Day 17 - Facing the Wilderness - Confronting and Overcoming Challenges and Fears in the Transition from Old to New

Greetings, Visionary Pioneering Co-Creators,

And welcome to Day 17 of our Quest Beyond The Boundary. It is not surprising that a few are growing weary. It is hard work out here.

By now, after being immersed for 16 days in The Story of Lionsberg, many of us may be experiencing psychological and emotional dissonance and fear, perhaps even deeply.

We find our Selves suddenly being swept up in (something), away from (something), and towards (something), and encountering language that is New and feels strange to our senses and ears. We are exploring issues of Truth, Wisdom, Reality, and Ultimate Reality, using a language that is not the language of any one of The Caves of the Old World. That means that it may be inherently alarming to everyone. But fear not!

We are facing together into the Unknown, into The Wilderness that separates Where We Are from Where We Are Going. It strangely beckons us, and strangely frightens us.

For those feeling uncertainty or fear, you are not alone. Thank you for enduring at least one more day, and welcome to Day 17 - Facing the Wilderness - Confronting and Overcoming Challenges and Fears in the Transition from Old to New.

The Exodus, and Fear

The Exodus of our time beckons us beyond the familiar cavernous confines we’ve Known, compelling us into an expansive Wilderness, a liminal space between The Old and The New. This uncharted territory, a realm teeming with unimaginable Opportunities, daunting Challenges, and terrifying Existential Threats, is our path towards our Destiny. To to Venture Forth requires more than just a change of location - it demands a profound inner transformation and the Courage to confront deep-seated fears pertaining to our past, our present, our future, and our Destiny.

Understanding the Linguistic Constructs of The Caves, and the Fear we Experience when Exposed to New Language

Let's stare head on into one fear that is likely arising, around the New Language we are using.

In the Caves, we each resided in unique Linguistic Bubbles. The language we used, deeply ingrained and shaped by cultural, ideological, religious and political narratives, created a distinct Sub-Reality within which we found a sense of identity and comfort. This familiarity bred certainty, for through repeated exposure, it shaped neural pathways that reinforced our Perception of The World We Thought We Were Living In.

These neural pathways, arranged in hierarchical order according to Depth, became the constructs that held our ego and individuated Identity.

As we venture out Beyond The Caves towards the New World, we are called to learn a New Language that inherently and by definition must be Beyond the language of any of the Linguistic Bubbles of the Old World. No matter how uncomfortable that might be.

This New Language simultaneously liberates us from and challenges the pre-existing narratives our perception of our self and our world were nested within, disrupts our cognitive structures, and introduces an unsettling tension between the familiar and the unfamiliar. It threatens our Identity and Perceived Reality, yet it also promises liberation from the confines of our limited understanding.

The natural response to such an experience is anxiety and fear, which then lead us to reject and push away That Which Offers Us Liberation. You are not alone in this Fear and Cognitive Dissonance.

The Cognitive Dilemma: Known vs Unknown

Human cognition inherently prefers The Known to The Unknown. The predictable provides a perceived sense of security, even if it is tinged with suffering and limitations. The Unknown, however, poses an array of threats and opportunities that our minds struggle to process. The tension between the comfort of The Known and the Potential of The Unknown can provoke anxiety. Yet, it also fuels our Curiosity and propels us towards Exploration and Discovery.

The Cognitive Dilemma, and our bias towards the limitations of The Known over the Opportunities of The Unknown, arises from the understanding that our lives and our world can only get so much better; and at the same time they are fragile and can utterly destroyed. If we think about it individually, Venturing Out Into The Unknown might yield a marginal improvement to our lives, but it can also destroy us completely. Therefore many subconsciously prefer confining captivity and suffering, to the risk of Death in the wilderness in search of Something Better.

Freedom: A Double-Edged Sword

Freedom, a cornerstone of existence Beyond The Boundary in in New World, can also paradoxically invoke Fear. This newfound Liberty thrusts upon us the weight of Responsibility, requiring us to engage Proactively in shaping our Reality. The exhilaration of Agency and Self Determination is tempered by the daunting task of navigating our own vessel, charting our course, making decisions, and accepting the consequences of our choices.

