13.7 The Serpent in the Garden, Part II

Yet even then, back in the walled garden of paradise that has been reforged out of the ashes of the Chaos of Old, you must keep your eyes wide open and pay Attention, because no matter how much effort we exert to bind the spirit that brings chaos out of order, it is still lurking in the pit.

Though we bind it for a thousand years, that which we built the walls to keep out will find its way back in, so we must remain watchful, vigilant, and prepared.

And the reason that it will find its way back in is that its potential lies both within us and without. It is spirit, so it manifests both "out there" and "in here", within those who are within the walls. Probing for weaknesses. The battle between good and anti-good plays itself out on cosmic scale. And it is fully represented in the microcosm of one human consciousness and being.

It only must parasitically take over and possess a single being, and suddenly, it is "as if" the serpent were back in the garden.

Your mind and your spirit are where the battle plays out. You are the thread that determines the strength and integrity of the fabric of life and society. If you are weak, corrupt, or compromise yourself, it is through you that fabric of society will tear, and the dragon of chaos will escape from its chains and reappear.

Once we have confronted and overcome the dragon, don’t let the dragon out of the pit. Putting it back in once it emerges is not a trivial matter, and may take generations and cost many their lives.

This gives your life more purpose, meaning, and responsibility than you can possibly imagine. The integrity of the New World depends on your integrity. The wholeness and coherence of the New World depends on your wholeness and coherence. The flourishing wellbeing and development of the Meta System depends on your flourishing wellbeing and development.

So… it’s time to awaken, arise, and become a hero. The world needs you. And you have a unique and important role to play in the Meta Story.

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