Chapter 14 - Co-Creating the Conditions for a New Era

I. Introduction: The Canvas of Creation

As we stand on the precipice of a New Era, we are not merely passive observers but active co-creators with God and one another. This chapter explores the guidelines for establishing the rules and the playing field for a more just, harmonious, and flourishing world. It delves into why creative consciousness, imagination, and wise co-creation are crucial for the success of this monumental endeavor.

II. The Power of Creative Consciousness

  1. Divine Imagination: The first step in co-creating a new era is to tap into the Divine Imagination, where all things are possible and where the highest ideals of Truth, Love, and Justice reside.

  2. The Human Role: As beings made in the image of the Creator, humans have the unique ability to bring forth new realities through conscious intention and collaboration, guided by Wisdom and aligned with the Spirit of God.

  3. The Collective Spirit and Mind: The power of collective consciousness cannot be underestimated. When a critical mass of individuals aligns with the Highest Divine principles, a tipping point is reached that can usher in transformative change at a pace far more rapid than we understand, arising from the deeper levels of Spirit and Consciousness.

III. Guidelines for Wise Co-Creation

  1. Alignment with Divine Principles: Any endeavor must be aligned with the eternal principles of Truth, Love, Justice, Wisdom, Stewardship, Beauty, Liberty and Unity Under God, as these are the foundational building blocks of a harmonious and flourishing world.

  2. Inclusivity and Participation: The process of co-creation must be inclusive, allowing for the diverse gifts, perspectives, and talents of all God's children to contribute to the co-creation of the New Era, with no one involuntarily left behind.

  3. Transparency and Accountability: Co-creation requires a level of transparency and mutual accountability that ensures the integrity of the process and the outcome.

  4. Iterative Learning: As co-creators, we must be willing to learn, adapt, and evolve, recognizing that the path to the New Era is one of continual growth and refinement.

  5. Non-Naivete: We must couple our childlike Faith and playful co-creation with the stark understanding that we are in a world at spiritual war, and forces of darkness and malevolence are well-organized, deeply entrenched, viciously opposed these ideals, and willing to stop at nothing to maintain their parasitical grip on positions and power in the domains they control.

IV. The Role of Imagination

  1. Visionary Thinking: The ability to imagine a world vastly different from our current reality is a prerequisite for transformative change. It liberates us from the tyranny of the perceived possible, and opens us up to the things beyond all we could ask or imagine that God longs to do in and through us.

  2. Sacred Storytelling: Narratives that encapsulate the ideals of the New Era can serve as powerful catalysts for change, inspiring individuals and communities to align with a higher vision. As we progress and advance, every small success is a story, and every story is a prophesy of even greater things that are possible as the Force For Good grows.

  3. Artistic Expression: Art in all its forms can serve as a medium for manifesting Divine principles in the material world, acting as a bridge between the ideal and the real, between what is and what should be.

V. The Importance of Synergy

  1. Interconnectedness: In a world defined by complex systems, the principle of synergy—that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts—must guide our efforts.

  2. Collaborative Networks: The formation of networks among individuals, communities, and organizations can amplify the impact of co-creative efforts.

  3. Spiritual Symbiosis: A harmonious relationship between the spiritual and material aspects of life is essential for the balanced and sustainable development of the New Era.

VI. Case Studies: Successful Co-Creation

  1. Community-Led Initiatives: Examples of communities that have successfully co-created more just and sustainable ways of living.

  2. Innovative Governance: Models of governance that have been co-created to reflect the principles of the New Era.

  3. Technological Breakthroughs: Instances where technology has been developed in alignment with Divine principles to solve pressing global challenges.

VII. Conclusion: The Symphony of Co-Creation

As we move forward, we must recognize that each of us is an instrumental part of a grander symphony of co-creation. By aligning our individual efforts with the Divine Conductor—God—we can bring forth a New Era that reflects the highest aspirations of the human spirit and the deepest Wisdom of the Divine. This is not just a possibility; it is a sacred responsibility, a Divine commission that calls us to rise to the fullness of our potential as co-creators in this magnificent unfolding moment of history.

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