Above The Chaos, Issues And Solutions

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.12.03 (updated 2022.12.03)

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As an independent candidate for President of the United States in 2024, I believe that it is time for fresh, independent vision and leadership that is focused on forging transformational common-sense solutions to the most pressing issues facing our country and our world.

The Platform

Our goal is to create a brighter future for all, guided by the spirit of truth, love, justice, stewardship, and wisdom.

This means establishing policies and taking action based on facts and evidence, driven by genuine compassion and empathy for others, grounded in a commitment to fairness and impartiality, respecting the mandate to protect and preserve society and our environment, and guided by sound judgment and discernment.

To achieve this Vision, we will work together to develop and implement policies and plans of action that comprehensively address the most pressing issues facing our country and our world. This means identifying and transforming the true root causes, and not just treating symptoms. This agenda includes addressing economic inequality, promoting job creation and economic prosperity, building infrastructure, protecting our communities from chaos and violence, healing our environment, empowering individual and local agency, purging corruption, and establishing transparency and accountability.

By working together and embracing our shared goals and values, we can build a brighter future that works for us all. We invite you in this effort to help us shape the policies and plans of actions that will guide our country and our world through the present chaos and towards the best possible future.

Platform In 7 Bullets

  1. A Brighter Future
  2. A Properly Ordered Society
  3. Universal Goals and Values
  4. Individual and Local Agency
  5. Shared Resources and Infrastructure
  6. Health, Education, and Opportunity
  7. Multi-Generational Stewardship

1. A Brighter Future

We agree that if we work together in a genuine spirit of truth, love, wisdom, and cooperation, we can forge a future that will be brighter for all than it has been for any in the past.

I will work to help all communities leverage our shared wisdom, knowledge, infrastructure, and technology to chart a path through the challenges we are facing, and towards our best and highest potential.

This includes investing in programs of community development, infrastructure and capacity building, and ensuring that every individual and locality has the resources, infrastructure and opportunity to develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish.

2. A Properly Ordered Society

We agree that a properly ordered society is essential for the wellbeing and flourishing of all its members.

I will work to ensure that all individuals, families, and communities have the opportunity to dwell safely and securely, in a spirit of dignity, respect, and harmony, free from violence, chaos, and division.

This includes promoting social and cultural transformation, addressing systematic inequalities and injustices, cultivating individual and local self-governance, reestablishing shared goals and values, and implementing policies and plans of action that foster community development and collaboration.

3. Universal Goals And Values

We agree that our society is strongest when it is guided by shared goals and values.

I will work to articulate and promote a set of universal goals and values that can serve as a foundation for our shared vision of a better future.

These goals and values will be grounded in truth, love, justice, stewardship, and wisdom, and will be inclusive of the perspectives and needs of the environment and all members of society.

This includes ensuring that all of our policies and programs of action are aligned with these goals and values, and that they are consistently upheld and promoted at all levels of society.

4. Individual And Local Agency And Responsibility

We agree that true transformation, progress, and flourishing must be realized at the individual and local level, through individual and local effort. We agree that we do not want to be disempowered or dependent upon a distant government for our wellbeing.

I will work to strengthen individual and local responsibility and agency, by pushing power away from the federal level and ensuring that each person and each community is equipped with the tools and resources they need to make progress towards our shared goals and values.

This includes investing in the shared infrastructure, resources, solutions, and technologies that equip and empower individuals and localities to work together to meet needs, solve problems, and make local progress towards global goals.

5. Shared Infrastructure And Resources

We agree that shared resources and infrastructure are one of the most effective ways to empower individual and local progress towards shared goals and values. Shared infrastructure is the backbone upon which all other economic and social activity occurs.

I will work to implement a comprehensive program of action to modernize and upgrade our local, state, national, and international infrastructure.

This includes coordinating budgets and priorities to modernize roadways, bridges, water systems, airports, spaceports, community centers, bike lanes, transportation networks, backbone technology, and other critical infrastructure.

6. Health and Wellness

We agree that every family should have access to affordable, high quality systems of integrated health and wellness.

I will work to transform our policies and systems of health and wellness to ensure that world class integrated programs for lifelong health and wellness are equally accessible for all.

This includes coupling decentralized innovation, administration, and market forces with a universal insurer of last resort, promoting true wellbeing and preventative care, transforming guidance on lifelong wellness and consumption, and ensuring that systems address the wellbeing of the whole individual, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

7. Learning

We agree that helping one another learn and develop new skills and abilities is crucial to the current and future success of our culture and society. Additionally, artificial intelligence and robotics are displacing millions of jobs and transforming our economy and society at an accelerating rate.

I will work to transform our policies and systems of education to ensure that world class programs for lifelong learning and development are equally accessible to all.

This includes a historic transformation of our systems of education from the old academic methods, to new project-based life-long learning methods that provide the opportunity for all members of society to pursue their passions and meaningfully contribute towards a better future.

8. Opportunity

We agree that all individuals and communities should have equal opportunity to develop towards the fullness of their unique potential.

