7.21 Atoms

A step beyond the (relatively) small and heavy atomic nucleus is a (relatively) large and light cloud of associative orbiting electrons, which are attracted to the protons in the nucleus by Electromagnetic Force. While the radius of the electron cloud can be 10,000 times greater than the radius of the nucleus, over 99.9% of an atoms mass is in its nucleus.

This subsystem is not unlike cosmic space and solar systems, in which a (relatively) large and light cloud of tiny associative orbiting planets revolve around a (relatively) small and heavy star, which makes up 99.9% over the mass of the solar system.

The fractal symmetry and consistency throughout the universe is awe-inspiring, and speaks to the consistent Logos ordering it.

The explanation of gravity has continued to elude scientists.

Our hypothesis is that the interactions between larger objects, thought of as gravity, is all mediated by the same aggregate of the Force(s) of the Creative Field. This may be as simple as Electromagnetic Force, and is (perhaps more likely) a Deeper function of how Energy relates to itself.

The Creative Field is composed of Energy.

Energy, excited into subatomic Form, is what builds up atoms, is what builds up what we think of as the ordinary matter we interact with every day.

It bears repeating, over and over again: designing and building the New World will require that we learn to work with the Energy of the Creative Field directly, so that we are liberated from the very limited potentials we perceive through our Spacetime User Interface.

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