4.3 The Proper Orientation And Stance

Now that we have at least some form of Worthy Aim, it is time to learn to move towards it.

To advance Forward towards our Worthy Goal, proper orientation, order, posture, and stance are important.

Our entire Being and Embodiment must be integrated and properly composed.

When our True Self emerges coherently and in Proper Order:

  • We are balanced
  • Our eyes are up
  • Our shoulders are back
  • Our spine is straight
  • We are Focused outward from the Self
  • We are Focused forward from the Self
  • Our True Self is attending to others
  • We are aware
  • We are paying attention
  • We are receptive in all directions
  • We are attending to what is emergent
  • We are perceiving the patterns and potentials
  • We are picking up on the cues
  • We are expanding outward
  • We are spiraling upward
  • We are Forward of Center advancing in the Wise Right Way towards our Worthy Aim
  • We are embodying Wise, Sophisticated Ways of Being and Patterns of Action
  • We are Loving, Serving, Encouraging, and Empowering One and All

Every time we advance or move, we should move in this Way.

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