11.78 The Net of Society

The net of your society can only hold as much abundance as the weakest node in the net can bear. Start by strengthening, mending, nurturing, and restoring the weakest nodes.

This is exactly the opposite logic of how we have constructed our present society. No amount of strengthening and enlarging the strongest nodes will prevent the weakest nodes from failing under the pressure of life.

The net of society must be strengthened from the bottom up, starting with the weakest, most vulnerable, and most at risk of tearing.

If one node of the net can carry 10 lbs, and another can only carry 1 lb, and the strong node is strengthened from 10 to 20 lbs, how much does the capacity of the net go up?

Zero. The weakest node can still only carry 1 lb.

This is the concept of the Critical Chain. Always direct the resources to the strengthen and improve the weakest link in the System.

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