10.13 The Infrastructure Of Arising And Becoming

If we understand that all individual and local elements must of their own Free Will arise and transform themselves towards their unique Potential

...and if we understand that in order to do so, they must each individually and locally confront and overcome the needs, problems, and challenges they are facing…

...and if we understand that in isolation, we all lack the resources, systems, access, and transformational power required to confront and overcome the obstacles facing us, and realize the fullness of our Potential

...and if we understand that the Obstacles facing us are largely common to us All

...then naturally it becomes the Wise Right Thing to do as a Society to co-create the basic Infrastructure that helps and empowers all things to arise, discover, and become the fullness of their Potential...

...in a Way that helps All do the same...

...such that All things are helping All things rise towards the fullness of their unique Potential and Flourish in a Goal Diverse Harmony.

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