I will work to establish policies, programs of action, solutions, and technologies to drive down the costs and barriers associated with all forms of social, economic, and civic opportunity and participation.

This includes a historic transformation of our systems of education and and on-the-job training, along with the cultivation of worker-stewarded economic networks.

9. Multi-Generational Socioeconomic Stewardship

We agree that to cure the vast economic inequalities, new forms of multi-generational socioeconomic stewardship are required.

I will work to establish policies and programs of actions to cultivate the development of new models of multi-generational socioeconomic stewardship.

This includes investing in training leaders and entrepreneurs, educating communities about new models of multi-generational stewardship of business, real property, and social equity, and streamlining legislation to support and nurture stewardship based economic networks.

10. Multi-Generational Environmental Stewardship

We agree that life on earth cannot flourish unless the air, water, soil, and living system that sustains us are clean and flourishing. We agree that this creates an ethical imperative to stop polluting and degrading our air, water, soil, and biodiversity, and to rapidly transform to a paradigm of wise multi-generational planetary and environmental stewardship.

I will work to transform policy and technology in order to responsibly rebalance and reintegrate human civilization with the living system it is a part of, so that both can flourish.

This includes a historic transformation of our socioeconomic systems and culture from a fundamentally extractive mode of being, to a fundamentally regenerative and eternally sustainable way of being. This can be done in an accelerated and responsible way allows the environment to immediately begin healing itself, without causing a collapse of the social and economic systems that provision our families.

11. Economic Prosperity and Job Creation

We agree that economic flourishing is a top priority, and that policies and incentives that promote economic prosperity and job creation are essential for the well-being of our communities.

I will work to implement policies that stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and job creation, in order to improve the standard of living and opportunity for all.

This includes cutting red tape, bureaucracy, and regulations that stifle individual and local agency, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, incentivizing investments in new technologies and industries, investing in infrastructure, and supporting workforce training and development programs to equip all workers for meaningful participation in the new economy.

12. Safety And Security

We agree on the importance of maintaining strong and secure communities, in a strong and secure nation, in a strong and secure world.

I will work to transform our military and police to ensure that they are well-equipped, well-trained, and well-funded to maintain a peaceful and proper order in partnership and right relationship with local and global community.

This includes providing the resources and support necessary for communities and military branches to elevate, transform, and support right relationship between those we delegate the use of force to, and the properly ordered and wisely guided society they serve.

13. Immigration

We agree that properly ordered immigration is crucial both to the strength and vitality of our country, as well as basic human dignity.

I will work to transform our immigration policies so that they are loving, just, fair, compassionate, and in line with the values and goals of our nation and our world.

This includes providing clear invitations and pathways for immigration, a clear path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who commit to honor and uphold our shared goals and values, implementing compassionate, fair and just policies for refugees and asylum seekers, and ensuring that all those displaced through the suffering and violence of the old world are reintegrated successfully into the new socioeconomic systems.

14. Transparency And Accountability

We agree that government should be small, transparent, and accountable to the citizens it serves.

I will work to implement systems of transparency and accountability throughout all levels of government, and will work to expose, clean up, and hold to account all who have been abusing positions or power.

This includes implementing campaign finance reform, creating independent ethics and oversight bodies, promoting open and truthful sharing of government information and initiatives, and creating easier pathways for citizens to hold elected and unelected officials accountable.

15. Gun Violence And Terrorism

We agree that protecting our communities and loved ones from gun violence and other forms of terrorism is vital, and that action is required in order to prevent further tragedies.

I will work to implement common-sense solutions to ensure that powerful technologies are less accessible to those with evil intent, while also addressing the deeper psychological, social, economic and cultural issues that lead to violence.

This includes:

Work in Progress Left Off Here

16. Energy

We agree that it is necessary to transition in a wise and responsible way from a global energy network primarily based upon fossil fuels, to a global network that is inherently regenerative in nature. This will hasten the resolution of a variety of geopolitical and environmental disasters.

I will work to transform policies, incentives, and technologies to accelerate the transition towards universally accessible clean, regenerative energy.

This may be accomplished through a network of small modular nuclear power generators that ensure basic stability of the grid as we responsibly transition towards a fully regenerative future.

17. Criminal Justice

We agree that criminal justice in the United States is in need of dramatic reform.

I will work to implement transformational policies that focus on the total wellbeing and development of individuals and communities to avoid the social and cultural patterns that lead to crime, while transforming the justice system away from incarceration, towards restoration and reintegration.

This will include establishing wise and effective programs of personal transformation and community reintegration to help communities dramatically lower prison populations, while maintaining the safety, security, and integrity of their communities.

18. Regulation And Bureaucracy

We agree that local communities should have the agency, responsibility, and accountability to do the wise right thing for the right reasons in their local time and context. We agree that critical protections and guidelines are required to ensure that all communities are abiding by the same basic rule of law. And we agree that shared services at different county, state, and federal levels are necessary and desirable.

