Day 5 - The Phenomenal Calling - The Voice and Vision that Awakens

Welcome, Pioneers!

Congratulations on arriving at day five of our transformative journey. With each day of hard-fought Practice and Progress, we get a little nearer to The Goal. Your commitment, courage, and engagement are truly appreciated and are at the heart of this emerging community's collective power and potential. Yesterday we faced into the imprisonment of the caves and started to understand the invisible chains that hold us within the dark recesses of the Old World. Today, we will shift our focus to the remarkable phenomenon that breaks through the illusions and delusions of the caves, shaking us awake and summoning us toward a brighter reality – The Phenomenal Calling, the Voice and Vision that Awakens.

In the grand narrative of Lionsberg, this is the moment of The Call, the inciting incident that inbreaks and disrupts the delusive status quo, and sets us on the path of our individual and collective Quest toward The Goal.

The Voice that Awakens

In the deepest reaches of The Caves, beneath countless layers of illusion, deception and exploitation, there exists a Voice - a whisper, a hint of a melody, a tone, a frequency, a wavelength, a vibration, a calling. This Fundamental Tone is the Voice of the transcendent Ultimate Reality - the manifest Spirit of Truth, Love, Light and Life that inherently resides within all created beings, all matter, all consciousness.

The Voice emanates from the core of the universe, from the Creator, from the Source of Life and Consciousness, and resonates in every cell of our being, every particle of our essence, and throughout all Creation. It reverberates in the silence and solitude of our hearts and minds, permeating the thick layers of our illusions and the distorted narratives that surround us.

Although we seldom hear it amidst the deceitful cacophony of The Caves, The Voice is ever-present and always speaking us into Being, perpetually inviting us to awaken, to question, to look beyond the shadows of The Caves, and to step out into the Light of Truth. It is the voice of the Ultimate Reality, echoing in our souls, urging us to break free from the chains of ignorance, illusion, greed, fear, and exploitation that hold us captive. It is the Voice that beckons us to reunite, to At-One, and to journey back towards unity through Love.

The Vision that Awakens

Accompanying The Voice is The Vision, a flicker of Light, a glimmer of possibility, a emerging scene of what could be, a Prophetic Dream. It is a glimpse of the New World, Reality as it is Intended To Be, the Promised Land, a vision of Liberation, Enlightenment, Union, Purpose, Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Fulfillment. This Vision and Voice illuminates the path towards The Goal, and guides us in the journey Beyond The Caves and towards a New Reality.

The Vision is more than a mere fantasy or daydream. It is a Prophetic Imagination of Reality as it is intended to be and could be, that inbreaks through the fabric of our current Reality, displacing it and presenting a glimpse of a transformed life and world that is not only possible but is also our Destiny.

The Burning Bush

In the sacred story of the Exodus, what grabs Moses's attention is a burning bush in the midst of the desert.

The word Phenomenon is derived from the greek word phainomenon which means "that which appears", from the Proto-Indo-European bhā-, meaning "to shine forth."

Out of the barren landscape of existence in self-exile, Moses is gripped by a Vision of the burning bush ("I must turn aside and see this marvelous sight!"), and the Voice of the Creator that calls out from the phenomenon "Moses, Moses!

The Voice reminds him of:

  1. the sacredness of the space,
  2. the Identity of the Creator,
  3. their Identity
  4. their Oppression,
  5. their Destiny,
  6. the Prophetic Vision

The Voice then tasks Moses with a Mission of Liberation to lead his people out of slavery and oppression, and into the Promised Land.

Hearing The Call

Hearing The Call is a transformational experience that can arrive in various forms and at unexpected moments. It can be a sudden epiphany, a burning bush, a gradual realization, a whisper that gets louder over time, or a dawning understanding that we have been ignoring a still small voice of Truth, Love, Justice and Wisdom that has been speaking to us since our youth. Regardless of how it appears, Its effect is profound and transformational - it disrupts the status quo, shakes our existing beliefs, challenges our assumptions, and awakens us to the possibility of a New Reality, a New World, a New Self.

