Above The Chaos, A Vision, Plan, and Future So Big Only a Story Can Hold It

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2023.02.01 (updated 2023.02.01)

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Esteemed Friend,

Instead of trying to explain all the details, let's meet in a story. Your story. Our story. And quickly, because Time is running out.

Every prophet and every mother has longed for The Ideal, for the world the world to come. The peaceful, loving, just, wise, prosperous, abundant, rightly related, and free world in which all creation flourishes in harmony. We have seen glimpses of it. We have made valiant strides towards it. And then we have stumbled and tumbled back down the sacred mountain we have been attempting to climb towards our Destiny.

The harsh reality we must now admit is that we have been thrown as captives into a world that is at war. A world mired with hatred, injustice, ignorance, darkness, bitterness, resentfulness, nihilism, cynicism, resentfulness, pain, suffering, anger and war. A world in which most of us are laboring incessantly and struggling to make ends meet.

Today, as we speak, corrupt authoritarian forces of injustice are weaponizing their power and technology, and turning it against the good people in the small towns and cities around the world. Missiles rain down on residential buildings, and slaves labor in the mines and companies in order to fuel the chain of consumption and extraction by employee consumer slaves, the military industrial complexes, and their capital, corporate and governmental overlords. And while the money accumulates and piles up in the coffers of a few, millions and millions of precious children freeze, starve, thirst, suffer and die because we choose not to give them food, water, shelter, and drink. Ecosystems are being destroyed, and thereby the very heart, lungs, and body that contains and sustains every heartbeat and breath that is breathed on this beautiful planet.

Good people are in fear and anxiety. Good people are suffering. They see clearly what is wrong, but they feel isolated and alone in the face of overwhelming forces. Today, around the world, they are being marginalized, fired, beaten, slandered, or killed for speaking it out.

But wait. Look to the horizon! Something New is arising like the dawn.

As the New Dawn rises, it is brining a New Vision, and we are beginning to see one another. We are beginning to see that we are not alone. We are beginning to speak the previously forbidden words with more courage. We are beginning to accept even the price of death if it means that we and our world will be free.

In the next stage of the story, we are arising. We are standing together. We are signing together. We are singing together. We are embracing one another. Publicly. We are declaring our unity. As one. Dangerous. Unfettered. Free. Valiant. United. Force For Good.

As we come together, we are rapidly cross-training. Discovering. Connecting. Synergizing. We are setting up and securing our supply lines. Our tools. Our equipment. Our communications. Our technologies. Our abundant and seemingly limitless resources that we know must reveal themselves.

We are setting up the facilities and establishing Mission Control. In the safe, undisclosed locations, we are gathering resources, discerning wise strategies, and making our plans.

We understand that while we have been asleep, the forces of darkness have been tirelessly training and preparing for this moment. So we must train and prepare even harder. The future of life and society hangs in the balance. The prospect of the Great Battle looms on the horizon. If we move swiftly enough, perhaps we can win it in the spiritual realm, and in the hearts and minds of humanity before it spreads into the physical and spoils the earth.

One Way or another, in the end we prevail. If we have not yet prevailed, is is not the end. In the aftermath of the battle for the freedom and the hearts and minds of the world, we discover hidden in the storehouses of darkness vast riches, treasures, facilities, infrastructure, and technologies beyond our wildest imagination. In the halls where corrupt political and capital overlords once stood gilded in luxury behind their weapons and gates, the citizens now sit in council for the wellbeing of the people and planet, across all times, places, and generations of life.

Around the world, transformed citizens are transforming their lives. Transforming their minds. Transforming their words. Transforming their thoughts. Transforming their actions. Transforming their work. Transforming their families. Transforming their relationships. Transforming their tribes. Transforming their communities. Transforming their environments. Transforming their worlds.

Equipped and empowered with the best solutions, designs, technologies, wisdom, knowledge, coaching, mentoring, and guidance from around the world, every community has the opportunity to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and development, aided by resources and relationships from around the world.

Within 7 years, every human being has been invited by someone they know, love, and trust into an entirely New Era of truth, love, justice, stewardship, and wisdom. As all things help all things develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony, we continue to transform our weapons into tools of life, liberty, and love, and no longer do we train our children for war.

The New Era is at hand.

Everything you have been through, every battle you have fought, every hurt you have suffered, every triumph you have achieved have come together to make you who you are today. Which like us all is a perfectly imperfect, messy, beautiful, valuable-beyond-words blessing to the world. There is more value than you can imagine in who you have become, and in the story of how you got there. Even if that story causes you to read this from a place you don't feel proud of, or a place of such hurt, uncertainty, or depression that you are struggling to lift your eyes back up to the horizons. Whether you are reading this in a home, a tent on the side of a freeway, a sidewalk, a job, a refugee camp, a brothel, a church, or a bar, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are valuable, and you have a unique place in The New Story.

I love you. We love you. God loves you.

Time is short.

Let's move. Together. Towards The Goal.

~ J

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