Day 13 - Committing To Our Co-Creation - Taking Up The Pen That Writes And Rights Our Future

Greetings, Pioneers. As we conclude our second week Beyond the Boundary and prepare to venture further into the vast expanses of the Unknown, it's essential we pause, reflect, and anchor our resolve. Today, we focus on updating our collective story and renewing our commitment to our shared journey of transformational change - the purpose of this epic endeavor we've embarked upon together.

In this dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, our stories are not static or unchanging; they are living, breathing entities, expanding and evolving as we do, moment by moment, and day by day. Our commitment and resolve, too, need regular renewal and reinvigoration, for our faithful bond to The Goal is the fuel that drives us forward, the force that impels and propels us ever-farther Beyond the comfort and familiarity of The Known, and into The Realm of New Possibilities.

The Power of Our Collective Story

Our journey Beyond the Boundary, out FROM the Old and TOWARDS the New, is not just about a physical, systemic, or societal shift - it is, at its core, a grand experiential narrative of True spiritual transformation. We are co-authors of this tale, co-weavers of this tapestry, co-sculptors of this emergent New Reality. Each decision we make, every action we take, adds a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter to our shared story.

Each Pioneer, each self-governing Group, each Wave of Cohorts contributes to this Story - our shared story. It is the story of an audacious Quest, of unlikely everyday heroes daring to dream, daring to disrupt, daring to transform, daring to arise and unite to Co-Create create a New World that transcends the status quo. It is a story characterized by courage, unity, innovation, perseverance, faith, and above all, Love - love for our shared humanity, for the intricate web of life we are part of, for the future generations that will inherit the world and wisdom we shape today, and for the One Unifying Source and Sustainer of every generation of Life and Consciousness in every Time and Space.

Our collective story is our compass, our beacon, our memory, and our rallying cry. It guides us, inspires us, reminds us of why we've embarked on this journey, of what's at stake, and of the New World that is not only possible, but desperately longing to emerge. It is a testament to our collective Potential, our shared dreams, and the transformational journey we've undertaken.

As we write Our Story, we write and right our Future, on behalf of all past, present, and Future Generations of Life. As we write Our Story, we write and right our Selves. As we write Our Story, we write and right our world.

Welcome to the New Era of Autopoiesis.

Renewing Our Shared Commitment

Commitment is the bond that keeps us together when the journey becomes challenging, when we stumble and fall, or when we feel lost or discouraged. It is the promise we make to our Selves, to One Another, to Life, and to the Source of Life - the promise to stay the course, to keep moving forward, to persevere in the face of the Challenges, Threats, and Obstacles that will inevitably arise and object to our progress towards The Goal, to face the unknown with courage and determination.

This is the true essence of Faith. To bind our Selves whole-heartedly and eternally to The Goal, and to progress towards it with the entirety of our Being and Potential, by helping All others do the same.

Our commitment is not a one-time declaration. It is a Covenant that must be eternally and perpetually renewed. It is an ongoing affirmation, a daily renewal, a continual reminder of our pledge to The Process and to each other. It's an assurance that, come what may, we stand together, we journey together, we stumble together, and we rise together.

Renewing our commitment does not mean maintaining the status quo. On the contrary, it propels us forward towards the transformational evolution, growth, and adaptation that is required for us to Succeed. It calls us up to become Who We Must Become in order to advance ever closer to The Goal. It is about recognizing that the path may twist and turn, that our pace may vary, that our perception may shift as we gain more understanding and wisdom. Yet, through all these changes, our commitment to the journey, to our shared Vision and Goal, to One Another, and to the One who unites us All remains steadfast and unchanging.

Key Insights and Reflections

Consider your role in our collective story through these first two weeks. How have your actions, your contributions, and your growth influenced our shared Story? How has The Story evolved in your mind, and how might it continue to evolve? What chapters do you feel inspired to write and embody over the coming weeks?

Reflect on your commitment to our shared journey. Is it time to renew, revise, or reaffirm your pledge to the emerging community and to our shared mission and Goal? After two weeks Beyond The Boundary, are you enthused and pressing onward, or concerned and looking back? How does your commitment manifest in your daily actions, your decisions, your engagements?

Practical Exercise

Today, we delve into the practice of reNewing our Story and our Commitment to The Goal:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space. Settle into a state of calm, straightening and lengthening your spine, and grounding yourself to the energy of the earth below, the sky above, and the present moment. Open yourself to introspection and honest reflection, and pray for Clarity, Discernment, Wisdom, and Guidance.

  2. Start by reflecting on our collective story. Think about the milestones we've reached, the challenges we've already faced, and the small victories that are already beginning to emerge. Consider your part in this grand narrative. Write down how you perceive your role in our journey and how your actions and participation have helped shape the collective story thus far.

  3. Next, ponder the future chapters of our shared story. Allow your imagination to soar, envisioning the outcomes we can achieve, the experiences we can Co-Create, and the adventures that lie ahead on our Quest towards The New. Write down some of the key scenes, highlights, or turning points you envision in these future chapters. As you write, marvel at the autopoietic Potential contained in the possibility of embodying and enacting your contributions to The Story.

  4. Now, turn your attention to your commitment to this journey. Reflect on the initial invitation you received, and decision to commit to being a Pioneer on this shared Quest. Has your commitment wavered or strengthened? Are there aspects of your commitment that need to be reaffirmed or adjusted? Are there any unmet needs or requests that you would like to dialogue about with your fellow Pioneers?

