Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook

(v.0.1 March 2024)

Part I: Welcome to Lionsberg

Welcome to Lionsberg.

We are glad you are here.

I. How to Use This Book

As you embark on this epic Quest towards Destiny, each week you will reach new junctures that will require you to make important and transformational choices.

Our individual and collective ability to Avoid Failure and Succeed on The Quest towards The Goal will rest largely on the quality of the conscious decisions we make.

Because The Means Are The Ends, the New World we All inherit will be the product of what we Embody and Enact along the Way. So however you would like your life and your world to be, today is the day to begin partnering with those around you to embody it. We are all here for that shared mission.

This book is meant to serve as a helpful Guide for your journey. It anticipates some of the Obstacles, Challenges and Goals that lie ahead.

As you read it and Progress on The Quest, please help improve it for All those will follow in your footsteps. Everything about Lionsberg is a Work In Progress, and is built to transform and get A Little Better Every Day.

If you find something missing, co-create it.

If you can improve something, transform it.

If you see something that doesn't belong, remove it.

We are All Co-Creators.

II. Your First Day

Unless you were one of a very few lucky souls, it is likely that like us, you were born into and are emerging out of The Caves of the Old World.

Congratulations on awakening and beginning your Quest towards Liberty, and welcome to life Beyond The Boundary.

Out here in the Unknown, life is quite different. It is extraordinary. It is beautiful. It is good. It is meaningful. It is dangerous. It is adventurous.

Most of all, it is Real. But it is also New and different, and will take some getting used to.

The biggest difference is that Out Here, you are Sovereign, Autonomous and Free. Unlike life in Caves, Out Here there are no Employee Consumer Slaves.

Out Here, you are the captain of the Vessel of your Existence, and your Experience will be exactly and precisely what you cause it to be in partnership with your fellow travelers. There is no "them" "out there" who can walk the Path for us, or Confront and Overcome the Challenges and Obstacles that lie in our Way. It is All up to Us.

If something is broken, fix it. If something is lacking, fill it up. If something doesn't belong, remove it. If someone is hurting or stuck, help them. If you are hurting or stuck, ask for help.

It is up to Us. All of it. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

The moment you find your Self stuck, or wondering what the Next Steps are, remember not to look to Authority. That was the pattern of life in The Caves, but it is deadly Out Here Beyond The Boundary. There are no Employees Out Here.

Look within. Talk to your Group or Team. If you don't yet have a group or a team, your first task is to forge or join one.

Every Group of Team should be engaged in the most meaningful Quest they can design and undertake for that quarter. If you are talking with your Group or Team and things aren't clear, go back to the drawing board, clarify your Quarterly Quests or choose a new one, and get moving.

As you get into motion and being communicating to The Movement about what you are doing and Why, The Movement will be able to help you and your Team better Navigate and Steer.

III: A Few Orienting Facts

Lionsberg is self-funded: To ensure freedom, sovereignty, and autonomy, Lionsberg is entirely self-funded. This is crucial to preserving our freedom, and with that freedom comes the responsibility of One and All to continue resourcing the mission.

Lionsberg is self-governing: The freedom of life Beyond The Boundary comes with the responsibility and authority for self-governance at every fractal level, from the individual, to the group, to the local, to the tribe, and all the Way up to the broadest Whole.

Lionsberg is self-sustaining: Every self-governing fractal level is also self-sustaining. Unlike the Old World of employee-consumer-slavery, Out Here we are all responsible for our own flourishing, and for the flourishing of All those around us.

Lionsberg is self-replicating: On the epic Quest towards Destiny, none of us can reach The Goal unless and until all of us reach The Goal. This means that the core function of every group is to flourish, self-replicate, and help new groups emerge, progress, and self-replicate. We monitor self-replication and growth via the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth and the Lionsberg Cycle Time.

Lionsberg is a True Myth: Lionsberg is an incarnation of the archetypical story about We The People, who in a moment of Meta Crisis, arose and united to confront and overcome the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, journey towards The Promised Land, and forge the Best Possible Future for All. It is a myth, but it is True, because we are causing it to be so.

IV: Life as a Sovereign, Autonomous Agent

While the Power Structures of the Old World were exceptionally effective at keeping everyone divided, conquered, and optimally disempowered, the universe of Lionsberg is different.

Every Member of Lionsberg eternally becomes ever more Sovereign, Autonomous and Free. We sometimes call this Conscious Agency.

The Pattern Language of the New World calls for individual and local self-governance, agency, and flourishing, in the context of Higher Order Functional Unity. So on our Quest towards that Destiny, we Practice acting that out.

