11.8 Revivifying the Divine Masculine

Yes, the Divine Feminine is arising and preparing to roar.

She is reawakening, and she will also rescue the Divine Masculine from the deep.

Deep is crying out to Deep!

With utter despair she cries out.

"How long will you slumber why your family suffers? How long will you stand idly by while I and your children are raped, pillaged, and oppressed? How long will you sit there as our precious ecosystems are destroyed?"

She dives into the depths, she moves the mountains, she harnesses the power of the stars.

She shakes the cage and its steel bars crumble. She raises the war cry. She demands that it is time to move.

The masculine has grown so deaf it can no longer hear. So blind it can no longer see. So impotent it can no longer move. So surrounded by lies it can no longer know.

Its ears and eyes are covered with scales. Its mind is rotting from the lies whispered in its ears. Its spirit is decaying from the corruption within and without.

Yet her tears descend into the depths and touch his lips. The sacred healing waters that revivify and awaken.

From the depths, from the very edge of death, a subtle movement. The Divine Masculine opens its eyes, looks around, and finally sees. Its domain has become a den of corruption. Its courts are filled with deceit.

As her tears fall into the void, one by one they finally reach him.

With each tear he regains his strength and vitality. They shatter the spell, and the scales fall from his eyes and his ears.

He begins to remember. He begins to see. He begins to know. He begins to understand what has happened.

He begins to rediscover who he is.

He takes up hits sword, and its Light beams up to the heavens. Darkness scrambles, begs, and pleads before him.


Men – arise and stomp your foot, and you will shake the world.

Men – arise and lift up your arms, and you will summon the New Dawn.

Men – arise and lift up your voices, and you will speak into being the New Life and the New Era that is longing to emerge.

Men – arise and liberate up your families, and you will become the families of the New World.

Men – arise and lift up your Selves, so that that Divine Masculine can roar and assert his proper place and authority in the order of being.

Men – arise and shed your chains, that the world may celebrate and be filled with your strength and courage.

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