Day 12 - Signs and Wonders - The Promises, Premonitions, and Bridge Towards the New World

Greetings, Pioneers.

Congratulations on your hard fought progress through the uncertainty, doubts, and fears that can mark the beginning stages of any new venture.

By now, we hope that you are beginning to experience the patterns and rhythms of life Beyond The Boundary, and are feeling progressively emboldened to get into more exploratory and proactive modes of conscious agency, self-governance, and co-creation.

As we embark on the twelfth day of our journey Beyond the Boundary, we advance from acknowledging and accepting the Necessity of Change to exploring the deep and fascinating concept of Signs and Wonders. As we set sail on the powerful river of Transformational Change that rapidly sweeps us away from the familiar and confining shores of the Old World, these Signs and Wonders help serve as guiding stars and lighthouses, encouraging us, strengthening us, and pointing the way towards the New World. They whisper of promises, hint at premonitions, confirm our dreams and intuitions, provide evidence that we are on the right track, and help to bridge our progression away from The Old towards our Destiny and Goal.

Throughout history, humans have looked for Signs and Wonders to help guide our journey through life. From ancient explorers navigating vast expanses by the stars, to farmers planning their sowing and harvesting according to the cycles of the moon, to tribes and civilizations interpreting dreams and events as omens of what is to come, to the miraculous interventions and synchronicities in our lives and our world that defy the probabilities of chance and demonstrate the Wisdom of a Higher Power at work, these Signs and Wonders serve as a language, a way to understand our place in the grand scheme of things, to predict the future, and to bring meaning to the seemingly arbitrary and chaotic present.

In our present day, we can interpret Signs and Wonders as harbingers and heralds of the emerging New World - a world not yet fully formed, but beginning to emerge, and giving us subtly growing indications of its shape and character. They can manifest in numerous ways: an innovative technology, a new social movement, a groundbreaking policy breakthrough, a successful experiment, an unexpected event that shifts our collective consciousness or trajectory, the delivery of exactly what we need, at exactly the right time, in a better Way than we could have ever designed or expected, the sudden discovery of missing puzzle pieces just in time, the appearance of a Guide that shows us the Way, or in dreams and synchronicities that seem to resonate and reverberate all the way to the depths of Spirit and Source.

Our ability to interpret these signs, to derive meaning and understanding from them, is critical in our collective journey Beyond the Boundary. It requires a level of conscious awareness, an openness to new realms of possibility, a recognition of the deeper and higher forces at war and play, and a willingness to engage Courageously and Playfully with the Mystery of the Unknown. Recognizing and understanding these Signs and Wonders is not a passive act, but an active engagement with substructure of Reality as it unfurls itself and responds to our Co-Creative process. We are not merely spectators, but participants in this unfolding story, and our Conscious Attention, Wisdom, and Discernment relative to the subtleties of our Co-Creative Dance shape and determine the Quality and emergence of our lives and our world.

Let's consider the metaphor of the butterfly once again. Before the caterpillar enters its chrysalis, it experiences certain changes that signal the forthcoming transformation. These are the Signs and Wonders at a micro scale that give it a sense of the Time and Way forward. The subtle changes in the caterpillar's body, its slowing down and seeking a suitable place to settle into its proverbial death and resurrection, its desire to ascend - all of these are premonitions of the transformation that is to come, somehow encouraging and spurring the creature onward towards its dissolution, rebirth, and Destiny.

Similarly, as we navigate the tumultuous currents of Transformational Change, we can look for these Signs and Wonders - signals of the transformation we are collectively undergoing, and the emergent New World that is longing to be nurtured, cultivated, and co-created.

Key Insights and Reflections

Take some time to reflect on your own experiences of Signs and Wonders. Can you recall a time when intuition guided you in a mysterious way, when a dream revealed something important, when surprising information or knowledge burst in upon you, when unexpected aid or resources suddenly appeared, when a prophetic imagination was realized, or when a seemingly random event altered your life's trajectory in a significant Way?

