An Alternative to Apocalypse - The New Covenant

Introduction: The Crossroads of History

Introduction: The Crossroads of History

Introduction - The Crossroads of History

Part I: The Current Path Towards Apocalypse

Chapter 1 - The Collapse of the American Order
Chapter 2 - Supply Chain Breakdown and Economic Chaos
Chapter 3 - Famine, Migration, and Plague
Chapter 4 - The Shadow of World War
Chapter 5 - Environmental Collapse
Chapter 6 - Why The Path Towards Apocalypse Affects Every Family On Earth

Part II: The New Covenant - A Vision for a Conscious Leap Into a Higher Order

Chapter 7 - Principles and Values of the New Covenant
Chapter 8 - Becoming One Citizenship Under God
Chapter 9 - The Spiritual War
Chapter 10 - Building Bridges and Alliances
Chapter 11 - Actively Resisting All That is Opposed to the Spirit and Wisdom of God

Part III: The Jubilee - A Reset for a New Era

Chapter 12 - The Concept of Jubilee - A Radical Vision of a World Renewed
Chapter 13 - Debt, Property, and Economic Reset
Chapter 14 - Co-Creating the Conditions for a New Era

Conclusion - A Choice for Humanity

Conclusion - A Choice for Humanity
Chapter 15 - Immediate Next Steps


  • Appendix A: The New Covenant between the Creator, Humanity, and All Creation
  • Appendix B: Implementation Guides and Toolkits for the New Covenant

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