11.22 Playing Games

Some Metaphysical DNA can be acquired and propagated because we believe it… deeply… religiously...

We can also choose to acquire and propagate Metaphysical DNA because it pragmatically works…

Such as a skill, an ability to play music, or an ability to build spaceships.

Knowledge. Know how. Capacity to act rightly and effectively. Practice.

We can also choose to acquire and propagate Metaphysical DNA that allows us to play a game. For instance human beings possess Metaphysical DNA called “soccer”.

This coded set of skills and rules does not exist in nature. It only exits in people’s minds. Because enough people believe in this game and choose to pass it on through coaching, leagues, governing bodies, etc., the phenomena called “soccer” manifests throughout the world at varying forms of excellence, from children’s leagues up to contracts in excess of $100 Million for the most skilled players of the game.

The olympics are another example, where an entire set of games are codified and nested together by summer and winter categories, and every four years athletes from bickering and warring nations come together in a spirit of community to play them in relative peace and harmony.

The amazing thing is that everyone has agreed to the rules, and there is a broad sense of disgust if a nation is caught cheating. Everyone agrees that if you cheat, you must face consequences.

The game loses its integrity if we don’t follow the Rules.

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