The Invitation, A Call To Action

Cycle 7, March 2024

On its Quest towards Destiny, the human species stands at a crucial moment.

We don't like the way things are going. We can see that we are on the wrong track. The systems that institutions that got us into this Meta Crisis will not get us to where want to go. The corrupt, blind, and co-opted existing structures no longer represent us.

Over dinner tables around the world, the vast majority of us would like the same kind of a flourishing, abundant, peaceful, secure, and free future for our children and grandchildren. Around the world, we celebrate and embrace similar Values even as we embrace our vast Diversity.

And yet what can any one of us do in the midst of the Chaos and Darkness that surround us?

We no longer have to wonder.

The Movement Begins

On March 1st, we marked the inflection point between the end of The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning, and the beginning of the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

This marked the start of a generational tipping-point-strategy led by a shift of consciousness whereby all humanity, 10 Billion People In 10 Years, will be individually invited by someone they know and trust to leave behind the Old patterns that are destroying our Society and Planet, Join The Movement, and begin The Quest towards an entirely regenerated and renewed world.

The basic strategy is to simply invite the right people, one by one, to Light their Candle, Pass The Flame, and begin walking one another home. Along the Way, we will collaborate to transform our lives and our world.

As we get moving together, everything else becomes possible. All the visions, dreams, prophesies, and legacies we are carrying can be progressively realized.

The 10 Year Grand Strategy calls for connecting and empowering at least 3% of the world's population (~250 Million people) by 2026, creating for the first time in history the decentralized leadership and capacity necessary to awaken, inspire, and unite humanity to confront and overcome the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, and co-create an entirely New Era of human existence.

From that Milestone of Becoming a decentralized and empowered global Force For Good, everything else becomes possible.

We might be wise to move a bit quicker. In deeply profound ways, the decisions we make in 2024 may shape our path for generations, and it is not obvious for how long The Window will remain open.

Your Invitation and Role in the Movement

You have been identified among that first 3% of most enlightened and capable Individuals, and we would be deeply honored if you would Join Us.

We are learning together how to organize The Movement in the most decentralized way we practically can, via Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating small groups and teams.

This allows for the local, decentralized and poly-centric implementation of the solutions, principles, and practices that cause people, communities, and bioregions to flourish.

Groups and teams grow by balancing being and doing, connecting, building community, and supporting one another, while engaging together in Meaningful Conversations and Quests organized around the challenges and needs at hand in their locality or domain of passion and expertise.

We are leveraging the Lionsberg System, infrastructure and technology to connect and empower The Movement, equipping groups and teams with the platforms, systems, and tools they need to succeed in the Quests they choose to tackle.

Should you choose to accept, Your Mission is to Join The Movement, forge or join a team, choose a meaningful first conversation or quest to tackle, and Pass The Flame.

The First 6 Cycles of Growth

In ~ the first two weeks, we completed ~ the first six Lionsberg Cycles of Growth out to approximately 21 Co-Creators. We finally became a living, growing "Us".

Now, we see if we can Become a living, growing, flourishing organism.

In the seventh cycle, we will add an additional 13 Co-Creators to expand The Movement out to 34 total, and then 55 in Cycle 8. From here on out, the movement can grow as quickly as we are willing to Pass The Flame and invite the next Wise Right Person into The Story.

If we were willing to each Pass The Flame to one person a week, billions would be standing together by November this year.

At present, We are a tiny green shoot growing by invitation only. However within Us is the DNA of something truly extraordinary that will rapidly reshape our lives and our world.

The Conditions we have spent years co-creating, and the legacies and lifetimes of work we are curating together, afford us the opportunity to emerge and succeed.

The Lionsberg Co-Creators page tracks the Cycles of Growth to date, and provides an initial list 40 individual candidates to mutually-select the next 13 co-creators from. Jordan could add another 100+ individuals to the list, however the success of The Movement depends on us all learning together how to discern Who is next, how to Pass The Flame, and how to self-organize into healthy groups and teams.

When you join us, your wisdom and discernment will help shape The Future as we Pass The Flame to the wise right people, at the wise right time, as The Movement grows and advances.

The Spirit and the Written Word

The Spirit of this is far more important than all the words, strategies and plans. We are venturing into the Unknown together, and we know that We Do Not Know what lies ahead. What matters is forging Fellowship and Unity among us.

Nevertheless, we have done our best to articulate some more detail via the links below. Additionally, we are aiming to formalize and publish a book in March that consolidates the Story, Vision, Strategy, and Plan into more accessible form.

The first January Manifesto and Letter provide some thoughts heading into the New Year, and link to a few fireside chats.

Running The Play outlines the simple path forward to begin inviting Individuals of Goodwill to Join Us.

And the Game Plan for March lays out the specific steps and goals to activate the next phase of the Strategy and Plan. Each also contains an abundance of links to explore various elements of the 10 Year Grand Strategy to meet this moment in history.

If you are only going to skim one, read Game Plan For March.

If you want to dive into more detail, explore:

The Invitation

To accept this invitation and join The Adventure of a lifetime, visit Jordan's website and Join The Movement. The form will gather an opening tithe (crucial for establishing commitment and public support for The Mission and The Non-Profit), along with your contact information (crucial for populating our Communication System).

We look forward to working together to make our Community and our World as much like Heaven On Earth as we possibly can, while Passing The Flame to the rising generations.

After you Join The Movement, Jordan or another Co-Creator will reach out within a couple weeks to get you oriented and connected.

By Mid-April, we should to have enough critical mass to onboard to the backbone platform and make The Movement visible to itself.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

Welcome to The Movement. Join us Here.

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