispers of Truth, Love, Light, and Life - the echoes of The Voice speaking all Life and Consciousness into being - that can spark curiosity, ignite insight, and help awaken our fellow captives to The Call. As we whisper, we also listen, for listening is the other half of true communication. By listening, we validate, empathize, learn, grow, and further tune and refine our whispers into every greater Harmony. In this way, our whispers become more potent, nuanced, wise, right, and harmonious day by day.

As more and more people hear The Call, see The Vision, join The Quest, and add their whispers to The Movement out of The Caves, Beyond the Old, and towards the New, a beautiful phenomenon begins to occur. The Whisper Campaign becomes a subtle and harmonious choir in the midst of The Cacophony, a Symphony of individual voices and instruments united in their diversity, sharing a common Purpose and The Goal, and attuned to the Fundamental Tone. This growing choir will eventually become a mighty symphony that drowns out and replaces The Cacophony of The Caves, creating an inbreaking resonance of Truth, Love, Light, and Life that displaces the distorted narratives even as Light displaces the Darkness, creating a liberating, enlightening, and transforming Harmony.

This Harmony of Truth, Beauty, Light, and Love is the ultimate embodied invitation to a Future that is superior in every way than the past we are leaving behind.

The Whisper Campaign is not about shouting louder than The Cacophony, it is about whispering more Truthfully, Lovingly, Powerfully, and Harmoniously, because we are accurately speaking the words that One Voice is speaking within us All. It is about achieving Critical Mass first through the Quality of our resonance, not in the Quantity of our numbers, for it is Divine Resonance that ultimately shatters the chains, not human force.

Speaking and Listening in Truth and Love

The Whisper Campaign is defined by three basic reciprocating steps:

1. Hearing The Voice

The first step in The Whisper Campaign is hearing The Voice. As pioneers on the Quest, we are progressively attuning ourselves to the resonant frequency of The Voice, the purest expression of the Ultimate Reality that creates and sustains the universe. This Voice is the source of our awakening and the guide of our journey. It is our responsibility to become intimate with this Voice, to understand its nature, to grasp its Wisdom, and to live its Truth. This connection to The Voice and its Source transforms our consciousness, shaping our thoughts, words, and actions, and forging the foundation of The Whisper Campaign.

Speaking The Truth

Next, we translate our dialogical relationship with the Creator, as faithfully and accurately as we can, into words and actions that others can understand. This is the process of speaking the Truth, as best we currently understand it. We share our insights, our experiences, our transformations, and our visions of the New World. As we speak, we must always remember to do so with honesty, sincerity, and love, for these qualities create trust, which is the key to effective communication. We must also remember not to fear the response or rejection of others, for fear distorts the Fundamental Tone of Love.

Listening In Love

The final step in the cycle is listening in Love. As we share our whispers, we also deeply listen to those who respond, creating a safe and respectful space where the awakening can express their thoughts and feelings, ecstasies and angers, aspirations and fears. We listen not merely to respond, but to understand, to empathize, and to support the process of the collective reawakening of consciousness within each of us. Through listening, we come to hear areas of discord between our voice and understanding, and the voice and understanding of those we are in dialogue with. Rather than assuming we are right, we can acknowledge these differences with humility, and return to listen ever more deeply and carefully to The Voice, and to attune our unique voice every more closely to the One Fundamental Tone.

This reciprocating and refining cycle of hearing, speaking and listening fosters connection, understanding, growth, and progressive attunement, amplifying the impact of The Whisper Campaign.

When all our unique voices finally merge into a Diverse Harmony united by the Fundamental Tone that is Speaking us All into Being, the Divine Symphony will finally sound.


Coming soon.

Key Concepts

Hearing The Voice, Speaking The Truth, Listening In Love: The three fundamental processes in The Whisper Campaign.

The Whisper Campaign: The conscious action of attuning to, resonating with, and sharing The Voice and The Vision to disrupt the cacophony of The Caves and help awaken and find others being called to The Quest.


Reflect on the following questions to deepen your understanding and engagement with today's material:

  1. What does Hearing The Voice mean to you? How do you experience it in your life? How do you aspire to experience it?

  2. Reflect on a time when you have courageously spoken Truth in Love. What was that experience like? How is the experience of speaking the Truth in Love different from the experience of speaking the Truth?

