Conclusion - Lionsberg - A Biblical Perspective

As we face into an unprecedented Meta Crisis, the Lionsberg System represents a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing the social, governmental, economic, spiritual, and environmental challenges of our time. It is based on biblical principles and values, and is intended to serve as a means of aligning and mobilizing the collective resources, expertise, and creativity of people around the world towards the perfect purpose, will, and intention of God.

The Lionsberg System offers a higher way that avoids the pitfalls and false dichotomies of the political and economic ideologies of the old world. It is a system purpose-built to facilitate voluntary cooperation and collaboration towards the common good and the perfect will and intention of God. It empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to meet needs, solve problems, and work together towards the common good.

We encourage Christians, and citizens around the world, to critically examine the historical and political context of their faith and to work together across the lines historically dividing us towards a more truthful, loving, just, wise, and good world for all people, in accordance with the perfect will and intention of God. By understanding the ways that Christianity has been misused to support various political, national, and economic ideologies, we can reclaim the universal and eternal biblical values and work together towards a world in which these values are realized for all people.

The Lionsberg System is a means of partnering with God in a wise and comprehensive way for the benefit of all. We invite all people of goodwill to join us in this effort, and to work together in partnership with God and one another towards a world in which the perfect nature, character, and intention of God is realized for all people and all generations of life.

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