From Genesis To Perception

"Having been liberated from captivity and regenerated into our New embodiment beyond the Boundary, the first thing we must learn to do is Perceive.

Please remember to take good notes, and remember that there are billions more Beings coming after you, who will All, without exception, need to undergo these experiences and learn these lessons. We will have to work together to make it as easy for them as possible.

As a metaphor for our emergence from the endarkened Caves, let us imagine the birth of New Life.

Imagine placing your consciousness within a New Life emerging from the womb.

From your confined and dark place of conception, you are thrust out into the blinding Light of Reality beyond.

It is sheer shock, overwhelm, and awe. Absolute terror.

We are thrust out of the Realm we thought we inhabited, and Thrown into New Territory. We gasp for air and shield our eyes. Our senses are not yet adjusted to life outside the Boundary.

In the midst of the sheer overwhelming onslaught of sensory overload, how do we know what to attend to? As we gasp for breath, and scream for help, how do we orient ourselves?

Out of the entire array of things that we could pay attention to, how do we know what to pay attention to?

Out of the total set of all things that could aid us or harm us, how do we what which is which, what matters, and why?

How do we survive and make it through this moment?

If we can survive and make it through this moment, how do we eventually thrive out here?

When we cross the Boundary and enter the New Territory, our New Reality demands that we Learn, or Remember, how to Rightly Embody consciousness in a New Realm.

This learning or remembrance is prior to perception, and will therefore dictate what we see, what we think about, what we speak about, and what we attend to and interact with.

The Way of Being and Perceiving that works to stay alive in the Endarkenment of the Caves will get you rapidly killed outside the Boundary.

We have left the Old behind, and we are now venturing out into something entirely New. Right Perception will be one of the greatest keys to staying alive, and avoiding death."

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