The Call, however, is not a guarantee of immediate liberation or transformation. It is a signal, an invitation, a wake-up call that invites us to embark on The Quest. The choice to respond to The Call, to accept The Invitation, and to consciously set our feet on The Way towards The Goal is ours to make. It is our Conscious Agency, our Free Will, that allows us to seize this opportunity, accept the liberation from bondage that it offers, and commence The Quest towards our Destiny.

The Call is an invitation to the difficult and miraculous Work that lies ahead to liberate our Selves from our bondage and suffering, journey through The Desert that archetypically separates the Land Of Tyranny from the Land Of Destiny, and rediscover what it means to be Sovereign, Free, and Rightly Related to One and All.


Coming Soon.

Key Concepts

The Voice: The universal resonance of Truth and Ultimate Reality that perpetually speaks and invites us to awaken, question, and transcend our current state of existence.

The Vision: The glimpse of a transformed world, the New World, that is not only possible but also our destiny, presented to us by our Prophetic Imagination.

The Call: A transformational experience that disrupts the delusive status quo, awakening us to the possibility of a New Reality, a New World, a New Self.

The Quest: The path, Way, or journey that we embark on in response to the Call.

The Goal: The intended end state or outcome that the Quest leads to, marked by Liberation, Enlightenment, Union, Purpose, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Flourishing and Fulfillment.


Consider the following questions to deepen your understanding and engagement with today's material:

  1. Have you ever experienced a 'Call' moment that disrupted your life and set you on a new path? What was it? How did you feel? Reflect on a time when you heard your own internal 'Voice'. What was the still small Voice telling you? How did you respond?

  2. How do you relate to the Identity of The Voice that calls out to you? How do you relate to your own Identity? What does The Voice tell you about Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming?

  3. Do you have a Vision for a Better Future and a better Self? What does this Vision look like? How does it align with your Values, the wellbeing of others, and our ultimate shared Destiny and Goal?

  4. What does the Mission or Quest look like for you? What Worthy Goal are you pursuing and why? How does it align with and support The Goal that overarches and unites All Creation?

  5. What have been the consequences in your life of attending to and heeding, or suppressing and ignoring, The Voice? What might a life look like in which you are perpetually in communion and dialogue with The Voice of That Which Is Creating And Sustaining You And All Creation?

Practical Exercise

Today's practical exercise is designed to help you attune to your own Voice and Vision.

  1. Meditation and Silence: Find a quiet place and time, and sit in silence for at least 15 minutes. Let go of all external thoughts and distractions, and try to attend and listen for the 'Voice'. What do you hear?

  2. Writing in the Spirit: Write down any thoughts, feelings, visions, or impressions that arise. As you write, listen deeply, and as you listen deeply, write. Writing in this Way, properly undertaken, can become the start of a dialogical relationship with the Source of your life and consciousness.

  3. Visioning Exercise: Close your eyes and imagine both your Self and the world as you would like them to be. What do you see? Who are you in this world? What is different about this world compared to the current reality? Who and what partakes, in what ways, of the world as you would like it to be? What is the look and feeling of 1) your identity 2) your spiritual life 3) your body and mind 4) your intimate relationship 5) your familial and tribal relationships 6) your mission / work 7) your learning, growth, and development 8) your community, service, and civic engagements 9) your liberty from unhealthy relationships, attachments, or addictions. Write down your Visions, impressions and inspirations as they arise.

  4. Responding to the Call: Write down a significant moment in your life when you felt a 'Call' to action or change. What was it? How did you respond? How did it impact your life's journey?

  5. Updating Your Story: This exercise may further illuminate important parts of Your Story, including How You Got Here, Where You Are Going, Who You Are Becoming and Why. If so, take a few moments to jot the notes down in the appropriate sections of your emerging Story.

Getting Into Action Together

As we awaken to the Phenomenal Calling and arise, let us unite to translate this awakening into action. Lionsberg's ethos thrives on collective action, and the responsibility lies within each of us as Conscious Agents to facilitate and contribute towards our collective progress.

