1.33 First Light Beyond The Boundary

The last few of that initial cohort crossed the Boundary just as the first light of the New Dawn began to stream over the mountaintops.

The triumphant moment of seeing those first few Beings crossing through the Boundary after millennia of waiting, watching, and planning was accompanied by songs and trumpet blasts from the Angels. The moment that All Creation had been groaning for was beginning to unfurl itself.

The first drops of water through the siphon that would eventually bring flourishing and abundant life to earth for All.

However the the dancing and rejoicing in Heaven was a stark contrast to the weak and feeble start down on earth.

We rejoiced over them in Heaven and on Earth, as parents rejoice of the birth of precious New Life.

However the emergent New Life rarely shares in the experiencing of rejoicing.

Awakened from a lifetime of unconscious slumber, they found themselves thrown into an extraordinarily harsh Reality.

Our absolute Joy was constrasted with their exhaustion, awe, and terror as the Light of Day entered their eyes for the first time.

The poor newly liberated Beings squinted in the sun and strained to see. It was the first time they had experienced direct open sunlight since passing through the beam of light on their Way out of the Caves. Their muscles were sore and weak. Their eyes were sore and weak. Their skin was a sickly whitish gray. Their Minds were exhausted.

There was only a few of them who made it through, but through the chain of communication along the line of beings stretching back to the Caves, we understood that the tipping point strategy was working, the whispers were increasing hour by hour, and an exponentially larger number of Beings were awakening, being liberated from the bondage, and joining the exodus out of the Caves.

There were 13 of us today, and after the next wave there would be 21. It would only take 50 to 100 waves until all 8 billion had been awakened.

Depending on how fast the whispers awakened them, and how fierce the war was, the entire transition could be accomplished in 3.5 to 7 years.

We were right on track.

The siphon had begun, and eventually every last drop of Consciousness, and therefore Life, would be pulled out of the Old and into the New.

We had crossed the Threshold together.

We had taken our first steps outside the Boundary together.

It was terribly painful, but it was Good.

Anticipating both the shock of the transition, and possible attacks from the Old Authorities, we had constructed an underground fortress that would serve as a safe staging area from which the newly liberated Beings could grapple with a little more of Reality each day.

Just the first few rays of light were overwhelming enough for the first day, so we hurried them into the fortress before the sun crested over the mountains, and they cried, and we cried, and they slept.

It was hard. It was beautiful. There was evening. There was morning. And it was Good.

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