10.2 Sovereignty Leads To Action, Action Leads To Community

As we rediscover our Sovereignty and Agency, and take up our Authority, we begin to move.

The rediscovery of Sovereignty always leads to action.

The Theory always leads to Practice.

When we discover that we are suffering, that our loved ones are suffering, and that it doesn’t have to be this way… that we were created for more… and that the only thing standing between us and our rightful destiny is the Obstacle...


As soon as we move to act in any meaningful way, we discover the limitations of Being and Doing alone.

We can’t do it alone. We weren’t created to be alone. In isolation, we all lack the total transformational power that is needed to right the ship and sail towards our Destiny.

As soon as we begin to conceptualize and move towards our Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, we discover an inherent set of needs and problems, which can only be met in community.

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