Day 10 - The Meta Crisis - The Patterns of Failure Inherent in the Old World

The View from Beyond the Boundary

Greetings, Pioneers! As we arrive at Day 10, we continue to stretch our collective vision out further Beyond The Boundary, and deepen our shared commitment to stepping into the fullness of Reality as It Actually Is. Over the last few days, we have ventured out of the imprisoning confines of The Caves, through the Old World and Beyond The Boundary, into the open expanse and Light of the New Dawn. We have experienced a disorientation that was as unsettling as it was liberating as the blinding light of Truth and Examination overwhelmed us, before gradually tuning our perceptions to see Reality with increasing clarity and depth.

Today's lesson builds upon this foundation as we take a retrospective look at the Patterns of Failure inherent in the logic of the Old World, which have been holding us back and perpetuating cycles of conflict and decay, ultimately leading to the Meta Crisis we awakened to find our Selves within. By recognizing and understanding these patterns, we can better anticipate and navigate the challenges ahead, and avoid replicating the mistakes of the past. Today's theme is "Day 10 - The Meta Crisis - The Patterns of Failure Inherent in the Old World."

The Meta Crisis

As the Old Millennium passed away and the New Millennium emerged, humanity found itself mired in a Meta Crisis of its own making - a crisis of crises born out of the patterns and cycles operating and accelerating over the previous centuries.

By 2022, the human population realized that their world was facing a host of interconnected problems, from deceitful and authoritarian governance, to unmoored financial and monetary systems, to cracking logistics and supply chains, to socioeconomic inequality, to poverty, homelessness, and hunger, to political instability and division, to open warfare, to social disintegration, to cultural erosion, to environmental degradation, to pervasive pollution of the air, water, and soil, to self-inflicted diseases, to spiritual bankruptcy, to the loss of shared Wisdom, Vision, and Values, and more. It became apparent that these crises were not individual manifestations, but that they were feeding into and reinforcing one another, creating a web of chaos, complexity, and downward spiral that defied simple solutions. For the first time in its history, all humanity and all life on Earth was up against a multi-headed Existential Threat that was not a single isolated crisis, but a cascade of symptoms, each a formidable crisis in and of itself, flowing from the deeper root causes of underlying cultural, moral, spiritual and structural Patterns of Failure.

Upon closer examination, it became clear that the underlying failures stemmed from a fundamental misalignment between our collective Vision, Values, Structures, and Embodied Patterns of Action as a human species, and Reality as It Actually Is and as the Creator Intends it to be.

Over time, this misalignment bred a growing culture of illusion, perceived separation, manipulation, and exploitation, all of which were born from the fear, ignorance, unconscious craving, and self-centeredness that thrived and spread in the Darkness and Deceit of The Caves. As the Old Authorities intentionally cultivated this ignorance, fear and division to bind people deeper inside the Darkness of The Caves and reinforce their own positions and power, humanity eventually forgot Who It Was, and ended up asleep, enslaved, and divided against itself and the Living System that contains and sustains them us All.

It was a gruesome Reality to awaken to. Thank God we are awakening and arising before it is too late.

Patterns of Failure

In our Old World, numerous Patterns of Failure persisted, several of which are:

  1. Competitive Zero-Sum Game: In a world seen as a competitive and scarce arena, one's gain is perceived as another's loss. This worldview fosters conflict, division, and a scarcity mentality, which breeds fear, greed, and aggression.

    1. The anti-dote is a paradigm of shared abundance and limitless co-creative potential.
  2. Fragmented Understanding: In our pursuit of categorized knowledge, we have fragmented Reality into separate disciplines, losing sight of the interconnectedness of All things, and the Interexistence of the Whole. This has resulted in a failure to perceive, understand, and Rightly Relate to Reality and Ultimate Reality as they actually are, and to properly think, speak, and act in light of the holistic implications of our co-creative actions.

    1. The anti-dote is Wisdom, Humility, and Systemic Thinking.
  3. Short-Termism: Focused on immediate returns, we often disregarded the long-term effects of our decisions, thereby compromising the future for temporary gains.

    1. The anti-dote is universal and eternal Wisdom and Perspective, and Responsible Stewardship on behalf of all Future Generations.
  4. Exploitation of the Natural World: Treating the environment as a mere resource to be exploited, we disrupted and degraded our natural ecosystems, leading to environmental change, biodiversity loss, collapsing populations of various species, and other environmental crises.

    1. The anti-dote is understanding that we are one element of an interexistent Living System, and what we do to the Nature we co-exist within, we do to our Selves and Future Generations.
  5. Centralized Resources, Authority, and Control: We created structures that inordinately consolidated power, resources, and authority in corrupt central governments, thereby robbing us of individual and local sovereignty, autonomy, and responsibility, and leading to inequality, corruption, dependency, and a lack of resilience in our systems. This lead to alienation, disenfranchisement, fragility, and loss of agency and opportunity for those who were not near the Top of one of the Socioeconomic Pyramids.