  5. Write down a renewed commitment statement. Capture your pledge to continue on this journey, to contribute to our shared mission, and to support the others in our Pioneer Cohort. Remember, this is not just a commitment to the outcome, but to the process, to the journey, and to each other.

  6. Share your reflections with your fellow Pioneers if you feel inclined. Our collective narrative grows stronger with each voice that is added, and our shared commitment solidifies with each affirmation.

Permission to Leave

This is a difficult section to insert, but it should be said. The flip side of renewed commitment is explicit permission and invitation to leave.

This is a difficult voluntary endeavor. Few would undertake it. The road ahead will get more difficult, and not less. There will be dark valleys, barren wildernesses, and existential threats lurking in the shadows. If life as a pioneer is not for you, if you are disappointed by your fellow pioneers, if you are dissatisfied with the Quality of the Orientation, Training, and Adventure so far, or if you feel that there is insufficient Leadership, Vision, Purpose, Planning, or Support at this time, we invite you to return to The Boundary and resume your former life. There will be another invitation to join in The Future when the time is right. Future cohorts will benefit from the hard work of the Pioneers to build roadways and bridges, and otherwise prepare the Way.

The Pioneer cohort was larger than expected, and we have built an attrition rate into the calculations, so there is no shame or dishonor in turning back. We will succeed either way. Even if the entire Pioneer Cohort grows disillusioned and abandons The Cause, the Second Wave will arise to take its place.

In fact, we do not have many resources at hand, but if there are one or more Pioneers who would like to exit the Pioneer Cohort and return to The Boundary prior to Friday June 23rd, I will personally offer an Exit Pool of $1,000 that group (divided equally among the number of exiting members) to help ensure your safe return, and as a small thank you and act of reciprocity for your two weeks of participation. Your share will be a simple personal gift from Jordan to you. If you have discovered that this journey is not for you, the time to exit is now, before the Second Wave Cohort embarks and the Pioneer Cohort ventures further out Beyond.


As we round off our second week, take a moment to appreciate how far we've journeyed together Beyond the Boundary. Reflect on the growth we've experienced, individually and collectively, as we have advanced from meeting one another, discussing, and preparing, into committed participation, and as those who wish to continue recommit and advance towards inviting in the Second Wave Cohort.

We are the co-authors of our shared Story, the storytellers of this epic tale. Every day we write and rewrite our story, and with every commitment we make and challenge or temptation we overcome, we strengthen our collective resolve to continue this grand expedition and progress towards The Goal, by helping All do the same. And as the Second Wave arises, meets our invitation, and joins the Quest, our Force For Good will grow stronger.

Our shared story is one of courage, determination, unity, and audacious faith and hope. It is a story of liberation from an Old World and Old Way of Being that we area leaving behind, towards a New World being co-created by a group of passionate Pioneers venturing out into the Unknown. This is our story, our commitment, and our Quest.

As we step into the third week of our adventure, let's remember why we set out on this journey. Let's remember the hope and dreams we carry for our shared future. For our children. For our grandchildren. And for our grandchildren's grandchildren. Let's renew our story and our commitment to this voyage of transformation.

Together, we are more than a group of individuals. We are becoming a pioneering community, a Force For Good, a microcosm of the New World we are Co-Creating. With renewed commitment and a living, evolving, self-authoring Story, we continue forward, beyond the boundaries of The Old, into The Realm of New Possibilities.

We journey together, we rise together, and we co-create together. Here's to the New Story we are writing, to the New Quest we are taking, and to the New Era we are Co-Creating.

Next week, we turn our Attention towards developing a shared Vision of The Goal.

Then, as we cross over Day 21, the Second Wave Cohort will embark.

If for any reason we are unsuccessful in gathering 13 to 22 individuals for the Second Wave, we will hit the end of our 21 Day rope, and we will have to pause our Progress until we can organize our Selves to successfully overcome the Challenge of Catalyzing the Second Wave. Remember, none of us can reach The Goal unless and until All of us reach The Goal, so it doesn't make any sense for the Pioneers to speed out into The Wilderness if The Movement is not following behind.

Good day, good night, and remember: Our collective Story is the pen that is writing our Future. Let's write wisely, passionately, and courageously.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

P.S. Please remember that the Second Wave Cohort is on the horizon, and nominations for its members are welcome. Reach out to Jordan if you have candidates in mind. We will continue to do as much as we can, but very soon the rising cohorts will have to take ownership of The Process.

P.S.S. If you are not yet part of at least one self-governing group (apart from the self-governing Pioneer Cohort), it is a perfect time to make a proposal and Forge or Join a Group. Let's strengthen our interconnection and deepen our collaborative efforts.

P.S.S.S. If you are still frustrated and waiting for Jordan or some other "them" "out there" to get with it and do what you think needs to be done, you are missing the New Pattern. There is no "them". There is only "us". If we wait for "them" it will never happen. Nothing will come into being unless we Co-Create it. We Co-Create in groups of at least 3, therefore:

  1. If you see something lacking that needs to come into being, Forge or Join a Group and Co-Create It.
  2. If you see something that doesn't belong, Forge or Join a Group and Remove It.

P.S.S.S.S. If you are dissatisfied with the Quest so far and want to leave the Pioneer Cohort, don't forget to do so by Friday June 23rd to claim your share of the $1,000 Exit Pool.