Remember, the first step is to recognize and shed your personal and systemic chains, opening your heart and mind to New possibilities and potentials. Once you have identified an area of passion or interest, Forge or Join a Group to begin co-creating. Remember, there is no hierarchy here, only self-organization and voluntary alignment. Listen to the Spirit within you, step into action, and if you need help or support, remember to reach out.

For those with an entrepreneurial drive, remember that the Pioneer cohort is rich with like-minded individuals eager to form businesses within the Lionsberg federation. Ultimately, we must co-create New and meaningful work together, so that the Value we Co-Create can help sustain us and our families through all that lies ahead. The strength of our collective action lies in our ability to form teams, collaborate, and create. Again, forge a group around your idea, remember that Everything Is A Project, write up a proposal or plan, and start moving. Be sure to align your proposals with the structural federation of Lionsberg as we work together as one diverse body, advancing towards One overarching and uniting Goal.


As we delve deeper into our transformative journey, it's important to ensure we are all on the same page, with adequate clarity, structure, and values to protect our progress. Familiarize yourself with the Lionsberg Participation Agreement (v0.1) and the Lionsberg Code of Conduct. Adhere to these guidelines in all your interactions within the community.

As previously noted, The Gate will close behind the Pioneer Cohort after Day 7. If you haven't signed the Participation Agreement yet, make sure to do so using the Lionsberg Participation Agreement Signature Form.

For those who may need to step back, we respect your decision. You will be celebrated, honored, and welcomed to join The Queue for Future Cohorts when you're ready.

Governance Consideration For Collective Discernment

As of Day 4, We are up to 12 signatures so far between the two Pioneer Cohorts out of ~24 invited. If we have fewer than 16 total who are willing and able to respond by Day 7, we should consider consolidating to one International Cohort to unite our wisdom and efforts. This would force us to change up our rhythms and comfort zones a bit, but could open up powerful new synergies among the most committed and passionate few. Please mediate and pray on this as we watch and see what happens in the Lionsberg Experience over the next few days.


Pioneers, as we wrap up day five, take a moment to reflect on The Voice and The Vision that has awakened you to this journey. Recognize that The Quest from the darkness and division of The Caves into the Light of Truth, Wisdom, and Consciousness isn't easy. Yet, it is the most significant and rewarding endeavor one can undertake. The journey to a free, conscious, and fulfilled life liberates us from fear, suffering, and The Old, paving the way towards The New.

As we confront the darkness of The Caves and the exploitative nature of their Keepers, we are not alone. We are part of an amazing community of pioneers, all partaking in the shared quest to co-create and realign a New World with Life and its Source.

Tomorrow, we will explore the concept of The Whisper Campaign, and understand how as The Voice speaks to us and progressively awakens us, we can speak out what we hear and perceive, helping others to hear and awaken to The Voice. We will start to envision how every Voice that speaks the Truth to the best of its ability will gradually emerge and tune towards Harmony, and how The Harmony can gradually Inbreak And Displace The Cacophony of The Caves.

Remember, be brave, be honest, be good, and above all, be compassionate and loving towards yourself and those around you. This transformative journey is an epic and eternal quest, not a temporal sprint. It is a transformational Process. Every step you take, no matter how small, brings us All closer to our shared Destiny and Goal. Your progress is more meaningful than you know. Take your time to reflect and engage meaningfully with the exercises. You are not alone; remember to utilize the power of the community by sharing and discussing your thoughts, feelings, and insights.

Upcoming Action: As we advance further in our Quest, start thinking about who might be ready to join the next cohort. As you pray and meditate, make a note of anyone who comes to mind. We aim to embark the next cohort(s) by the time the Pioneer Cohort(s) reach Day 21, launching new cohorts every 14 to 21 days thereafter.

Let us awaken and arise to The Calling, ready to step beyond The Caves and into the brightness of our shared Destiny.

Stay tuned and pay attention, Pioneers! There is more riding on the success of this transformational Quest than we can possibly imagine.

With Love, In Community,

~ J