3.1 The scope of the Meta Crisis

The scope of the Meta Crisis is vast and multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of interconnected issues that affect individuals, communities, and the world as a Whole. It is a crisis that transcends local and national borders and impacts all aspects of human life, from the environment and natural resources, to social and political systems, to economic, spiritual and cultural systems.

The Meta Crisis includes issues such as environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, overconsumption, socioeconomic injustice, inequality, poverty, conflict, war, corruption, the erosion of freedom and democracy, and the loss of overarching and uniting vision, values, and ideals. It is a crisis that is both local and global in scale, and impacts every country, every community, and every person on Earth.

At its core, the Meta Crisis is a crisis of Vision, Identity, Culture and Values. It is a crisis of Who We Are and the Way we do things around here as a human species on planet Earth. It is a crisis that has arisen from a lack of alignment between the values, beliefs, and actions of individuals and communities, and the wisdom, principles, and values that are necessary for the well-being and flourishing of humanity and the planet. It is a crisis that stems from a failure to recognize the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life, and a failure to interexist in a Way that reflects this understanding of the requisites of right relationship between conscious agents, the living system, and their Source.

The Meta Crisis is a crisis that requires a fundamental shift in how we think, act, and relate to one another. It requires a shift in our values and priorities, and a commitment to co-creating a better future for all. It requires a vision and plan that is comprehensive, cohesive, and inclusive, and that addresses the root causes of the crisis and the needs of all stakeholders. It requires a united effort that brings together the best of humanity's knowledge, skills, and resources, and that harnesses the power of collaboration, partnership, and innovation.It requires a universal response rooted in empowered individual and local action that is comprehensive, collaborative, and coordinated.

The Meta Crisis is not just an environmental or social issue, it is a human issue, and it requires a holistic and systematic approach to solving it. The key to achieving success and avoiding failure is the recognition that this is a crisis of both the entire human system and the entire living system on earth, and all elements must be evaluated and dealt with comprehensively as parts of one whole. Because we are currently all aboard a single suffering planet floating through the infinite universe, we must act as if we were consciously diagnosing and carefully intervening to save the life of a single living being: Earth.

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