8.57 The Stunning Boom

What happened next was stunning. Over the next two centuries, human knowledge, technology, creation, and destruction boomed. We became masters of the land, the sea, and the skies. We tamed the earth (we thought). We discovered its principles (we thought). We unlocked the secrets of what was possible (we thought).

We learned how to drive, how to fly, how to create previously unfathomable amounts of energy and food. We ventured beyond Vessel Earth, and learned to breathe and fly and drive and operate remotely controlled vehicles in space. We learned how to explore the previously inscrutable depths of the seas.

We discovered, documented, and categorized. We gained the ability to elevate and transform every aspect of human existence and society on planet earth. We replaced horse drawn carts with race cars and tanks, steam power with nuclear power, wooden ships with aircraft carriers, months long voyages with hours long voyages, rifles with armed satellites, candlelight with lightbulbs and lasers, carrier pigeons with landlines, landlines with cell phones, cell phones with hand held global videoconferencing. We replaced slide rules with quantum computing, lifetimes of suffering with robotic micro-surgeries, rampant disease with sanitation and antibiotics.

We learned what made people come alive and stay alive (we thought). We doubled our life spans, and we created unfathomable systems of human health, wellness, education, and development.

We created a global internet, and created the ability to reach every human being on earth with all the knowledge, resources, and potential in the world delivered to them through the air to an inexpensive device they could hold in their hand. We developed and agreed to global declarations of human and environmental rights, and slowly began the hard work of transforming systems and consciousness to recognize and prioritize them.

Throughout the world people rejoiced in gratitude over the unprecedented safety, development, and infrastructure that fostered more flourishing and abundant life.

For some.

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