Your Starting Point

Hello, welcome to Lionsberg.

We are attempting to Help One Another learn how to act out and embody the Meta Idea that we are All part of a Meta Community, a Meta Project, and a Meta Game that is bigger than any of us. And the only way we can 'win' the Game and accomplish The Goal is if we do it together.

Until we have a better Orientation and Onboarding Process up and running, this page is intended as a simple way to help you get quickly oriented and connected.

How We Use The Word Meta

You may have arrived here by hearing about Lionsberg, or about the Meta Project, the Meta Game, or the Meta Story. Before you go further, it might be helpful to understand how we are using the word Meta.

The word Meta as it is used in the Lionsberg System points to the most eternal, universal, ultimate, self-referential, highest order, most transcendent conception of an idea.

The Meta Story

If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to spend a few minutes to read a simple working version of The Meta Story.

The Meta Story is intended to begin laying out an overarching and uniting story of Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why it all matters.

The Meta Project | The Meta Quest

The Meta Idea is that we are All here to work together towards something that is bigger than Any of us, and unites us All.

We are each working on various important projects. Yet at the same time, the total set of all human endeavor on planet earth could be viewed in the context of a single overarching and uniting program of action we could call the Meta Project.

We are each engaged in various individual and group Quests towards various individual and group Goals. Yet at the same time, the the total set of all quests could be viewed in the context of a single highest overarching and uniting Meta Quest towards a single highest overarching and uniting Meta Goal.

The thing about the conceptual Meta Project | Meta Quest | Meta Game is that we are All, without exception, actively engaged in it, whether we acknowledge it or not.

By being aliving, being, and doing, we are all inextricably engaged in the total program of human action at this moment on planet earth. The only question is how Consciously and Competently we are participating in it.

Your Story and Your Quest

Now that you have roughly oriented yourself to the Meta Idea, let's bring it right back down to where the rubber meets the road in your own life and your own story.

Our ability to work together and Help One Another is directly dependent upon our ability to align our stories, our quests, and our goals in the overarching and uniting Meta Story, Meta Quest, and Meta Goal.

To help begin that process, we would invite you to visit the Your Story page to begin thinking through your own life and your own story, perhaps in a deeper and more profound way that you have before.

From there, we would invite you to visit the Your Quest page, to begin to look at joyful and empowering ways to align your unique individual passions, skills and goals with the Meta Quest that we are embarking on together.

Core Documents

In the Lionsberg Core Documents section, you will be able to find key documents, such as the Provisional Declaration and Provisional Structure, that contain key information about the Pattern Language and Way of Being that we are attempting to articulate and embody.

Your Daily Practice

The entire Meta Philosophy is meant to be operationalized through a comprehensive System purpose-built to produce throughput of your goals into Reality, in harmony with all others in the community and world.

For a personal view of how you can begin to elevate and transform your life, starting with Today, see The Power of Today.

The Books of Lionsberg

If it would be helpful to engage in a more comprehensive unfolding work of story, wisdom, and art, please visit Lionsberg Wiki Books and follow along as the series writes itself.


If you get lost at any point, please visit the Admin and Help page, where you will find a way to reorient and get found.

With Love, In Community,

~ J