    1. The anti-dote is a New System and Approach to responsibility, authority, and governance that begins with the Creator, flows to the individual, and voluntarily stacks up and aligns Responsibility and Authority from the individual all the way up to the broadest collective.

Breaking the Cycle

In order to break these patterns, we must first recognize them for what they are – shadows of our past, not the defining characteristics of our future. We need to evolve our thinking, our actions, and our systems, aligning them more closely with the values of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, Liberty, Unity, Interdependence, and Regenerativity, all of which are inherent in the Logos of Ultimate Reality.

We need to shift from conflict and competition, to collaboration and co-operation of our shared society and planet, from fragmentation to integration, from incoherence to coherence, from short-termism to long-term stewardship, from exploitation to respect and regeneration, and from centralized hierarchical control to Wise, decentralized, participatory governance. This shift is not a single-step process, but rather a journey of transformation, a constant evolution, which we undertake not as separate individuals, but as a multi-generational collective. Each of us, individually, is a crucial part of the whole, and the whole is less without any one of us. Together, as we transform our Selves and our world, we forge out of the present Chaos a New Pattern, a New Order, one that mirrors the interconnectedness, the unity, and the harmony that is inherent in Logos and Design of Reality As It Is Intended To Be.

Starting tomorrow, we will consolidate our understanding that What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We Want To Go, articulate the need for change, and then we will begin to progressively articulate and co-create the Vision, Philosophy, Values, Strategies, Solutions and Plans of Action to empower us and all Creation to break away from these Old Patterns of Failure, and foster a New World view that aligns with the Logos of its Source and Sustainer. It will be a journey filled with challenges, especially for you, the pioneers, but also with meaning, hope and immense potential.

For today, your task is to reflect on these patterns of failure and to think about how they've manifested in your own life and in the fractals of society you are part of. The first step towards change is awareness, so spend some time in quiet contemplation and recognition of these patterns.

In this silent examination, be careful not to cast blame or judgment on your self or others. As we judge, so too will we be judged, and by the standard we measure, it will be measured unto us. Remember, we were all born into and shaped by generations of dwelling in The Caves, living under a collective illusion that was centuries, if not millennia, in the making. Our task is not to condemn, but to understand; not to perpetuate conflict, but to bring healing and harmony; not to judge, but to reconcile and At-One. Our task is to learn, to grow, to transform, to extend the abundance of grace and mercy we hope to receive, and to help One Another along this path towards the New Dawn.


As you journey through your day, take time to observe and reflect upon the patterns of failure we've discussed, and open your eyes up to their manifestations around you. How do they show up in your daily life, in your family, your relationships, your work, your community, your tribe, your nation, your world? It might be easier to see these patterns in broader societal structures, but also try to notice them in your own thinking and behavior. We must remember that this battle for The Future is not only fought "out there"; it begins within, in the depths of our own spirit, soul, and consciousness, and then extends outward domain by domain. Remember, this is not an exercise in self-criticism, but an opportunity for self-awareness and growth.

Practical Exercise

  1. Sit in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind.
  2. Experiment with quieting your mind, and see if you can find a moment of meditative awareness.
  3. Pray, commit your Self to the pursuit of Wisdom and Truth, and ask for Guidance and Insight.
  4. Visualize each pattern of failure discussed above, and note any others that come to mind - there are many! - competitive zero-sum game, fragmented understanding, short-termism, exploitation, and centralized resources, authority and control. What visions come to mind? What does each look like and feel like in your minds eye? Can you see and feel why eventual failure is inherent within each of them, and all of them together? Jot down your notes in your Journal.
  5. For each pattern, recall a situation from your life or community where this pattern was at play. Reflect on the consequences of this pattern and how it influenced your actions and outcomes. In what ways was the logical outcome predetermined by the patterns and forces in play?
  6. Now, imagine how the situation might have been different if you were aware of these patterns and forces and chose to proactively and consciously transform them. What actions could you have taken to transform the forces, conditions, and patterns? What different outcomes might have been possible?
  7. What would it make possible if we transformed these patterns and conditions at scale, and each individual, family and community was operating co-operatively, with Wisdom, as Stewards of life and society for future generations, helping and regenerating one another and the environment, empowered with individual and local autonomy, responsibility, and authority?
  8. Write down your observations and insights. This exercise can help you understand these patterns at a deeper level, recognize them when they occur, and guide us towards different choices in the future as we co-create the New Patterns.
  9. Lastly, compare your insights today with yesterdays mapping of the Shadows and the Light. If you feel they belong on the map, feel free to add these patterns and anti-dotes to the visual representation.

