9.34 Rules Must Only Be Broken With Great Caution

Just like the Higher Order rules and systems we are Co-Creating will be there to protect and preserve the order and structure of society for generations to come, so too are the rules and structure of society, no matter how corrupt, part of the fabric of society holding disaster and Chaos at bay.

One Potential descent into Chaos occurs from failing to overthrow and revivify a failing and corrupt System.

Another Potential descent into Chaos occurs from shattering the Old without something New to take its place.

Rules must only be broken by the Hero with the greatest of caution, in a way that does not destroy, but elevates and transforms the underlying societal structure.

The generalized #principle is (something like):

A Rule or Law must only be broken when it would violate a Higher Order Rule or Law not to do so.

When we make the Quantum Leap / Phase Change from one framework to another, we must ensure that we do not destroy the entire old frame, but retain the very best of its benefits and incorporating them into the New.

#warning Be careful if you kill the Spirit and structure of society in this transition, or you and your progeny may find yourself alone in the midst of the wolves for generations.

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