Out here, face to face with Reality As It Actually Is, there is no "them" coming to feed us, protect us, or save us. It is up to us. And yet, we have the best Partner, Provider, Protector, and Savior we could ever hope for, in the One Who Is Creating and Sustaining All Existence. The burden of Responsibility becomes light, when we understand that the Spirit of the Creator lives within us, and when we understanding that we are not alone - the Creator is inviting us to become free and empowered Co-Creators of our Lives and our World.

The Social Cost of Breaking Free

Breaking free from The Caves and venturing into The Wilderness often invites social repercussions. As social creatures, we instinctively and rightfully fear Ostracization, and the prospect of challenging established language and norms and facing potential Exclusion can be daunting. In many arrogant, judgmental, and toxic Caves of the Old World, even the smallest break from Their Language can lead one to be Canceled. Yet, embracing and integrating this Fear is a crucial part of our journey towards the New World. It requires standing against the tide, questioning accepted narratives, and braving the risk of Rejection for the pursuit of a Greater Wisdom and Truth.

Reflections on Division and Unity

Our Old World is fragmented by numerous divisive religious denominations and political parties, creating segregated bubbles, or Caves, of "belief". These structures, often entangled with financial systems and swept up into unholy alliances, cultivate a fear-based system that maintains our confinement within The Caves, and separates us from One Another. They Exploit our Fear of The Unknown and of each other, keeping us divided and easier to exploit, oppress, and control.

In the face of thousands of conflicting narratives, each asserting its absolute truth and denigrating the "others", we are invited towards liberation and ultimately unity through Humility. Can they all be simultaneously True? Or are we caught in a web of partial truths and distortions, often backed by the language of "God and Country"? Can it possibly be true that we were the only ones born into The Right Cave? Can it possibly be True that Our Cave alone sees clearly, while everyone else is deceived? Is it actually dangerous for us to Explore Beyond The Boundary, and Navigate Towards Truth Through Love? Or have we been misled?

This often-shocking realization calls us to liberate our Selves and embark on a sincere Quest for Truth and Wisdom, Beyond the narrow confines of our inherited Linguistic Construct.

Facing the Wilderness: A Spectrum of Challenges and Fears

As we Venture into The Wilderness and the New World it leads to, we are faced with a daunting array of challenges and fears. Here are some we need to recognize and prepare for:

  1. Fear of the Unknown: The wilderness is uncharted territory, filled with unpredictable risks and rewards. It's natural to feel apprehensive about what lies ahead.

  2. Fear of Change: Transitioning from the Old to the New involves massive shifts in our lifestyle, relationships, beliefs, and identity. Such radical change can be unsettling.

  3. Fear of Isolation and Rejection: As we break away from the Old World's norms, we risk alienation from our former social groups. The fear of loneliness and rejection can be a significant barrier to freedom.

  4. Fear of Responsibility: Freedom in the New World comes with increased responsibility and accountability. The prospect of bearing the consequences of our actions with no one to blame can be daunting.

  5. Fear of Failure: The journey to the New World is fraught with challenges, and the fear of failing to overcome them can be paralyzing.

  6. Fear of New Language: As we encounter other individuals who are also awakening and Venturing Beyond, we will be forced to hear and co-create New Language for the Deepest and Most Important Things, shaking the Linguistic Construct we were raised and confined within.

  7. Fear of Scarcity: The journey to the New World requires exiting from the exploitative structures that clothed, fed, and sheltered us in the past. In the story of The Exodus, the Israelites longed to return to captivity in exchange for food.

  8. Fear of Losing Our Identity: The Quest towards Ultimate Unity through Love often causes people to fear that they will lose their individuated Identity into the overwhelming magnitude of the Whole.

Facing our Fears with Courage and Wisdom

The Wilderness is not devoid of fear, but a Crucible of learning and refinement, where we Become Who We Are Becoming as a consequence of learning to Faithfully navigate it. Courage isn't about ignoring or suppressing Fear, but recognizing it, confronting it, and Progressing Forward Towards The Goal in spite of it. As we learn to face our fears with Courage and Wisdom, we begin to transform them into catalysts for learning, liberation, and growth.

Overcoming Fear through Love and Fear of God

In a period of Time far from the previous Captivity, Solomon, another Wise man, stated that the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. This is because one of greatest Ways to confront and overcome the fear that imprisons us is to Know and Consciously Choose to Fear Something Greater, and by definition there is nothing Greater than (That Which In English We Call God).