Getting Into Action Together

Our collective action is a crucial part of this transformative journey. To facilitate this, here's a suggested self-organizing action step:

  1. Share your reflections and insights from the last few days with one or two others in the community. Be open, honest, and receptive to the perspectives of others. Remember, this is a safe space for shared learning, exploration, and growth.

  2. Choose one pattern of failure that you feel strongly about and commit to taking specific action in your daily life to counteract it, and to helping the Pioneer Cohort embody a New Pattern in its emergent self-governance. This could be anything from making a commitment to act more collaboratively, to making decisions with a longer-term and more universal perspective, to being more conscious about the impact of our Patterns on the environment and future generations.

  3. Seek out two or three others and brainstorm strategies for overcoming these patterns on a larger scale. Discuss potential actions that can be taken as a collective. These could include initiating community projects, policy changes at different levels of governance, organizing educational events, or improving our platforms for dialogue and shared decision-making. Brainstorm about what becomes possible as The Movement grows from the Pioneer Cohort of 18 individuals, out to 100, out to 1,000, out to 1 million, out to 1 billion. What New Patterns do we need to begin Practicing and Teaching now to get the DNA of The Movement right? .

  4. Ponder the functional groups that are emerging. How might we begin to immediately embody the New Patterns in the governance of each functional group that forms, and in the governance of the community and Movement as a Whole?

  5. As we prepare to invite another 11 to 18 individuals into the Second Wave Cohort, how should we think about the emergence of self-governance, sovereignty, autonomy, and unity within and between cohorts? How might the cohorts govern themselves, such that as we go from 1 cohort, to 2 cohorts, to 4, to 8, to 16, to 32, to 64, to 128, to 256, to 512, to 1,024 cohorts, the Governance Patterns of the New World begin to organically emerge and become embodied?

As you go through this process, share your insights, your realizations with the community. Every insight adds a piece to the puzzle, every shared understanding brings us closer to the New Dawn. Remember, Pioneers, we are on this journey together, navigating the rough seas of change towards a calmer, brighter, and more harmonious future.

Once again, if you are waiting for permission or action from someone else to form a group to do what you perceive must be done, please consider that you might be the one intended to galvanize and lead the function you are passionate about. Grab two others, honor the Rule of Three, and Forge or Join a Group.

We may want to hold a Pioneer Cohort wide meeting soon so that all 18 members can meet one another, and begin to discuss how we can begin to govern our Selves as we Navigate Together Towards The Goal.


As we close our tenth day of intensive exploration together, remember that understanding and acknowledging the Patterns of Failure we have inherited from our past is not a cause for despair, but rather a source of inspiration for The Future we are Co-Creating and stepping into. By identifying these patterns, we are better equipped to transcend them, and to carve a New Way into the vast expanse Beyond the Boundary, towards the New Dawn that awaits us.

The Meta Crisis, daunting as it is, contains within itself an equal and opposite opportunity for radical transformation, a Collective Call to awaken from the Illusion, arise from the Darkness of The Caves, and become the beings of Light, Love, and Wisdom that we are intended to be. We are the agents of this change, and each one of is a crucial part of this unfolding Journey, and this New Story we are co-authoring together.

Remember, we are more than the sum of our past and our parts. Our future is not mechanically locked in; it is shaped and co-created by our actions and decisions in the Present Moment, which is all we ever truly have. In this moment, let us choose courage over fear, hope over despair, love over hatred, unity over division, and Truth over Deceit.

In this moment, let us reaffirm our shared commitment to venture forth Beyond The Boundary, and journey together towards the New World, fully alive, fully awake, fully Human, hand in hand, One Family, One Community, One World, standing tall and strong, ready to face and shape our Future together.

Remember to practice patience, kindness, and understanding towards yourselves and others as we navigate these challenges together. After all, we are human, and being human means being a learning, evolving, adapting, co-creating organism. It means making mistakes, learning from them, growing and maturing, not despite them, but because of them.

As you rest and prepare for tomorrow, take solace in the fact that you are not alone on this journey. We are all in this together, bound by a shared commitment to transforming our world and ourselves. Take time to appreciate the progress we've made through our first 10 days, and to draw strength and inspiration from the collective journey that 18 of us, and soon 29 to 36 of us, are actively undertaking.

We'll meet you here tomorrow to continue our journey with "Day 11 - The Necessity of Change - Why We Must Move On, and the Danger of Looking Back ". Until then, carry forth in the Spirit of Love, Unity, Wisdom and Understanding.

With faith in our collective potential and the Power that guides us, let us rest now, and awaken refreshed and ready for the New Day.

Pioneers, sleep well, dream big, and keep rising. For the New Dawn is at hand, and we are all privileged to become its heralds.

Good day, goodnight, and see you tomorrow, Beyond The Boundary, progressing towards The Goal.