Above The Chaos, 2024.03.31 Lionsberg Dispatch

Hello everyone,

Happy Easter. It is time to rise and move as One Body.

We are starting up a new aspect of the the Lionsberg Battle Rhythm - the Lionsberg Dispatch.

It's purpose is to help the growing movement stay inspired, informed, and aligned.

On Friday, March 29th I am beginning the first segment of the Above The Chaos tour, traveling from Idaho, to Bend, Oregon, to Orange County, to San Diego, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Napa, to Sacramento, and possibly up to Portland and Seattle. If there are key allies you would like me to connect with in any of those locations or nearby, please message me via email or on Signal.

We will be meeting numerous allies and small groups with the aim of securing key partnerships and Commitments, building the movement out through the next Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, and establishing the Lionsberg Resource Runway.

Some highlights from the week you can find in the Lionsberg Dispatch Voice Update:

  • Above The Chaos Tour
  • New Book: Pass the Flame
  • Lionsberg Cycles of Growth Update
  • Kiva Pilgrimage
  • Precision Measurement, Citizen Science, and Living Systems Data
  • 2024 Election Super Cycle
  • SF Design Charrette

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