This means that you have no "manager". No "boss". No external Authority but One and All. No accountability except to God and those who you voluntarily choose to collaborate with towards shared Goals and Values.

Your life, your groups, your community, your bioregion, your world, and Lionsberg as a Whole are All yours to navigate towards The Goal.

So figure out what One and All want, that is uniquely yours to do, that no one else is doing, choose a Quest, forge or join a Team, and get moving.

And as you Move and Progress towards The Goal, remember that because Out Here we are All responsible and empowered to steer the Vessel towards Destiny, the most important thing you can ever do is help those around you become every more capable of skillfully navigating the Vessel towards The Goal. Navigation towards The Goal is the essence of Governance, and the essence of the Lionsberg System.

Part II: Welcome to Life Beyond The Boundary

The Three Supreme Agreements

Life, Community, and Collaboration Beyond The Boundary revolve around voluntary Agreements and Commitments.

There are Three Supreme Agreements that ensure that the Great Game of Lionsberg can be played indefinitely into the future, across all conceivable domains, in a Way that continuously improves, enhances, and enriches life for All.

  1. Love One
  2. Love One Another
  3. Love All

The Three Supreme Agreements establish the Love of One and All as the foundational principle and defining essence of all interaction in the Domain of Lionsberg.

From these, the entire Lionsberg System of Values is derived.

What all of these Values share in common is something like a Spirit or Essence, that makes it intuitively clear what Patterns Of Action and Ways of Being lead to Success and Flourishing, and which lead to Failure and Death. Let's Help One Another flourish and succeed, and avoid failure and death.

The Three Supreme Agreements are the backbone of the basic Covenant, or Field of Agreements, that protects all participants in the Domain of Lionsberg.

Your First Quarter

Now that you are settling into life Beyond The Boundary as a Sovereign and Autonomous Conscious Agent co-operating in a Spirit of Love with your fellow travelers on our shared Quest towards The Goal of Greatest Worth... is time to begin being and doing in Community.

The Lionsberg Experience is designed to help guide you through this over the course of your first quarter.

In general, your first quarter will consist of getting your feet on the ground, discovering how to be and become, articulating Your Story, deciding what to do, forging or joining a team, and lining up your first Quarterly Quest.

Discovering How to Be and Become

After life in The Caves, it is important to remember that the most important thing we are here on Earth to do is to become the fullness of Who we were each uniquely created to be.

We cannot Progressively Realize the New World without Becoming the kinds of people for whom that is a Reality.

So the first thing to do, is to relax and to be. Together. In Community. Helping One Another Heal, Transform, and Become.

Deciding What to Do

In order for the Great Game of Lionsberg to function properly, everyone needs to continually choose their own Projects / Quests to advance. No one can tell you what to do.

Unlike the companies of the Old World, where "employees" were typically hired to fulfill specific roles, life as a Sovereign Conscious Agent requires that you are continually observing the world around you, reorienting, dialoging, negotiating, and engaging in the most Valuable work that you and those around you are capable of doing in service of One and All.

The Right Questions contains some helpful guiding questions as you decide What To Do, such as:

  • What projects are on or near the Critical Path?
  • What should we be doing, that is not currently being done, that I am able to do and passionate about doing?
  • What project could be accomplished in the next 90 days that would produce the highest quality and quantity of service to One and All?
  • What valuable project is most likely to keep me and my team(s) in our Zone Of Optimum Development?
  • What valuable project would leverage my unique strengths the most?
  • What valuable project would be the most meaningful and rewarding to engage in?

Everything Is A Project

As you discover What To Do, remember that everything in the Great Game of Lionsberg, including our being and becoming, is a project.

The Total Nested Hierarchy of Projects that we (and All Creation) are engaged in is united by the conceptual Meta Project.

Treating everything as a project is a core Discipline and Practice that enables us, over the course of quarters, years, and generations, to progressively develop our capacity to accomplish ever greater things in community.

It also ensures that as we and future generations choose new Quarterly Quests and engage with new teams in new places and times, everyone can get up to speed quickly.

This is a cornerstone of the Lionsberg System and Approach.

Forging or Joining Teams

Everything Is A Project, and all Quests Are Undertaken By Teams.

Ideally, teams should be at least 3, and no more than 16 people. As teams approach 10 to 12 people, they should begin cross-training, recruiting, and preparing to split into two co-operative teams.

Teamwork is crucial to ensure that no one is operating in isolation, and that the success or failure of any given Project does not rest on one person.

This is also crucial to the self-sustenance, self-replication, and growth of The Movement towards The Goal.

