9.36 False Leaders And Authorities

We must beware! How many illegitimate leaders, forces, and authorities will seek to co-opt The Great Movement and the great Power of a Free and Uniting global community for their own purposes and power.

In the midst of the Chaos and Fear being intentionally sown by the wolves as they chase the sheep around the pen, the sheep are highly susceptible to manipulation and control.

Over the coming years, we will be offered various top down, authoritarian or centrally planned and controlled solutions.

These will be proposed by strongmen, politicians, religious leaders, and experts who will never understand and do not care about the reality and complexity and nuances of your particular situation or community.

All such top down attempts and promises of peace, abundance, and order will fail. Look to history. Look around our current world. See the oppression, destruction, and forced assimilation by authoritarian governments attempting to impose agendas from the top down.

Resist these false leaders, authorities, and solutions at all costs. Their price is a return to slavery and oppression.

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