When we Unite our Greatest Love and our Greatest Fear in the One Highest and Greatest Thing, we begin to see our lesser fears in a new light. They are reframed within a larger context where they no longer have the power to paralyze, control, and imprison us.

The Wilderness is indeed a frightening place, but we should be far more afraid of betraying the One calling us Forward towards Who We Are Becoming, and instead remaining imprisoned Where We Are.

As our understanding expands and we grow into a New Relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of our existence, we learn to embrace both Love and Fear as inseparable aspects of our Spiritual Journey. The fear of God does not negate the fear of the wilderness; instead, it helps us perceive our earthly fears from a higher perspective, dispelling their power over us through the magnitude of something far greater.

When our Love For and Fear Of the Creator become our guiding Light, our fear of venturing into the wilderness pales in comparison to the invitational Calling up into the Epic Adventure towards our Destiny. This does not make the journey easy, but it changes our relationship with the challenges we face. It transforms our fear into awe, our anxiety into anticipation, our despair into hope, and our paralysis into the exploratory Courage that is required to Venture Beyond.

Transcending Fear through Courage

Facing our fears is not about eliminating them, but learning to navigate through them with Courage and Wisdom. It's about recognizing that The Cost of remaining in The Caves, bound by Old Patterns slowly destroying our souls and our world, is far greater than the Challenges we face in The Wilderness that leads us towards our Destiny.

The journey from the Old World to the New World is not merely a trek through Time and Space, but a transformative process that shapes us into brave, courageous, and free beings. We become active co-creators of our reality, shaping not just our own destinies but also the destiny of our world.

The Wilderness is daunting, but we are not alone in this journey. As we stand at the threshold, peering into the vast expanse, let us take courage from the collective strength of those journeying with us, even as a few grow afraid and contemplate turning back. And even all turn back, let us remember that we have a personal direct relationship to the One Creating and Sustaining the Universe, and together, in partnership with God, anything is possible. There may be periods where we are separated from or betrayed by all those around us, where we have to forge on alone, drop down to a core group of two or three, or link up with another Cohort if ours tears itself apart through doubt and fear. It is ok. We are never alone. We can always walk, step by step, moment by moment, in partnership with the One creating and sustaining us.

Let us take a deep breath, set our sights on The Horizon, and step forward boldly into The Wilderness, Beyond which a New World awaits.

Practical Exercise

Part of Your Story is about the Challenges and Fears that you must confront and overcome in order to liberate your Self and Venture Out towards Your Destiny, towards Our Destiny. The Deeper into one of The Caves you were born, the more challenges and fears you will have to confront and overcome in order to become Free.

Reflect on the fears you feel as you consider The Wilderness that separates Where We Are from the Destiny that is Where We Are Going. Are they fears of the unknown, change, isolation, rejection, responsibility, scarcity or failure? Or perhaps a different fear entirely? Are they fears around the New Language you are hearing, and questions around alignment with your Values and Beliefs? Acknowledge these fears, not as barriers, but as signposts on your journey. See them as indicators that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and into a place of growth. Take some time today to journal about these fears, and how you might navigate through them with courage and wisdom.

If there are any fears that you have around issues of language, alignment, or beliefs, and how Jordan and Lionsberg align or don't align with your deepest Values based on the little that you have read so far, please suspend judgment, write down your specific questions, and feel free to submit them to Jordan for response.

Above all, understand that Wisdom and Truth are never threatened. Neither Jordan or Lionsberg are asking you to give up any belief, or take up any belief. This is about humbly navigating together towards Wisdom, Truth, and the Wellspirng from which Truth, Love, Justice, Wisdom, and every other Good thing flows.

Beyond that, it is about rolling up our sleeves, getting into action together, and doing what must be done to regenerate the world, heal society, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, house the homeless, reintegrate the lost, and help All Creation develop towards the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony.

There is no true belief, law or set of values that contradicts the basic actions we are called to take together, impelled by the Spirit of Truth and Love. Perhaps it will be that the New Era is marked by harmonious action to do together what must be done in service of flourishing and abundant Life and its Source, rather than the division that arises from arrogantly and ignorantly clinging to the narrow and provincial Linguistic Constructs of The Caves we were born into.