Consider too the Signs and Wonders in our collective journey. Are there events, trends, or phenomena in the world today that you perceive as indications or Green Shoots of the emerging New World? How do these signs inform and shape our shared vision of the future? How can we begin to work together to collectively gather, cultivate, nurture, attend to, and co-create with these Green Shoots as we notice them Emerging? How can we work together to serve and support the New in its arduous effort to Inbreak and Displace the Old that is passing away?

The exercise of interpreting Signs and Wonders, both personal and collective, requires a honing of our Discernment. As we journey into the Unknown towards The Goal, we are tasked with sifting through myriads of signals and Potentials, not all of which lead towards the New World. Some might be distractions, mirages, or false flags. Some might be deceitful devices of powerful and cunning forces viciously opposed to our Progress. Discernment and Wisdom are crucial in this process. Not all that glitters is gold, not every mirage is an Oasis, an abundance of false prophets shout from the rooftops, and not all signs point to the True and Highest Way we seek.

Practical Exercise

Today, we delve into the practice of interpreting Signs and Wonders:

  1. Find a quiet space and center yourself. Breathe deeply, bringing your awareness to the present moment. Allow yourself to sink into a deep state of relaxation and silence, quieting the mind to better perceive subtle signals and impressions. Consider praying for discernment and wisdom.

  2. Reflect on your personal journey. Are there any signs, synchronicities, or 'wonders' that have occurred recently? Try to identify any patterns or messages that may be emerging from these events. What might they be telling you about your path? About our path together?

  3. Now shift your attention to the collective journey. Are there current events, innovations, emergent patterns, changing forces and conditions, or societal shifts that feel like they could be indicators of the New World coming into being? How might these signs be guiding us and showing us the Way towards a more harmonious, compassionate, and regenerative society?

  4. Once you have identified some signs and wonders, spend some time Discerning and Interpreting them. What do they reveal about the transformation we are undergoing, both individually and collectively? Do they suggest any actions, attitudes, or perspectives that might be helpful in co-creating the emerging New World? Do they point towards any coming shifts or disruptions that we would be wise to prepare for?

  5. Now ponder what patterns or glimmers feel like they might be false indicators, intentionally or unintentionally threatening to lure us off the Pathway towards our Best and Highest Destiny? What kinds of processes, procedures, or vetting criteria might help us and others better discern the Way forward, and sort out the myriad of signals as they arise? How might we refine, honor and utilize our collective consciousness and work together in processes of discernment? What different discernment processes or levels of wise council might be appropriate depending on how much is at stake?

  6. Write down your reflections, and share them with the Pioneer Cohort if you feel so inclined. The collective interpretation of Signs and Wonders can often bring about a richer, more nuanced understanding, as we each bring our unique perspectives and insights to the shared exploration.


In the grand tapestry of our lives and collective journey, Signs and Wonders serve as crucial waypoints and guideposts. They signal the shifts and transformations underway and provide hints and premonitions of the New World that is emerging. As we traverse the Unknown, let's attune ourselves to these signs, and engage in a shared process of interpretation, discernment, and co-creation.

As we continue our journey further out into The Wilderness Beyond the Boundary, let's keep our eyes and hearts open for the Signs and Wonders that guide us. They are the whispers of the New World, calling us forth to nurture, serve, and actively participate in its co-creation.

Until tomorrow, journey well and keep rising, Pioneers. Remember, you are not alone in this venture. Share your signs, your wonders, and your interpretations, for in our shared wisdom, we become more capable navigators and co-creators of the New World.

Good day, good night, and remember: we journey together. Should you need help or support, or wish to offer the same, reach out. When the time is right, we might consider forming a group and process dedicated to discerning interpreting Signs, Wonders, Emergence, and Potentials as they arise, further enriching our collective knowledge, understanding and direction.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

P.S. The Second Wave Cohort is on the horizon, ready to join us in this journey Beyond the Boundary. Nominations for its members are welcome. Please reach out to Jordan if you wish to propose a candidate.

P.S.S. If you are not already part of at least one self-governing group (in addition to the self-governing Pioneer Cohort), make a proposal, Forge or Join a Group, and let us know how we can support the formation and progress of a Group in an area you feel particularly passionate about and called to.