1.11 Brain To Body Signaling

Recall that we previously learned that the default state of the Autonomic Nervous System tends to be highly activated, or "turned on" to a state we often experience as Anxiety or Fear.

The Autonomic Nervous System remains in this state until our Prefrontal Cortex sends signals through the Vagus Nerve to the body, "turning down" or adjusting the level of activation to what the brain perceives as appropriate based on the Internal Context and External Context.

We can think of our Embodiment and our Mind as being engaged in a continuous dialogue with each other, with the Insula acting as a mediator.

One of the primary methods for triggering brain-to-body signals that calm the Autonomic Nervous System is to maintain a state of Consciousness that makes envisioning and accessing multiple Potential Futures and Patterns Of Action possible.

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