2.1 Perception Outside The Boundary

The next morning we awoke, and invited the our new friends to make their Way out into the Light on the New Dawn.

It was much easier for them to experience the first rays of Light before the sun emerged from behind its veil.

Their skin was pale, their muscles atrophied, and they strained under the weight of Reality.

"Congratulations again.

We have crossed the Threshold and taken our first steps out into Reality beyond the Boundary.

How do you feel? Isn't it beautiful out here?

The Light can feel blinding at first, but don’t worry, it is absolutely magnificent and illuminating once you get used to it."

The looks of pain, consternation, and sheer overwhelm reminded us that we had a problem on our hands.

"Ah... wait.

We forgot, you don't yet Know How or What to Perceive out here.

Life outside the Boundary demands that we learn, or remember, how to Embody an entirely New yet Eternal Way of Being and Perceiving.

The Way of Being and Perceiving that works to stay alive within the Endarkenment of the Caves will get you killed you killed outside the Boundary.

Ok... everyone back into the Fortress, and let's meet in the Assembly Hall to align our lenses."

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