Administration and Governance

This journey requires not only personal transformation but also a collective one. As we grapple with our fears and challenges, we must also consider the structures and systems we need to properly organize and govern our Selves as we venture together towards New World. As we progress, let us continually reflect on the values and principles that should guide our governance structures and our administrative decisions, and the pragmatic ways in which we and subsequent cohorts and groups will collaborate and progress together.

Before long, we will be a federation of multiple groups and cohorts, and we will have to remember how to govern and administer our Selves.


As we close today, remember that courage isn't the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. Embrace your fears, for they are the crucible in which your courage is forged. The fears you face today will not be the fears you face tomorrow, for each day in the wilderness brings transformation. Fear not the change, but welcome it as evidence of your growth. Slowly, you are transforming and becoming the kind of person who is capable of courageously Venturing Out Into The Unknown, and confronting and overcoming whatever challenges, obstacles, threats, and fears dare to arise to object to your Progress towards The Goal.

Navigating Through Fear: A Generalized Approach

As we journey into the wilderness, it's essential to recognize that our approach to fear must be generalized. This means not only identifying and addressing Specific Fears, but also developing a Comprehensive Strategy For Managing Fear Itself. This could involve regular practices of reflection and introspection, journaling, seeking support from a trusted community, and leaning into spiritual practices that cultivate inner peace and resilience.

Most importantly, remember that if you ever find your Self being stalked by the Black Cloud of fear and anxiety, don't run or hide. Turn around, face it head on, cut it down into pieces, and then begin grappling with the pieces one by one. If it is helpful to your Quest, feel free to review the draft resource called A Way Beyond Fear, Anxiety, And Depression.

Our Quest towards the New World demands a new kind of bravery, one that isn't rooted in confrontation or resistance, but in faith, openness, humility, perseverance, and the courage to admit when We Do Not Know. It calls for a bravery that embraces uncertainty and transformation as a path towards discovery and Potential, that views each challenge as an opportunity for growth, and every Obstacle as the Way towards The Goal.

Creating a Bridge to the New World

Our journey may be fraught with challenges, but we're not without aid. Through our work together, we are forging a bridge, a structure that spans The Chasm between the Old World and the New. This is not a bridge that you cross passively; instead, it's one that you design and build as you progress. Each step you take, each fear you face, and each change you embrace adds another plank to your bridge, and simultaneously Prepares The Way for those will come after you.

As we navigate together through The Wilderness, let your fears, and the courage it takes to confront and overcome them, inform and transform you. Understand that fear is a natural response to the uncertainty and the monumental task ahead. Use it as a tool for growth rather than a hindrance. Allow it to stoke the flames of your courage and fan the winds of your perseverance and resolve.

And if you find your narrative structures, identities, or beliefs seemingly threatened by this exploration Beyond The Boundary, remember that Wisdom and Truth are never threatened. Every aspect of your Values and Beliefs, if True, will be validated and continually rediscovered along the Way.

A Call to Embrace the Wilderness

The New World waits on the other side of The Wilderness, not as a pre-formed paradise, but as a canvas of opportunity waiting for our co-creative touch. We are not mere wanderers lost in the wilderness; we are pioneers progressing towards The Goal, and learning how embody and co-create it as we go.

So, as you awaken over the coming days and stare out into the wilderness, remember this: The fear you feel is not a sign of weakness or threat, but a testament to the magnitude of our task, and the very real challenges, difficulties, and uncertainties that lie ahead. Let it not paralyze you, but galvanize you into the kind of transformative action that causes you and your world to Become What They Are Destined To Be. You were called into this transformative Quest because you are exactly the kind of person who can grapple with The Unknown. With each step into the wilderness, we step closer to the New World, and a step closer to becoming the kinds of brave, courageous, and free souls who naturally co-create, regenerate, and renew the Earth.

Tomorrow, we continue our journey. Until then, hold fast to your courage, hold tight to your Vision and Dreams, do not panic or turn back when fear arises, and remember that every step you take is a step towards our Destiny and Goal, and an inspiration to all those who are waiting to arise in the Subsequent Waves.

With Love, In Community,

~ J