  3. Recall a moment when you truly and deeply listened with Love. How did that influence the conversation and the relationship?

  4. How does the concept of The Whisper Campaign resonate with you? Can you envision how a growing wave of humanity, speaking as truthfully and accurately as they can in a Spirit of Love, could awaken, inspire, attract, and encourage others who may be feeling lost or alone?

  5. How might you effectively and practically engage in The Whisper Campaign, as a hearer, a speaker, and a listener?

We look forward to hearing your reflections, experiences, insights, questions, and suggestions. Remember, every voice matters, and every word spoken in Truth and Love advances our collective journey towards The Goal.

Practical Exercise

  1. Still your thoughts, words, and actions, and spend some time in Silence today to attune to The Voice within you. What insights or inspirations arise? What habits, rhythms, or routines can you establish to carve out a Space Of Silence in your life, so that you can listen and attune to The Voice?

  2. Choose a person in your life with whom you feel safe and comfortable. Share with them, as accurately, truthfully, and courageously as you are able, an insight, experience, or revelation that has been meaningful to you on your Quest.

  3. Practice deeply listening with Love to someone today. Notice the transformative impact that Undivided Loving Attention has on the conversation and the relationship.

  4. Practice non-defensiveness. If your efforts to articulate Truthful words trigger, alarm, or cause reactions in others, remain in a place of curiosity, exploration, and openness rather than growing defensive and closing down. Remember, speaking to the deepest aspects of existence and the issues of our time can threaten the very foundations upon which people have constructed their lives and identities. We must always do so with Love. Strive to remain centered, humble, patient, compassionate, loving, and kind as you Practice.

Getting Into Action Together

Today, let's begin to practice The Whisper Campaign in our daily interactions. Hear and commune with The Voice as deeply as you can, speak as Truthfully and accurately as you are able to, listen with Love, and observe the effect it has on you and those around you. As you begin to Practice hearing, speaking, and listening in the Spirit of Truth and Love, share your experiences, learnings, and reflections with the community.

Whispering the Truth in Love, and paying attention to who resonates and responds, will be the primary way that we identify and invite participants into the subsequent waves of cohorts. To remain on schedule, the second wave should enter The Queue and depart no later than the time the first cohort reaches Day 21 of this process.

The final wave of cohorts will be a tsunami that will transform our lives and our world. When the Wisdom and Knowledge of the One Speaking Us Into Existence covers the earth like floodwaters... the New World is already at hand.

Administration and Governance

In the spirit of shared responsibility and co-creation, we invite volunteers who would like to contribute to the administration, governance, and integration of various functions within our emerging Lionsberg community.

Over the coming weeks, we will articulate a Functional Accountability Chart so we can begin to clearly visualize the unique organs and organ systems of The Body as they emerge into being.

Please begin thinking of which functional areas you are most qualified for and called to. Details and formational process will be provided in the forthcoming communications.


As we close today's exploration, remember that our Whisper Campaign isn't about converting others or shouting louder than the cacophony. Shouting only adds to the chaos and disunity. It is about resonating with the Source of Wisdom and Truth as deeply and fundamentally as we possible can, speaking our best understanding with accuracy, humility, and Love, listening deeply and empathetically to others, and celebrating the discovery of areas we can further refine and attune our Selves, our understanding, and our unique voice. In doing so, we hope to inspire and encourage growing waves of people to join The Quest and amplify the harmonious resonance of our collective Voice, displacing the distortions of The Caves, and speaking the New World into existence.

Tomorrow is Day 7, which in the Lionsberg Battle Rhythm will remain consecrated as a day of rest, regeneration, and retrospection. Venturing through the wilderness that separates the Old World from the New World, and helping All do the same, is challenging, fulfilling, and meaningful Work. A Day Of Rest and Regeneration is crucial to our ability to sustain our collective efforts and progress throughout The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity and Beyond.

Keep attuning, keep whispering, keep listening, and keep Questing, dear Pioneers. Together, we are advancing towards a New Dawn!

With Love, In Community,

~ J