The twin conventions that Everything Is A Project, and that Quests Are Undertaken By Teams creates a continuous decentralized governance and resource allocation process whereby people have an idea, recruit other people to work on it with them, and Dialogue, Discern, and Decide in community how to allocate the time, energy, attention, and resources available to them towards the most Valuable Potentials.

Finding Out What Is Happening

To find out What Is Happening, you can reference the lists of Active Teams and Active Projects, but a far Better way is to talk with other humans. Projects

Talking with other humans is Better than solely looking at lists, because it opens up Dialogue, builds relationships, and helps people get to know you.

By asking around, and sharing with others Who You Are, Your Story, Your Purpose, Your Calling, Your Concerns, Your Capabilities, etc., the Community will be able to help match you up to other people, opportunities, needs, and ideas in ways that a list never could.

Progress and Throughput of The Goal

As a Conscious Agent with Responsibility and Authority to choose your own Quests, you will notice that you and your teams will be continually presented with an array of Opportunities, Threats, and Temptations.

One of the most important concepts of the Lionsberg System is the notion of Critical Path Progress towards the Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal.

Always remember Where We Are Going and Why, and focus Time, Energy, and Attention (TEA) on the Critical Path.

Whatever you do, before you undertake a Project, ensure that it is not tying up Resources that could be allocated to Teams advancing the Critical Path. It might be that you have a brilliant idea that should definitely be done, in a quarter or three.

How Lionsberg Decides What Is Most Important and Valuable to Do Next

Lionsberg does not make governance and resource allocation decisions centrally, but rather relies on the distributed intelligence of the Community.

What Lionsberg as a Whole is working on at any given time is the sum total of all the Projects being done by the distributed array of Teams to advance along the Critical Path.

This process co-operates similar to the way that bees and ants scout out the most Valuable opportunities and threats, dance and dialogue, and then allocate collective energy towards the Highest and Best available options.

Once decisions are made, they are constantly tested against Reality to ensure that they continue to be correct, and to see whether they can be improved. The Whole is constantly shifting and morphing as a consequence of the daily, weekly, and quarterly micro-decisions being made by Autonomous Individuals and Teams.

Lionsberg collectively is responsible for maintaining the uniting Vision, Principles, and Values, and Co-Creating the Conditions within which the emergent process of venturing together into the Unknown and towards The Goal can succeed.

It also continuously improves the shared Strategy and Plan so that all individuals and Teams have a clear picture of the Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal.

The role of Lionsberg collectively is simply to serve and empower All those who have their feet on the Path towards The Goal as we learn together how to Embody and Enact the Pattern Language of the New World we are co-creating.

Cultural Norms and Expectations

Everyone on the Path is committed to co-operate in a Spirit of Love and do their best to help and not harm one another.

In general the expectation is that we all do our best to learn The Rules of The Game, and become the best players / practitioners / teammates / citizens / community members we are capable of becoming.

Part III: The Lionsberg Experience

Now that we have solved the basics of getting up and running, in Teams, engaged in Quests, on the Path, towards The Goal, it is time to discover how we Help One Another discover and achieve the fullness of our Potential.

The Lionsberg Experience is not just about elevating and transforming our world; it is about elevating and transforming all aspects of our lives.

Out Here Beyond The Boundary, every aspect of the development and progression of your Self, your Families, your Teams, your Communities, your Bioregions, your Tribes, your Nations, and Lionsberg as a Whole are now under your agency.

You are the Author of (Y)Our Future.

The Lionsberg Experience aims to continually meet every member right where they are on the Path, and help them rise towards the fullness of their unique potential.

Personal Development

Discuss personal development here

Team Development

Discuss team development here

Community Development

Discuss community development here

Lionsberg Development

Discuss the development of Lionsberg as a Whole here

Part IV: Integrating Our Quests and Progress

Stacking Up and Aligning Quests

Individual and Local Quests are (ideally) stacked up and aligned through the various Levels of Analysis to produce Throughput of our shared Goals and Values.

Our shared Goals and Values lead us towards the Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal.

Minimum Standards of Interoperability

In order for the Work done in Teams to be Integrated into the Whole, all Teams must honor the Minimum Standards of Interoperability.

Integrating and Shipping Work

Coming Soon.

Co-Creating as a Team of Teams

Coming Soon.

Ecosystemic Resource Flows

Coming Soon.

Part V: Monitoring Progress

Progress is monitored against the Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal via the System Wide Master Plan and Mission Control.

Part VI: Growing The Movement and Passing The Flame

Your Most Important Role

Remember, none of us can accomplish The Goal unless and until we All Progress FROM the Old TO the New.

Your most important role is to Pass The Flame to those who awaken and are ready.