I will work to unwind overreaching federal and state bureaucracy and regulations that impede the ability of local communities to act in the wise right way, while strengthening the universal rule of law and guard rails critical to the long term wellbeing and flourishing of our society and planet.

This includes:

19. Adoption and Foster Care

We agree that every child should have the opportunity to develop towards the fullness of their potential in a healthy, loving, and secure family environment.

I will work to transform our systems of adoption and foster care to eliminate abuse, and ensure that every child has access to a safe, loving family, and every safe, loving family has the opportunity to help nurture our next generation.

This includes:

20. Fiscal Responsibility

We agree that nations, like individuals and local communities, must manage their finances in a rational, responsible, and sustainable way.

I will work to reestablish the credibility, transparency, and integrity of our national finances. This will include eliminating waste in order to coordinate and balance federal and state budgets, while redirecting available resources towards carefully prioritized issues.

This includes:

21. Redistribution Of Federal Power and Resources

We agree that a proper balance of federal and local power and resources is crucial to the long term flourishing of any union. As our nation has grown and transformed, we have shifted an increasing amount of power away from the local towards the federal, and away from the legislative branch and towards the executive branch. This has resulted in a massive unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy.

I will work to implement policies and restructuring that rebalances power, agency, and responsibility away from the federal and executive functions, and towards the local. This will create greater agency and resources to empower local communities to solve their problems and accomplish their goals.

This includes:

22. A More Perfect Union

We agree that it is of utmost importance to protect the dignity and rights of the human beings that do the work in every corporation, as well as the proper functioning, responsibility, and integrity of every corporation. We agree that many of our unions have grown corrupt, irresponsible, and self-serving, leading to an array of problems and dysfunctions.

I will lead discussions on the possibility of the workers of the United States forging among themselves a more perfect union, that would secure training, benefits, self-governance, profit sharing, job creation, and a new era of more meaningful work and participation for all.

23. Realigning Charity With Our Goals And Values

We agree that society could benefit from aligning the $500 Billion we spend each year on charitable giving with the true transformational justice and reformation we all desire.

I will lead discussions on the possibility of the donors of the United States and other nations voluntarily aligning their philanthropic contributions to advance the critical path of our shared program of action in a prioritized way towards our shared goals and values.

24. Individual / Local / State Sovereignty

We agree that each locality should be free to govern itself and act in the way it believes is wise, right, and good. We agree that federal and international governments should not use force or compulsion over individuals or localities, except as absolutely necessary in extreme scenarios to protect the common good.

I will work to use all available mechanisms of government to encourage, empower, and support individual, local, and state sovereignty, and will work to unwind corrupt or extractive agreements imposed by past administrations on states or territories within or outside of the United States.

25. The United States' Role In The World

We agree that coherence, integrity, and right relationship of the United States relative to all nations and peoples of the world is a collective ethical imperative. We acknowledge that we have in many cases abused our position and power, alienated other nations, and unjustly caused suffering and death in pursuit of our own interests.

I will work to restore the Ideal of the United States as a great nation not because it rules over or exploits others, but because it is a true servant, helper, and empowerer of all. I will work to progressively transform all use of the power the world has vested in the United States to serve, help, and lift up all nations and peoples. This includes leveraging the logistical might we have vested in the US military and its allies for historic peacetime infrastructure and aid efforts to solve root causes, build goodwill, and prevent future wars.

26. Corruption, Tyranny, And Oppression

We agree that corruption, tyranny, and oppression have no place in the future we are building.

I will work with leaders and communities in the United States and around the world to transform the delegation, use and projection of power, and to root out corruption, tyranny, and oppression wherever they are found.

27. A Guiding Philosophy

We agree that without a guiding philosophy that informs our goals, our values, and our aim, increasingly powerful tools and technologies are likely to carry us off course at an accelerating rate.

I will work to reintroduce a comprehensive philosophy to guide and inform us as we grapple with how to leverage new tools and technologies to help carry our culture and society towards the best possible future for all.

This includes laying out frameworks for truthful dialogue, shared goals and values, and the overarching and uniting principles that guide right relationship and wise governance.

28. Spirituality And Religion

We agree that a properly ordered society cannot exist without properly ordered and integrated spirituality and religion.

I will work to celebrate and uphold the spiritual foundations enshrined in our constitution, while protecting freedom of religion and expression for every individual and community.

This includes doing my best to ensure that every decision is guided by the spirit of truth and love, and that corrupt religious and political entanglements are brought to light.

29. The Sacredness Of Life

We agree that all life is sacred and precious, from conception until death.

I will work to establish policies and programs of action that seek to support and nurture the development of all generations of life, from conception to death.

This includes ensuring that every woman and child has access to all the resources and support needed to bring forth life and help both women and children develop towards their potential and flourish. This includes programs and support to help pregnant women make wise informed decisions about the life within them, the provision of generous maternity leave and support, and access to systems of support during pregnancy and throughout childhood development. This lifelong care and compassion extends from reexamining how we care for women and children, all the way through reexamining the way that we relate to and care for our elders through the end of their lives.

30. Homelessness

Root causes. Comprehensive solutions.