Chapter 11 - Actively Resisting All That is Opposed to the Spirit and Wisdom of God

Just as the Spirit of God is placing a New Vision and Plan on the hearts of people of Goodwill around the world, so too, in light of the spiritual war, is there a competing vision and plan for the future from the Forces of Darkness.

The competing plan will advocate for a false unity of totalitarian control and enforced peace implemented through fear and coercion.

We must wisely judge, not by words, but by spirit, fruits, and values.

We would be wise to be wary of and resist:

  • Institutional control of speech
  • Institutional control of culture
  • Institutional control of commerce
  • Institutional control of trade
  • Institutional control of governance
  • Institutional control of finance
  • Institutional control of currencies
  • Institutional control of religion / worship
  • Institutional control of assembly
  • Institutional control of education
  • Institutional control of health
  • Institutional use of fear, for instance related to:
    • Misinformation (The antidote is free speech)
    • Assembly (The antidote is freedom of assembly)
    • Ethics (The antidote is individual, family, local conscience)
    • Pandemics (The antidote is individual, family, local freedom)
    • Vaccines (The antidote is freedom of choice)
    • Currencies (The antidote is freedom of exchange)
    • Environment (The antidote is responsible stewardship and right relationship)

Essentially, the Satanic spirit is that which seeks to rise up and assert its own totalitarian rule in the place of God, and demand that all things subordinate themselves to its dictates. It does so through the use of force to oppress and control. It violates the freedom to pursue Good and God according to the dictates of individual and local conscience.

The Spirit of God longs for a rightly ordered unity, and uses force only to vanquish evil, corruption, and injustice, and to LIBERATE - never to oppress. The Spirit of God seeks liberty, voluntary right relationship, and self-governance under God.

Individual and local sovereignty, autonomy, discernment, self-determination, and self-governance by tribe belong to God.

Institutionalized and centralized control in opposition to the Wisdom and Values of God belong to the Forces of Darkness.

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