Raising Up The Rising Generations

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.09 (updated 2022.10.09)

A post in Above The Chaos.

We have been working with a few organizations who are passionate about how we raise up the rising generations.

I do not know what the right answer is, but here is my hypothesis:

  1. It is possible for every child born today to have a better education than any person has ever had in the past.
  2. In order for that to occur, we are going to have to Transform Our Paradigm FROM educating children TO helping people learn.
  3. Helping people learn should be centered in a lifelong development Process.
  4. This lifelong process should be rooted in the development and transformation of the whole being - spiritually, intellectually, and physically.
  5. The Purpose of this lifelong development of the Whole being is to help each individual discover and realize their unique potential by helping All others realize theirs.

In the past our placeholder name for this has been the Lionsberg | Elevation Initiative... which encompasses not only individual development, but also the organizational and community development objectives that shape the environment and conditions in which individual development occurs.

What if... we co-created a System, that helped every individual, organization, community, and ecosystem on earth develop towards the fullness of their unique potential and flourish in harmony.

The Lionsberg System has been purpose-built for this reason.

As a super elementary starting point, we have curated together curriculum to ensure that any human being on earth with internet access has access to a free world class program of lifelong learning and development.

See Lionsberg Academy.

~ J

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