1.11 The Great Movement

Our Plan was based on our understanding that if we could get just a few moving and whispering as they made their way out of the caves, the Whispers of Truth would find their way into the next few ears that were ready to hear.

One and 1 could awaken 2.
2 could awaken 3.
3 could awaken 5.
5 could awaken 8.
8 could awaken 13.
13 could awaken 21.
21 could awaken 34.
34 could awaken 55.
55 could awaken 89.
89 could awaken 144.

144 could awaken 144,000.

144,000 could awaken 3%.

3% could awaken All.

Unbeknownst to the Authorities, we had left a series of Milestones that marked the Way towards the Boundary.

As they awakened, we cut their chains, oriented them, set their feet on the path, instructed them how to follow the Milestones towards Freedom.

To our astonishment and joy, it began working! As the awakened simply whispered and made their way towards the Boundary, those who were ready to hear heard.

When they heard, they would awaken and cease chattering.

As those making their way out of the Darkness heard the rustling of chains, they would stop and liberate the newly awakened, orient them, and welcome them into the procession.

It was like water when it pierces a dam. Just a few drops at first, sneaking their way through the smallest cracks. But once the first 1 made it out of the Caves, it was easier for the 2nd... and the 3rd... and the 5th... and the 8th... and the 13th... and the 55th... and the 144th...

It was a motley procession. Pale grey bodies, atrophied and weak, began to stream along past the milestones that marked the Way towards the Goal. They were immeasurably beautiful. They were rising. They would often have to stop and rest. When one stumbled, the others would steady her. When one fell, the others would lift him up.

The movement had begun, and it was now only a matter of time.

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