3.11 The Girl And The Boundary

A young girl was sitting with her family in her home. She had been quiet and seemed troubled the last days.

Out of nowhere, she asked "Do you know what animism is?"

Her father replied, "Yes, what do you think animism is?"

The young girl said "I hear that some people believe that animals, plants, water, and even rocks have a spirit or soul within them."

"What do you think about that?" asked the father.

"I kind of started thinking that sounded true, but I stopped myself from thinking about it any more because I thought it wasn't something that a Christian would ever believe. But I am confused because it sure seems like animals and plants communicate and relate to one another and even have emotions."

Her father replied, "You are now ready to pass beyond the elementary confines of your childhood religion. Be very careful any time someone creates a boundary around an "ism" and calls it bad. As your father, I give you permission to cross the boundary. Do not stop thinking something you think might be True, just because it is different than what a religious or academic teacher told you. I have discovered that many things I was told were true on pain of rejection or hell were actually not True. Keep asking the questions, and go farther. What else have you been afraid to think of or question?"

A massive relief flooded over the girl.

_"I think that is what has been wrong the last few days. I was really beginning to struggle because my thoughts were beginning to collide with the boundaries of my beliefs."

The father's heart broke as he thought about his poor little girl, unnecessarily conflicted within and tormented by the dissonance between what was in her heart, and the fear of crossing a religious boundary.

"It is ok my love. I Love you so much. Let's sleep on it, and explore beyond the Boundary together tomorrow."

Therefore it has been said, "The most important step in the genuine spiritual journey of any individual is the liberation from their childhood religion."

As terrifying as this is to every parent and religious leaders, it is True. If the core of the religion is True, we will always find our Way back to it as we follow the Golden Thread of Truth and Wisdom.

Therefore it has been said, "Truth never fears inquiry."

What Boundaries are limiting your dreams?

What Boundaries are limiting your Forward Looking Stories?

What Boundaries are limiting your Backward Looking Stories?

Where has a simplified Proposition or Statement of Belief that you were asked to assent to limited what you Know on a far Deeper level to be more True, Beautiful, Loving and Good?

Where might this disillusion with a religion, ideology, political platform, or nationality you have looked to for leadership and guidance in the past be driving inner dissonance?

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