Above The Chaos, Women and Girls In Afghanistan

Social media post of the rights of women and children.

Slide 1: "Our hearts break today with the women and girls of Afghanistan, who once again had their educational and religious freedoms stripped away. Freedom of learning, thought, speech, and religion are fundamental human rights. No authority on earth has the right to rob half the population of their rights based on gender or any other class."

Slide 2: "The Taliban's ban on girls' education and restrictions on women's rights are a clear violation of human rights and a blatant example of injustice and oppression based on gender. For the international community, this brings up the critical question of who "we" are, who "they" are, and what role "we" have relative to how "they" are exploiting and oppressing women and children in various places around the world. There are no easy answers, but these are the questions we must be asking."

Slide 3: "Our shared Vision is for a society in which every person has the opportunity to develop towards their full potential and flourish without fear of violence, injustice or oppression. A world in which everyone has access to a system of lifelong learning and development that enables every man, woman, and child to achieve their greatest potential and thrive in a flourishing society.

Slide 4: "I believe it is our job to "Act As If" it were our responsibility to work together to bring this shared vision into reality. In support of this shared vision, the Lionsberg Vision and Plan proposes a range of specific policies and initiatives, including efforts to promote access to quality education and training for all, to support the development of strong and healthy families and communities, and to encourage a culture of social responsibility and civic engagement.

Slide 5: "The Lionsberg Vision and Plan calls for the participation and engagement of individuals, organizations, and governments at all levels to bring this shared vision to fruition. This includes encouraging people to get involved in their local communities and to support initiatives that promote social justice and equality of opportunity for all. It also involves working with policy makers and other decision makers to implement policies and programs that reflect these principles and values.

Slide 6: "The situation in Afghanistan is a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the fundamental human right to education and the need to combat gender discrimination and oppression. In every country, including the United States, we must remember that oppression and injustice are not just "out there". Right here at home, many are struggling to gain access to the basic infrastructure, services, and opportunities needed for them to flourish. This has to change. Now.

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