Chapter 9 - The Spiritual War

I. Introduction: The Unseen Battle

The struggle against corruption, injustice, and evil is not merely a material or social endeavor but a spiritual war. This chapter delves into the nature of this battle, which is waged not just in the visible world but also in the realm of the spirit, against forces that seek to undermine the divine principles of Truth, Love, Justice, and Unity Under God, with the ultimate aim of usurping the Proper Divine Order as God intends it to be.

II. Not Against Flesh and Blood: The True Nature of the Enemy

The timeless words, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," illuminate the true nature of the battle. The enemy is not the individuals who enact corruption and injustice but the spiritual forces and domain-independent patterns that fuel these actions across time and space, and beyond. These are the spirits of deceit, division, greed, and malevolence that operate in the shadows, parasitically possessing and influencing human behavior and societal structures. These spiritual forces have crept into the high places, and possess the power structures of countless domains throughout the world, fueling the patterns of destruction across generations, even as the individuals they act through come and go.

III. The Fractal Nature of the Spiritual War

The spiritual war is not confined to any single level of existence but is fractal in nature, manifesting in every domain from the individual, to the local, to the global, to the universal, and beyond to the spiritual realm in all its dimensions and domains. Each person, family, community, company, bioregion, tribe, and nation is a battleground where these spiritual forces vie for influence and must be confronted and overcome in partnership with the Spirit of God. Winning the spiritual war requires victories in each of these fractal domains, starting with our own souls, our own families, and our own local communities. It demands personal transformation, communal solidarity, ethical governance, mutual accountability, distributed responsibility, and global cooperation, all aligned with the divine principles of the New Covenant. The most important aspect of the spiritual war is that it cannot be first fought "out there" against perceived enemies. It must first be fought "in here", against the true universal enemies and adversaries. As we progressively liberate our Selves and become united to God and One Another, we are transformed into a Force For Good that can help liberate others, and win the spiritual war beyond - battle by domain by domain.

IV. The Vision: A World Impelled by the Spirit of God and Love

Imagine a world where the spiritual war has been won, and the Spirit of God and Love reigns supreme, guiding individuals and communities toward the fullness of their potential. In such a world, the principles of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, Beauty, Goodness, Liberty and Unity are not mere ideals but lived and embodied realities. Corruption and injustice have no foothold, and the spiritual forces that fuel them are vanquished. Every responsible and self-governing individual, family, and community helps one another rise towards their unique potential and flourish in harmony, contributing to the co-creation of a civilization that reflects the highest Divine principles and values, and which is unified as One Under God. This is the eternal prophetic Vision of the New World that is co-created along with the New Covenant, as a consequence of the Knowledge of God covering the Earth like floodwaters.

V. Strategies for Winning the Spiritual War

  1. Personal Transformation: The first step in winning the spiritual war is personal transformation. By enlightening and aligning ourselves with divine principles by the Spirit of God, we liberate our Selves from negative forces, and become living conduits of the Spirit of God into each time and place we find our Selves in.

  2. Family Transformation: As we transform our Selves, we naturally invite healing, reconciliation, and transformation among our closest family and friends. This begins the ripple effect of Light and Love beyond us and into our world.

  3. Community Building: Building communities that reflect the values of the New Covenant creates strongholds of positive spiritual influence, and interconnected pockets of integrity and coherence.

  4. Ethical Leadership: Leaders who embody divine principles can transform organizations, institutions, and governments, and serve their constituents in the positive transformation of their lives and their world.

  5. Inter-belief and Inter-ideological dialogue: Collaborating with individuals and groups from different historic beliefs and ideologies in the genuine pursuit of Wisdom and Truth amplifies the impact of positive spiritual forces, and dispels deceit as the genuine pursuit of Truth and Love in community exposes and clarifies ignorance, endarkenment, false division, and deceit.

  6. Prayer and Spiritual Practices: Spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditation, and ethical living are powerful tools for combating negative spiritual forces and maintaining internal strength and integrity under fire.

  7. Integrated Wellbeing and Development: Helping One Another become as strong, healthy, and competent as possible, body, mind, and spirit, empowers each individual and locality to prevail in their own internal battles, and to positively contribute to the growing Force For Good.

VI. Allies in the Spiritual War

  1. Spiritual Traditions: Faith traditions offer an array of time-tested wisdom and practices for combating spiritual darkness.

  2. Ethical Organizations: Groups committed to justice, environmental stewardship, and social transformation are natural allies.

  3. Individual Champions: Individuals who have successfully waged their own spiritual battles serve as inspiring role models and mentors, organizing efforts from the bottom-up and fueling positive transformations of their lives and world.

  4. Communities of Faith: Communities of faith are gathering places for those already attuned to the spiritual realities, and committed to investing time and resources in the betterment of their lives and their world.

VII. Conclusion: The Urgency and Possibility of Victory

The pressing spiritual war is both an urgent crisis and an unparalleled opportunity for transformation. By recognizing the true nature of the battle and mobilizing to fight it on every level, we can vanquish the forces that seek to undermine Divine principles, ideals, and order. The stakes are high, but the potential for a world transformed by the Spirit of God and Love is within our reach. However the victory will be hard won, and will require active participation and engagement from every one of us.

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