2.5 Accessing Alternate Futures, Selves, and Rule Sets

If somehow, in the midst of the fog and chaos of our Lower Order Actions and Reactions, we can find a Reference Point and regain our Conscious Awareness, we can begin again to access alternate futures, selves, and rule sets that would lift us up above the chaos.

As we started to generate, access and assess that vast array of potential Futures, our Mind would resume the Brain to Body Signaling to "dial down" our Autonomic Nervous System...

...and we could once again become conscious, aware, and present in the moment.

Our True Self would regain possession of our Embodiment, our Conscious Agency would be restored, and we would rediscover the valuable optionality that comes with the ability to creatively generate and choose among many potential plans of action and sets of rules.

As this begins to occur, our Mind sends signals back "down" to our body that begin to lower our heart and breath rates.

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