1.9 Green, Yellow, Red

As we advance towards our Worthy Goal, there are two basic sub-systems that communicate with us to keep us alive and help us Navigate successfully.

The first is our Autonomic Nervous System.

The second is our Emotional System.

Human beings are the most sensitive and advanced scientific measuring instruments in the world.

As we advance through the world, our bodies and minds take in and process an incredible amount of information, the vast majority of which is processed subconsciously.

Based on the total subconscious processing happening on all mental and physical levels of analysis, our brains and bodies are in communication with one another, continually exchanging energy and information.

Together, our Autonomic Nervous System and Emotional System cause us to experience a set of emotional and physiological states that act something like a traffic signal guiding and regulating our Progress.

  • Green Light - proceed and explore
  • Yellow Light - slow down, caution, pause
  • Red Light - stop / panic / retreat / flee / attack

If we are not consciously in motion towards Something Higher that we value, then these signals will be operating relative to whatever lower-order primordial drive (food, water, sex, belonging, interest, fear, etc.) happens to be gripping and controlling the mainframe of our embodiment at the time.

This Green, Yellow, Red System MUST be calibrated towards a valuable or worthy Goal for it to function properly.

Because it is a Default On system, if it cannot function properly in service of an Integrated and Worthy Aim, it will be virtually impossible for us to escape the clutches of anxiety and fear, and experience sustained positive emotion, peace, and joy.

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