2.3 My Motivations for Risking Everything to Unite Citizens of Goodwill Around the World

My motivations for risking everything to unite citizens of goodwill around the world are rooted in my understanding that every being on Earth is a stakeholder in The Future we co-create, and my belief that the Meta Crisis we face are is great for any individual, tribe, nation or group to tackle alone. As a builder, I have seen firsthand the destruction of corruption, divisiveness and self-interest, along with the power of collaboration, shared vision, and collective effort towards a common goal. I know in the depths of my being that this same spirit of unity and cooperation is necessary if we are to avoid failure and achieve success in addressing the Meta Crisis and co-creating a world that works for all beings without exception.

My motivations are also rooted in a deep sense of responsibility and purpose. I believe that each of us has a unique and important role to play in co-creating The Future we seek, and that it is our collective responsibility to work towards positive change and transformation. I also believe that we are each individually called to a higher purpose and a deeper sense of meaning in our lives, one that transcends individual interests and ideologies and connects us to something greater than ourselves, ultimately to Nature and Nature's God.

Moreover, my motivations are driven by a sense of urgency and concern for the future of humanity and life on this precious planet. The Meta Crisis demands immediate and decisive action, and the consequences of inaction and complacency are severe and far-reaching. I am committed to doing everything in my power and taking on as much responsibility and risk as I can bear to contribute to the solution, to resist the forces of division and polarization, and to work towards a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all beings.

Finally, my motivations are grounded in a deep faith in the potential of humanity to overcome even the most complex and challenging problems. I believe that we are capable of profound transformation and growth, and that by working together in a spirit of unity, wisdom, and compassion, we can transform the course of history and co-create a world that is more beautiful, just, and abundant than we can currently imagine. It is my hope that through our collective efforts in partnership with God and One Another, we can realize this Highest Potential and Greatest Good, and fulfill our highest shared purpose and Vision as co-workers on Worksite Earth.

Lastly, as the husband of a beautiful wife I have loved since we were 14, and the father of a daughter who is now that same age, I cannot and will not bear to see them imprisoned in a future of suffering, corruption, and injustice, without doing absolutely everything in my power to move heaven and earth and to co-create the best possible future for them and for All God's children around the world. I understand that there is no possible way to build high enough walls of protection in a collapsing society, and that the only way to secure my daughters Future is for us all to work together to secure the Future of All God's beloved children, and All Creation. All of our children and grandchildren will inherit a single interconnected society and planet, and it is our collective duty to arise and unite to ensure that it is a good, loving, just, truthful and flourishing one.