3.18 Fragmentation and Incoherence

There is no viable alternative to putting in the hard work to consciously sort out, articulate, integrate, cohere, and align our Story.

It has been said _a house divided against itself cannot stand..

It has been said anything divided against itself will suffer and die.

As long as we remain stuck, aimless and goalless, we will will remain mired in negative emotion and devoid of positive emotion.

If we do not have an overarching and uniting Story and Goal that coheres within itself all other elements, it not not possible to manage anything more than being blindly pulled about by our lower order drives and fragmented aims as they cycle through control of us.

It is not possible to experience an abundance of happiness and positive emotion, that can only come from the perception that we are making positive steps forward towards That Which We Value and Love.

When we integrate our Personality in service and pursuit of a Worthy Goal, our entire Being comes into integrity and coherence, our Purpose becomes evident, and our Progress becomes clear.

Positive Emotion, peace and joy follow.

The alternative is suffering, failure, and eventual death.

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