Above The Chaos, Bioregions, Ecoregions, Watersheds, and Tribal Lands

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.06.03 (updated 2024.06.03)

An entry in Above The Chaos

As we examine the New Pattern Language, it is evident that bioregions, watersheds, and ancestral tribal lands will play a significant roles.

A non-profit out of Canada has put together a good head start on mapping tribal lands on a couple continents:

  • https://native-land.ca

Our friend Justin Winters and the allies at One Earth have put years into mapping the Bioregions and Ecoregions...

  • https://www.oneearth.org/navigator/
  • These maps will help form the basis for the layout of Bioregional Hubs and Ecoregional Hubs

If you are aware of any other key resources, please reach out and we will work together to synergize the maps and mappers.

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