Above The Chaos, How Would You Like the World to Be?

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.29 (updated 2024.01.29)

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I have been having wonderful conversations with Greg Flint, author of the children's book How The World Got Better. You can hear Greg read the story on Public Radio Exchange (~25 minutes).

Around the fire one night in the not-so-distant future, a lovely old couple tells their precocious great-granddaughter what happened when the people of the world finally answered one magical question.

Warm, wise, and right on time, How the World Got Better calls to the hero in each of us to answer that same simple question:

“How would you LIKE this world to be?”

None of us like the way things are going. We all know that What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We Want To Go. One of the first steps towards change is to Imagine something Better.

Greg and I would like to invite you into our ongoing conversation.

From Greg:

Ourself or our world, it gets Better as we begin to believe it can and act like it...

...this is the key to it all. We can only Believe what we can first Imagine.

So let's Image it!

Let us hear each other answer, bravely and from the heart, one little question it seems we've never considered:


Please, just imagine it, bravely and from the heart... speak it, write it, sign it, share it...

What if we the listen to each other, all the world around, starting with the kids?

What if, one what's important, we find agreement enough to finally believe our world can get better? So we act like it, and so it does... What if?

To join us, simply:

  1. Answer The Question on The Survey and view responses from others
  2. Share the link to this page, and invite your network to answer The Question

If you put your email address into the form, I will do my best to keep you up to date on our efforts to reimagine, redesign, and rebuild a Better World.

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